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RSD Manager

I managed the snack bar sales and stocking. I managed funds and oversaw the distribution of paychecks. I worked as a cashier and as a sales person working closely with customers to ensure their complete and total satisfaction. I also attended to the upkeep of the surrounding grounds and I worked in close contact with my boss to make decisions regarding changes to the stock of the Snack Bar. 


Sep 2012Jun 2016

High School Diploma 

Valhalla High School

SAT: 1880

ACT: 28 

AP Test Scores: (0-5, 3 being passing)

AP World  History: 3

AP US History: 4

AP Language: 5


12th grade: AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, Pre-Calculus, Physiology, Psychology 

11th grade: AP Language, AP US History, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Spanish 3/4, Lab Assistant

10th grade: Honors English literature, AP World,  Geometry, Biology, Intermediate Dance, Spanish 1/2

9th grade: Honors English, Pre-AP Geography, Algebra 1, General Science, Beginning Dance, PE

Personal Summary

          My name is Caitlin Malia Carr and I was born on July 27, 1998 in Honolulu on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii where I lived until I was about three and half years old. From there my family and I moved to Huntington Beach and then Del Cerro which is where my younger sister was born. Shortly after she was born we moved to El Cajon which is where we now live. From a young age my family raised me to be independent and solve my problems for myself. This has made me a self-motivated person today. 

          My sister was born during my first week of kindergarten and previously I had only attended daycare at my parent's paddling friend's house in Hawaii. This was a chaotic time in my life between starting a disciplinary school for the first time, becoming a big sister and moving houses and schools shortly after. This was when I developed my independence because I realized that I suddenly had to do most things for myself and fix my own problems. While this was good for my personal development, it made me somewhat of an outcast at school and I didn't have many friends throughout elementary school. This was where I developed my passion for reading because at lunch and recess I didn't have anyone to talk to. Reading has been invaluable to me because it increases my knowledge daily and keeps my brain active outside of school. It also helped me discover my passion for writing. From a young age I began writing stories that I wanted to read but didn't exist. This has led to the discovery of a life long passion and I'm considering majoring in creative writing in college. 

          My dad has also been extremely influential in my personal development.  He has always had a passion for three things: photography, movies, and the ocean. All my life he has been hovering around my family taking pictures of everything we do and while it used to annoy me, one day I decided I wanted to be on the other side of the camera. Since then, my passion for photography has grown and it has provided a great opportunity to get into nature and create creatively. He has also always loved movies and has been very concerned with making sure I saw all the very best since I remember. This led to my passion for films and I am also considering majoring in cinematography. I would love to write movie scripts or be a director of photography. Lastly, the ocean. Because I was born in Hawaii and my family has kept very strong ties to O'ahu and our friends there combined with our many visits, Hawaii has always felt like home to me. I learned to swim about the same time I learned to walk and learned to surf only a few years after. The ocean has always been a source of comfort for me rather than a fear. 

          I have many passions that I am considering pursuing in college including photography, writing, cinematography, and psychology. The colleges I am considering attending are California State Long Beach, UCI and San Francisco State. In the long-term I want to have a job doing something I love every day and a job that allows me to creatively produce things. That is what I view as a long and satisfactory life. 


"Find the moments that make it all worth it" 

Volunteer Work and Travel

I have taken multiple trips to Hawaii and various parts of Northern California. I have also been to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, Canada, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada. I hope to see as much of the world as I can since all t]my trips have greatly influenced my writing and photography work.