Caleb Chikatimelli

  • Manchester Lancashire

Investigations manager


I am a versatile, adaptable and confident insurance professional with excellent communication skills and a proven ability in getting results. I have an excellent reputation of working effectively with people of all abilities and backgrounds at all levels of the organisation, including stakeholders, customers and suppliers. I am results driven, with outstanding analytical, problem solving skills, strong proficiency to analyse data and create meaningful recommendations to improve operational performance. I have first class negotiating abilities with a background in economics and I am able to build strong relationships both internally and externally. I am flexible when it comes to work, time and travel. I am currently pursuing Advanced Diploma in Insurance with the CII and Agile project management certification. 

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2015 - Present

Investigations Manager

  • Investigation of fraudulent misrepresentation telephone calls from external parties using motor vehicle accident data, which has been obtained from unsubstantiated sources. 
  • Working as part of a team dealing with fraud and investigation with enforcements authorities and regulators. 
  • Part of a focus group investigating generic industry issue on the problem of Claims Management Company’s data theft and our efforts to protect customer data. Helped identify and manage the issues and work on the systems that control and look or mitigate the impact of data theft.
Feb 2015 - Present

Communication Systems Operator

British army
  • The linchpin of battlefield communications, ensures that the officers and soldiers are provided with reliable tactical, area, digital, satellite and mobile communications. 
  • Deal with different forms of digital and satellite communications, wireless and internet based systems, while also working with hardware and software from industry leaders.
Mar 2014 - Feb 2015

Fruad Investigator

  • Implementation of collision analysis tool across the department to identify fraud, leading relevant changes to processes and technology (Hunter, Analytics etc.) 
  • Undertaking fraud process and performance related quality assurance, to tune and optimise branch performance, and identify blockages and Implementing the unit fraud action plan 
  • Instruction of and liaison with various fraud suppliers i.e. loss adjustors, forensic engineers, key analysts, police etc. and working with various internal specialist teams (U/W, CFIT, SIU etc.)
  • Responsible for repudiation sign-off
  • Co-ordination and delivery of unit fraud training and coaching
Oct 2012 - Feb 2014

Technical Team Manager

  • Ensure quality of service and share knowledge from other areas and enhance customer experience by preventing unnecessary protracted claims lifecycle, complaints and over all dissatisfaction by completing audits for handlers and making sure Aviva is compliant with the law. 
  • Manage own caseload of the most complex/sensitive cases e.g. fatality claims, solicitors, emergency services, providing legal representation, high value, fraudulent claims etc.) and acting as Technical referral point for handlers and managers in complex cases (innocent purchaser claims, Insurer Status, Criminal Defence cases, MIB claims etc.) and provide technical bulletins
  • Identify and monitor employee training and development needs over time by carrying out capability review of individual handlers and ensuring in Identifying succession plans by delivering appropriate training and coaching within FCA framework and part of Pay progression technical signoff for all handlers. 
  • Ensure that the company cheque book is effectively managed by balancing the needs of the customer with our claims philosophies and standards
  • Identified fraud involving (high value vehicles, keys in ignition, induced, and policy voidance) and writing repudiation letters and achieved departmental target of £3m
  • Responsible for ensuring there is a capability matrix in place to track comparative capability within the department. Highlighting training requirements within specific individuals and teams.
  • Identify and tackle causes of leakage through auditing and ownership of specific leakage projects
  • Provide guidance, coaching and support to Claims Handlers to manage and settle claims end-to-end. 
  • Continuous improvement of claims handling including correct estimating and identifying trends. 
  • Maintain technical excellence and expertise in support of business objectives
May 2011 - Sep 2012

Systems Thinking Intervention Project Lead

  • Responsible and accountable for bringing efficiencies and claim lifecycle through delivery of change.
  • Part of the redesign team involved in looking into ways to create a better working environment by restructuring how a claim should be taken by keeping the needs of the customer in focus and increase efficiency and productivity.
  • I was involved in developing and implementing the training material for both new and existing employees. I also monitored the impact of change within the department and adjust personal and departmental needs 
  • As part of the Systems Thinking intervention team I understood principles and practices and more importantly know how to develop these to deliver what matters to the customer and company.
Mar 2005 - Apr 2011

Claims Handler, RAC Recovery & Project Leader (Sigma Six Green Belt)   

  • Successfully completed Green Belt Process Excellence Certification 
  • ACE finalist – External customer facing team
  • Introduction of new business processes
  • Produce regular and bespoke analysis and reports
  • Communicate and present clearly with appropriate audiences
  • Developed skills in assessing, planning and implement effective means when under-achieving   and also evaluating its effectiveness 
  • Maintaining relationships with external suppliers.


Sep 2002 - Jul 2003

MA Sociology and Anthropology

University of manchester

Feminism and Women's studies

Jul 1998 - Jun 2002

Bachelor of Arts


Sociology, English and Travel and Tourism management


Jul 2015 - Present

Agile Foundation and Practitioner


Agile is an iterative and incremental method of managing the design and build activities for engineering, information technology, and new product or service development in a highly flexible and interactive manner

Oct 2013 - Apr 2015


Chartered insurance institute

Enhancing technical knowledge and understanding which provides a firm grounding in insurance fundamentals which enables to build towards advanced technical knowledge, ensuring the means to function effectively in a challenging environment.

Nov 2009 - Dec 2010

Six Sigma 

Aviva process excellence

Continuous improvement of processes within an organisation using DMAIC methodology