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Call Center Professional

Leading teams over 10 years in private and non-profit settings. Directing performance to meet or exceed federal, state and client set compliance and metrics. Track record in 25-1250 seat call centers. Met projected ramp-up goals to 99% in last three projects.  Reduced 6% Attrition by 2% in 12 months to meet industry standard of 4%. Reduced time to train for 500 new hires by 40 hours providing annualized cost savings of over $1.25 million. Managed teams to meet or exceed goals in 35 out out of 40 fiscal quarters. Adept at driving client-set KPI behaviors to meet performance metrics, reduced budgetary costs to maximize ROI or exceed grant goals.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Training & Quality Manager

Transcom North America & Asia
  • Hired as Training Supervisor for 1200 seat Tier 1 ramp-up of outsource call center. Project included development of Tier 1 support training program, execution and certification process.
  • Reached 92% certification goal within 90 days exceeding industry standards for major ramp. Successfully launched secondary LOB for 898 seats within six weeks of ramp end, with 99% certification/completion rate. 
  • Promoted to Training and Quality Manager, for Q1, reduced training FTE from 28 to 8, increased ongoing corporate education participation from 56% to 89% for 1078 seats, and decreased overall budget costs by 32%.
  • Met with client to develop, execute and monitor revised curricula to improve customer work order  issuance. Decreased incidence of work-orders from from 798 daily with 89% error rate to 227 daily work-orders with 23% error rate, within 3 weeks of recursive training completion.
  • Improved internal quality monitoring by Team Leads from 23% to 323% (target 400% of 958 seats) from Q1 to Q2 by implementing a weekly conference call, team meetings, recursive training and business manager action plan.
  • Developed internal blind calibrations, Super Team Lead and Super Technical Service Representative curricula. 
  • Oct 2007Oct 2009

    Performance Development Supervisor --Contract Staff

    AltaMira Professional Services of Texas
    • Led on site instructor teams, using APS performance development strategies with direct client interaction, to execute highly-flexible call center training ramp ups. 
    • Project management, created curricula for training service delivery models, analyzed project objectives and scope, developed computer based training
    • Met 99.7% class completion rate and 96.7% KPI attainment rate at 90, 120 and 180-day marks.
    • Effectively developed training materials that reduced time to train by 29%, increased trainee performance by 28.7% for a single project.
    Oct 2007Mar 2008

    Center Services Manager

    SER, Jobs for Progress, Inc.
    • Administrated functions of a Certified One Stop center for AWDB in San Antonio. 
    • Responsible for administration of WIA services, oversight of resource lab, JRT classes, and all ancillary services to meet federal Workforce Investment Act compliance.
    • Certified in WIT by TWC and AWDB in 2008.
    • Acted as chief EEOC officer on-site to monitor, receive and correct any compliance complaints.
    • Supervised staff and non-SER co-located employees to ensure customer service levels were met at all times.
    • Worked through various federal funding streams and in conjunction with multiple state-funded programs to ensure clients received services necessary to obtain self-sufficiency, training, employment or retention. 
    • Center exceeded performance measures during tenure for VET, UI, WIA, WIA Youth measures.
    • Principal support and training officer for all on-site staff
    Jan 2007Oct 2007

    Performance Development Professional

    • Developed curricula to meet telecommunications client needs, executed training plans to achieve desired outcomes, analyzed operational data to monitor quality and develop corrective training to restore desired performance for recent new hires.
    • Participated in client quality calibrations, created reports and analysis of training and QA data, created corrective action plans and individual coaching/trainings to ensure quality compliance.
    • Took de-escalation calls, handled customer complaints, resolved issues and addressed customer needs bilingually.
    • Successfully met Performance Bonus for training requirements every Quarter employed.
    • Led training team in classroom training retention and student KPI level attainments through modified nesting process.
    • Coached and supervised front-line staff as required.
    Jan 1999Jan 2007

    Instructional Development and Training Director

    • Analyzed project scope to assist in developing CBT/OJT objectives and curricula with 97.1% completion rate and 96.7% KPI attainment rate at 90-, 120- and 180-day marks.  Reduced time to train, increased ROI by $1.3 million dollars.
    • Executed certification program for trainers, designed curricula, conducted training, analyzed operational data on trainees to monitor performance quality and develop corrective/supplemental training to achieve desired performance goals.Led on site instructor teams, using APS performance development strategies to execute highly-flexible call center training ramp ups.
    • Led development of call center customer service models for health care and telecommunications industries.
    • Led tier 1 and 2 tech support bilingual service model ramp up, delivered 350 seat ramp-up on time and met 90% of KPI’s at 75 days of launch.
    • Delivered and adapted curricula for ILT/WBT/CBT settings for telecommunications, health care and financial clients
    • Developed business relationships with clients, conducted meetings, presentations, press junkets, and developed customized marketing, operational or instructional solutions, engaged in on-site assessment, contract development and outsourcing agreements, certified project completions.
    • Met Performance Bonus every year employed, "Employee of Year", 1999, 2001,2002, "Outstanding Performer" 2004, 2005, 2006
    Dec 2002Dec 2004

