Team Leader


Sr. Developer | Team Leader | BREW Consultant | Trusted Advisor(BREW)Summary: Innovative BREW Mobile ApplicationDevelopment Professional, with a history of success as an individual contributor, team member and Team Leader with demonstrated success in entire life cycle of development with all disciplines with a concentration in on time delivery with ZERO Recall and Re-Flash in Mobile Application Developent industry. Extremely effective in taking on new challenges during start, rapid developement, transitional and turnaround business that requires leadership and “time delivery” competencies.Strengths include: Development and integration, designing, Team mentoring , Team training, Implementation of Application, Idea branding. The development, planning and execution, resulting in dramatic improvements impacting cost of the system.Highly Specialized: BREW,BUIW,C,C++,QXDM,J-Tag,Ambar(CDMA Simulation),CRMDB,Perforce,Clearcase,Lint,Coverity,Extension Development for QUALCOMM MSM include: Poarting, Application Development, UI Framework Development, Widget Development, Application unhencement.