Calvin Zetouna

  • 3092 Jamacha View Drive CA
Calvin Zetouna


My name is Calvin Zetouna and I currently attend Valhalla High School. As my high school education is quickly coming to an end, my goals for the next four years are to hopefully get accepted into a four year university in San Diego and get my bachelors degree in public health. I would then like to pursue something in the medical field but I am not sure what that would be yet, most likely a nutritionist. The reason as to why I would like to pursue a career in public health is because I feel it is what suits me best and I am able to envision myself doing such a job for the rest of my life without complaining or questioning why I decided for this to be the career I took on. Three colleges I want to attend are San Diego State University, University of San Diego, or  Point Loma Nazarene University for I am not looking to move out of my hometown and being so limited to school's, these caught my eyes the most.


Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

  • GPA: 4.04                              
  • SAT: 1540
  • ACT: 23

12th Grade Classes

  • English 
  • On Your Own
  • PreCal
  • Physiology 
  • AP US Government 
  • Economics

11th Grade Classes

  •  Biology
  • Spanish 5/6H
  • AP US History
  • Algebra 2H
  • AP Language 
  • Environmental Design

10th Grade Classes

  • AP World History
  • English H
  • Chemistry
  • Spanish 3/4
  • ENS
  • Geometry H
  • Student Aide

9th Grade Classes

  • English
  • Geography
  • ENS
  • Physics
  • Algebra 1
  • Spanish 1/2

Extra Curricular Activities

Throughout my entire high school experience, i have been apart of the club, Youth For Truth. Both my freshman and sophomore year I was the secretary of the club and i handled all organization and report needs during the meetings. As a junior, I am president on the international committee where we do a lot of work helping refugee families. My freshman and sophomore year I was also apart of Red Cross Club where we helped aid relief where it was needed. We held many fundraisers both around campus and outside of school and donated the money to the American Red Cross, which  is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States. Also, I took part as a leader in the Unity Day program my junior year here at Valhalla. I led a group of sophomores through a day of activities and games that helped bring us together as a group and a school. I also play in YCSL, the youth chaldean soccer league , and YCBL, the youth chaldean basketball league at the local YMCA. I won goalie of the year award in the soccer league and sportsmanship award in the basketball league.     

Interests and Community Service

Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle, El Cajon, CA             August 2013-March 2014


  • Answered phone calls in a professional manner and addressed customers in an attentive and genuine tone.
  • Filed paperwork and inputted customer information into software.
  • Help organize all receipts, paperwork and information.
  • Worked in a fast pace environment all while conducting an assembled work setting.
  • Assist in writing and sending out checks and bills.

All general duties: filing, faxing, answered multiple phone lines.

In addition, I also teach church school every saturday at this same diocese of mine. It goes from 10-12am and we teach the kids about different events of our religious history depending on which class they are in. 

Work History

Abbott Market, Ocean Beach, CA                                                                      July 2013-August 2014


  • Developed and maintained strong business relationships with customer base and vendors.
  • Stocked merchandise and did inventory for all products.
  • Helped customers with questions regarding information about merchandise.
  • Ensured all elements of customer service are implemented to provide prompt, quality, professional service delivery in order to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Handle large quantities of cash with accuracy and discretion.
  • Meet/exceed monthly store goals.

All general duties: cashing, stocking, answering multiple phone lines, data entry.