Cait Woods

Cait Woods




My talents with a shovel include digging, chipping, smashing, digging small holes, digging big holes, digging medium-sized holes, digging shallow trenches, digging for the sake of digging, and the waltz.

Grand Poobah of the Wacom Tablet

  I own and frequently use a Wacom tablet. The illustrations on my VisualCV were done mostly with that tablet.    

Mortal Kombat

  Proficient in button mashing.  


  My Photoshop skills include illustration and photo editing.  

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Present


I put together professional and corporate CVs as piecework. In the last few months I have become very familiar with the anatomy of a resume, not only in America but from all around the world. I have also built CVs for many companies, more recently in foreign languages ranging from French to Vietnamese.

Apr 2009 - Present


Yorkshire Garden Center

Watering plants, helping customers, answering phones, interpreting, playing in the dirt.

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008

Banquet Staff

Event prep and staff, serving, food handling, customer service, event breakdown.


To become the world's premier floral designer, commercial producer of MiracleFruit and doodler extraordinaire.


  • taxonomy and plant I.D.
  • planting
  • propagating
  • painting
  • drawing
  • creative writing
  • baking
  • asian and salvadorian cuisine
  • swing dancing
  • bookbinding
  • N64/Sega Genesis


Aug 2006 - May 2008

Bachelor of Fine Arts