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Seeking full time position in Human Resources and Recruiting, Governmental Affairs, and/or External Relations.

About Me

  Being a young college student at Purdue University, I have many interests and have found organizations on campus to be involved in. I have always been very excited about volunteering and since moving forward from completing my service projects to achieve my Girl Scout Gold Award, I have become the Fundraising Director for a program called College Mentors for Kids. This organization is an incredible program that promotes higher education, culture and diversity, and community service for children of the greater Lafayette area through one on one attention between a college student and elementary or middle school student. Even more so, I am the Philanthropy Chair for Gimlet, a Greek Leadership Honorary for Purdue students because volunteering does mean so much to me.

  Outside of volunteering, I stay very connected with my friends because I am an active member of Delta Zeta sorority and enjoy living with most of my friends on campus. I also love to spend time with my family, as a large majority of my extended family is from the greater Chicago area, I enjoy being with them as much as possible. We often make trips to my lake house, which is a wonderful atmosphere to engage in water activities, such as boating, tubing, and skiing.

Professional Summary

  Having become increasingly interested in politics, I am seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Purdue University. As I rapidly approach my graduation date, I am looking to further my knowledge of government and politics through prospective politically driven opportunities. I hope to begin working in a political research, human resources, governmental affairs, or external relations position in order to completely immerse myself into the field and have a significant career in politics.

  Without having any postgraduate involvement in politics, I realize that there is a great deal to learn about the United States government that can only be discovered from first hand involvement. I would like to learn as much as I can about this industry and to participate whenever given the opportunity. The opportunity to interact with professionals in a setting that is foreign to me would be of profound interest since the world of political administration has always been such an international field. Because I am incredibly interested in the political world, I believe that a governmental relations position would be ideal. I know my meticulous organizational skills will be crucial in fulfilling the responsibilities of this type of position.

As you can see from my resume, I have acquired experience from my academic studies. My courses include Selected Problems in World Order, Modern Weapons and International Relations, and the Structure and Functioning of the United States Congress, Regulatory Affairs, and other multiple political science courses. I also gained invaluable experience working in the Human Resources Department of a packaging and manufacturing company called Visual Pak where I managed federal employee documents and approved confidential company forms, including Non-Disclosure Agreements. Interning abroad in London also provided me with immeasurable understanding of international politics working for the Enterprise Forum as an Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director. My internship abroad challenged my prior knowledge and forced me to reach out of my comfort zone to act as a liaison between the Conservative Party and major corporations in Great Britain. You would find me a dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardworking individual determined to grow as much as possible from every experience I encounter.

Portfolio Information

Writing Samples

Awards and Community Service

Work experience

Jun 2007Present

Human Resources Associate

Visual Pak Companies

Visual Pak companies are work with a variety of industries for packaging and manufacturing, blending and filling, and logistics. I worked as a human resources assistant during every summer and significant break during my college career.

Aug 2010Jan 2011

Junior Sales Representative

School Datebooks

School Datebooks is a "start to finish" company that designs, produces, and sells customized student planners and agendas all over the United States, and to select countries around the world. At School Datebooks, I worked as a Junior Sales Representative and exceeded my sales quote as I worked while attending school. I had to leave School Datebooks due to my class schedule of my last semester in college at Purdue University.

May 2010Jul 2010

Administrative Assistant to Executive Director

Enterprise Forum

The Enterprise Forum is a non-profit organization that serves as a liaison between the Conservative Party and Conservative Members of Parliament and works to connect them with Conservative corporations with government interests. My internship at the Enterprise Forum completely surpassed what I had expected from the summer experience studying and interning abroad.


Aug 2007May 2011

Bachelor's Degree

Purdue University

Purdue University is an accredited, Big Ten university in West Lafayette, Indiana with incredible academics. In May, I will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs and two minors, Law & Society and Global Studies.

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