    Chief of Staff - Legislative Director

    Texas House of Representatives
    • Successfully administered personnel, legislative and constituent services for House Districts 80 and 31.
    • Successfully crafted, filed and monitored house bills through approval process, including: authoring language, seeking sponsorship, working with constituent groups, members of the lobby, and state/federal agencies and offices.
    • Succeeded in passing 78% of key office legislation under freshman member of minority party by obtaining bipartisan support from majority party leadership and committee chairs.
    • Worked with members of lobby, constituents and house staff to gain reputation for bipartisan legislative approach and strong professional work ethic.
    • Helped direct $30 million in funding from Office of Rural Community Affairs to CDBG funding for rural counties in Texas.
    • Crafted language and attained, sponsorship, support and passage of HB 3420 78th(R), bringing  $5 Million in TxDOT funding to rural areas for paving and infrastructure development.


    Jul 1985May 1989

    University of Texas at Austin
    • 1985- UT Texas Achievement Award Recipient -  $10,000 Scholarship
    • Elected Representative - Intra-Fraternity Council, University of Texas at Austin, Phi Kappa Theta
    • Member Hispanic Business Students Association
    • Government and Spanish concentrations


    Hon. Senator Carlos Uresti

    • Provided the "Campaign to Elect Senator Carlos Uresti" with Campaign Management, Grass Roots Organization, Community Relations and Media Development in Maverick, Val Verde, Uvalde and Kinney  Counties.
    • Delivered presentations to general public in Spanish and English outlining campaign platforms.
    • Trained volunteers on grass roots activities, including door-to-door canvassing, telephone canvassing, and poll watching.
    • Organized campaign functions, fund raisers, receptions and coordinated meetings with community leaders, elected officials and persons of interest to the campaign.

    Elizabeth Sifuentes

    • Known for 8 years
    • Served Ms. Sifuentes as Coordinator of Outreach Programs, and promoted to Coordinator of WIA Services
    • Assisted with National Emergency Grant for dislocated Migrant and Textile workers
    • Key Team member in Contract Response to TWC Local Area Workforce Board Request For Proposal for service contract renewal.


    Captivate 3.0 - Instructional Design Tool
    Ability to create and eliver objective based, performance driven, instructional design in multimedia formats for easy acquisition of skills.
    Adobe Masterworks Suite, CS4/Designer
    Proficient in developing graphic media and collateral materials in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker and related software. Adept at creating collateral materials and converting to Adobe PDF Currently developing skills in Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash.
    Office Equipment
    Copiers Printers (Laser, Inkjet, Off-set) Sound systems Projectors Overheads Binding machines Paper cutting machines Faxes Wireline to Wireless paging systems Phone systems Security alarms  
    Web-Based and Computer Based Instructional Aids
    Ability to develop and integrate online resources in classroom delivery, ongoing instructional programs or continuing improvement and supervison of employees.
    Telephony/Personal Computers
    Ability to utilize, support and train employees on desktop telephones, virtual telephones and aids, mobile phone, walkie-talkies and radio satellite devices. Ability to utilize, train and apply expertise in current PC systems, including Win 95-Present, Novell Networks, AS 400, Win200 Network, and Peoplesoft systems.  
    MS Office Suite
    Expert at using and supporting employees in utilization of MS Office Suite products including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Frontpage and Publisher. Capable of integrating MS outlook into daily routines and adapt tools for classroom, coaching and organizational and supervisory processes.
    MS PowerPoint/User/Developer
    Proficient in development, execution and presentation of simple and complex powerpoint presentations in English and Spanish.
    Languages - Spanish
    Lifetime Native Speaker Solid Written and Oral Spanish Skills Proven Track Record conducting training, meetings, presenations, customer service and sales in Spanish

    Bilingual Skills


    Apr 2010Present

    Call Center Management Certification

    Transcom Global--Corporate Education
    Jun 2007Present

    Achieve Global Certification - Instructor

    Achieve Global, Inc. - (Verizon Wireless)
    May 1999Present

    Hyperbaric Medicine Therapy Certification

    Nix Hospital Dept. of Hyperbaric Medicine
    Mar 1997Present

    Certified Health Care Executive

    San Antonio Health Care Institute
    Sep 2006Present

    T-Mobile Certified Bilingual Customer Service Representative - Instructor

    T-Mobile (ACS, Inc.-San Antonio)
    Mar 2007Present

    Principles in Behavioral Interviewing

    Performance Development Services - Afni, Inc.
    May 2007Present

    One Channel Certified Instructor - Verizon, Inc. One-stop bundled cable/landline/mobile services

    Afni, Performance Development Department
    Apr 2001Present

    Certified America's Job Bank - Instructor

    Texas Workforce Commission- MRGDC
    Feb 1995Present

    Certified Home Health Care Instructor/Executive

    CareTex, Inc.
    Jun 2007Present

    Afni Coaching Model

    Afni University
    Oct 2006Jan 2007

    T-Mobile Certified Bilingual Technical Support Tier 1 & 2 - Instructor

    T-Mobile (ACS, Inc. - San Antonio)