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Cailean Duke

      "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have"         - Vince Lombardi


Welcome to my ePortfolio. Here is a list of my accomplishments, goals, and education. I have also listed my work experience and attributes which will assist me in my future career in the public safety field.

Mission, Vision, And Values

Mission Statement

My mission is to act compassionately, professionally, and ethically when interacting with others, providing the assistance necessary to aid others in bettering themselves while exemplifying leadership in every situation.

Vision Statement

I will:

  • Strive for continuous learning so as to become a better officer
  • Promote leadership and assist others
  • Protect the community I serve
  • Act with understanding of different cultures
  • Interact with the community in a professional manner

Values Statement

I will act:

  • Honestly
  • With Integrity
  • Courteously
  • With high regard for both fellow officers and the community
  • With accountability for my actions


Short Term Goals

  • Complete Criminal Justice Studies - Policing Diploma at Lethbridge College
  • Maintain Honours status for the duration of the program
  • Learn to speak and write in fluent French

Long Term Goals

  • Achieve a meaningful career in public safety
  • Become actively involved in the community
  • Expand my knowledge by attaining a Law degree


Sep 2014May 2016

Criminal Justice -Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College - Lethbridge, AB
  • Focused on the importance of community policing in law enforcement
  • Studied the framework of the Canadian criminal justice system
  • Expanded scope of knowledge regarding Canadian law
  • Learned how to interact with diverse individuals
Sep 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor of Sciences - Kinesiology

University of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon, SK
  • Developed strong writing skills
  • Worked in a team setting on group projects
  • Studied physiology and how it relates to physical fitness
  • Learned how to interact with clients and assess fitness needs
  • Increased level of oral communication and time management skills
Jun 2010

High School Diploma

L.P. Miller Comprehensive High School - Nipawin, SK

Work experience


Footwear Outfitter

Cabela's Saskatoon - Saskatoon, SK
  • Interacted with customers to build rapport and ascertain their needs
  • Utilized memorization skills to retrieve product for customers
  • Suggested options for customers based on associative reasoning
  • Worked successfully within a team setting
  • Handled pressure by verbally communicating with co-workers in an efficient manner

Summer Student - Labourer

SaskPower - Nipawin, SK
  • Planned and executed vegetation control on site
  • Learned proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Assisted in various summer projects at hydro-electric station
  • Operated various hand tools to complete duties
  • Followed proper Occupational Health and Safety protocols as required
  • Performed supervised maintenance tasks throughout the hydro-electric station

Photo Lab Technician

Wal-Mart #3084 - Saskatoon, SK
  • Provided customer service and assistance routinely
  • Operated cash register, handled cash, and accepted payments
  • Followed Occupational Health and Safety procedures
  • Cared and maintained various printers, machines, and tools

Summer Student - Labourer

North East School Division No. 200 - Nipawin, SK
  • Operated floor cleaning and waxing equipment located at local schools
  • Performed grass cutting and painting duties
  • Hauled equipment and materials with pickup truck and trailer
  • Assembled scaffolding
  • Provided general cleaning of school facilities

Volunteer Experience

Jan 2015Present

Leo Club - Lethbridge College

Lethbridge, AB
  • Worked Lethbridge Food Bank station requesting donations
  • Served at Lethbridge College Long Service Event

Teen Club - Autism Services of Saskatoon

Saskatoon, SK
  • Demonstrated flexibility to interact with participants
  • Facilitated program delivery through teamwork and creativity
  • Supervised teens with autism during weekly meetings
  • Cleaned facilities after meetings


Customer Service

Interacting with customers or clients, assessing their needs, suggesting solutions, answering questions,  and providing exemplary care of customers and clients

Oral Communication

Presentations, public speaking, using plain language, vocabulary,  and actively listening

Problem Solving

Identifying problems, finding solutions, use of the CAPRA model when appropriate

Task Management

Following instructions, asking questions for clarification,  planning actions, and assessing the success or failure of the project

Time Management

Starting projects in a timely manner, prioritizing projects, punctuality, and balancing both personal and professional life

Written Communication

Formal writing, technical writing, grammar, and sentence structure

Academic Achievements



I have a wide variety of interests, most of which involve being active and being outdoors. I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, and camping. I also play volleyball and basketball on various recreation teams. My family has been a large influence on shaping me into the individual I am today, and in my spare time I spend as much time as possible with them.



Wade Bryson

Hydro Station Manager - SaskPower

ph: 306-862-6642

Veronica Shynkaruk

Softlines Manager - Cabela's Saskatoon

ph: 306-343-4868

email: [email protected]

Heather Graham-Nakaska

Retail Marketing Manager - Cabela's Saskatoon

ph : 306-343-4868 ext. 4150-8046

email: [email protected]

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