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Professional Summary

Extremely detail-oriented, driven, and fast learning professional who thrives under pressure and with tight deadlines. Skilled at manipulating data, statistics, drilling down, and finding relationships.  Currently sit as a member of the Fawn Creek Ranch Company's Board of Directors, and run my own Social Media/Online Marketing startup when not at my day job.. Successfully started and ran my own landscaping business, and grew the workforce by 83% in three months. Driven to increase sales in established markets while also reaching out to new potential clients. A problem solver that enjoys proving that the impossible is very much the possible, and with enough determination and hard work anything can be achieved. I believe in the idea that a boss says, "Go" but a leader say "let's go!" I'm excited by the opportunity to learn about new products, industries, regions, business models.

Work experience

July 2017Present

Payroll Specialist

  • Provide Payroll expertise to small businesses using the Gusto platform.
  • Provide exceptional customer service by interacting with small business owners via phone, email, and chat to resolve their inquiries
  • Understand client pain points, communicate their concerns internally, and influence our product
  • Use your product expertise to collaborate with and help other teams
  • Create and maintain helpful documentation for use by our customers and the Care team
May 2017July 2017

Financial Intern

Northwestern Mutual

- Learned many great sales techniques and got an up close look at the life of a financial adviser. 

Jan 2015Jan 2017

Social Media Manager/ Online Marketing

NoCo Digital Management LLC

My own start-up company for managing multiple local companies social media accounts. Including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. Clients include: RJ's Amazing Entertainment LLC, Rocky Mountain Surgical Support LLC, and Colorado Luxury Realestate.

Jul 2015Present

Board of Directors Member

Fawn Creek Ranch Company

Approving Fawn Creek Ranch Co.’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Working alongside other board members to ensure that board resolutions are carried out. 

Representing constituent stakeholders in implementing spending procedures.

May 2015Aug 2015

Technical Advisor

Apple Inc.
  • Provided over the phone technical support and troubleshooting for Apple iOS and Macintosh products.
  •  Other duties included making appointments, logging information, and providing an overall great customer service experience for customers.
  • Trained and certified by Apple to diagnose and troubleshooting Mac and iOS issues.
  • Mastered talking on the phone while logging information at the same time.
  • Seasonal employment only
May 2014Sep 2014

Founder/ CEO

CJR Yard Improvements

  • Built the company on the idea that boss says, "Go" but a leader say "let's go!"
  • Grew the company from being just me to a crew of six. Allowing us to do multiple projects at once, not just one at a time.
  • Managed business finances, including paying vendors and suppliers for products services rendered.
  • Increased volume of business by 60% by following up on leads, cold calling and networking.
  • Marketed our services on multiple home/yard improvement sites and forums (Ex. Nextdoor, CPVDex.)
  • What was really awesome about having my landscaping business was that I got to build things that before only existed in my imagination. I took an area that was nothing but dirt and built it into a waterfall! I don't think many people can look at dirt and see a waterfall like I did. (Video below if you're interested, or if you just wanna listen to the calming sound of a waterfall -- I won't judge!)



Intro to Computer Science (In Progress)


An introductory Python course with the focus on teaching fundamentals of the Python language. 

Aug 2013Dec 2017

Dual Major in Political Science and Economics

Colorado State Universiity
  • Dean's List for Fall, Summer, and Spring 2016
  • Major in Political Science
  • Major in Economics
  • Interest in hard sciences as well (Biology, Chemistry, Physics.)
  • Studied financial markets, risk-management, and international political economics during my time at CSU.
  • I don't believe that because I major in a social science that I am bound to only that. My curiosity goes so much further than that, and I refuse to limit that curiosity.


Grant Pope/ Gusto!

Direct supervisor at Gusto. Can be reached by phone at (314) 603-1496.

RJ Bindi/ RJ's Amazing Entertainment LLC.

Owner of one of my current Social Media management clients. Can be reached by phone at (970) 387-4274.

Sammy Zahran PhD.

An economics professor from my junior year that can speak to my ability to understand relationships, manipulate data,, and my overall ability to drill down and find  once-hidden relationships. Phone: 970-491-1877 Email: [email protected]


Aug 2017Present

Payroll Expert


- Show a mastery of payroll and its operations.

Oct 2015Present

Google Analytics Individual Certification 

Google Inc.

- Currently pursuing certification in Google Analytics. 

Jul 2015Present

Apple Mac Certified

Apple inc.

Certified to diagnose and troubleshoot Apple Macintosh devices and there OS. This includes features, Apple based Applications, and system settings.

Jun 2015Present

Apple iOS Certified

Apple inc.

Certified to diagnose and troubleshoot all Apple iOS devices. Including, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Aug 2014Present

Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Grandmaster Han Won Lee
I Worked for multiple years to achieve the highest rank in Tae Kwon Do of Black Belt.Tae Kwon Do taught me more than punches and kicks. It's about confidence, focus, discipline, and working hard to achieve your goals. Master Lee also taught me diplomacy: Self-defense is a last resort. Every other avenue should be exhausted before resorting to violence.


Technical Skills

An expert in the Mac operating systems, as well as proficient in Windows 7, 8, and Vista operating systems. Proficient in applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes.

Study Mandarin
I have taken four years of Mandarin. I would consider myself proficient but not quite to the level of fluent. I can have basic conversation, ask or give directions, order dinner. But I'm not skilled enough to be your interpreter. 我说中文或英文。我说中国好。我可以为了一顿饭,我可以给方向。我不翻译。
Good Under Pressure
Most people dread when things fall apart and there's a mad scramble to put it back together: personally, I love it. I love when things don't go according to plan, things then require improvisation and quick thinking. It's like playing a video game, anyone can do it on easy! But can you do it on hard, with a hundred brain hungry Nazi Zombies coming after you?! But I digress. Back to the subject, I think putting people under pressure shows what they're really made of. I know plenty of people that are brilliant when everything's going smoothly, but when things start to take a turn their brains turn to mush!
Good People Skills
My main strength when it comes to people skill has to be my sense of humor. I think a sense of humor is a great interpersonal skill to have. It's a great icebreaker and makes you approachable. I'm a big guy and I think I can be intimidating to a lot of people, so I think if I tell a good joke or an embarrassing story about myself it makes me far more approachable than if I was serious all the time.