Cameron Harris

  • Greensboro NC

High school student / web designer /  Athlete



Still attending.

Lucy Ragsdale High

Volunteer History

Work experience

Virtual computer programmer 

I assisted with the design. I made the icons, in exchange for mentor ship. 

Worked at concession stand owned by family.

Linldley Park and Rec. center   Public pool

Hosted a fundraiser 

B.A.R.K Dog Adoption

Ran a school event for my club

March Of Dimes


nHarmony  message and day spa




I started two side projects. I started when I was 12. Which was a website that offered rewards to people that traded in electronics. I just ended up selling the products on eBay. The second company was me selling freelance work


I learned HTML5 and CSS3 from my grandmother. She worked as an entrepreneur while she taught me how to design websites, this is how I made enough money to survive for a couple of months. At 13 , worked with  a family friends graphic design company


I've had to learn how to resonate with people in a workplace. I know to build trust and rapport with people in order to influence their decisions.  

Microsoft Office

I'm proficient in Microsoft office as well as PowerPoint. I learned it in my high school Power point class.


FBLA (future business leaders of America)

Swim team

Track team


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