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Jan 2012Aug 2012

Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Oakland University

Bachelor of Integrative Studies, English minor, August 21, 2012

Aug 2008May 2011

Associate of Business Administration-General Business, Associate of Art, Associate of General Studies

Macomb Community College

Associate of Business Administration-General Business: 2009

Associate of Arts: 2011

Associate of General Studies: 2011

Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, since 2009

Member of The Writing Club, Secretary/Treasurer Officer for two semesters (2010/11)

Dean's List recipient for all five semesters

Aug 2007May 2008

Saginaw Valley State University

Focus in Visual Arts, no degree earned

Member of University Scholars Honors society

Member of Catholics on Campus

Work experience

Dec 2012Present


Surgical One Inc.
  • Answer phones
  • Call on past due invoices
  • Fill drape/package orders
  • Open the mail
Jun 2011Jun 2012

Professional Administrator

NBS Real Estate, LLC
  • Full time: one year
  • Singular person working at the front desk
  • Answered phones, set up and confirmed property showings, and used several real estate databases to completing tasks
  • Skills: multitask in a fast paced environment
May 2011Jun 2011

Customer Assistant

Family Video
  • Summer part time: four weeks
  • As a new employee of Family Video, I was in charge of checking in and checking out DVDs and games, under supervision
  • Skills acquired: money handling, response to customer concerns
Apr 2010Aug 2010

NRFU Enumerator

U.S. Census Bureau
  • NRFU: Non-Response Follow-Up Enumerator
  • Seasonal summer: four months
  • Trained to go individually to households that had not completed a U.S. Census form and fill one out for the household
  • Skills: interpersonal communication, talking with peoples whose first language was not always English
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Unit Leader

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan
  • Seasonal: six weeks in the summer
  • Was one of five unit leaders for a group of 20 girls, age six to eight
  • Supervised playground play time, administered crafts, instigated suitable games and cultured the girls through reading time.  Responsible for the girl's safety at the camp site and on field trips
  • Skills developed: time management


Microsoft Powerpoint 2007
Microsoft Word 2007

Sample Writings


It has come to the point when I will be closing the door of college and opening a new door to the future.I have not been the traditional four year student to earn a Bachelor degree, instead I have taken five years to do so.At the conclusion of Oakland University’s summer semester, in August 2012, I will have earned a Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree, with an English minor.

It is the English minor that I have focused my passion for creative writing.Through my college years, there have been momentous occasions to celebrate my creative writing achievements, such as being the Secretary/Treasurer of Macomb Community College’s Writing Club for two semesters (2010/2011).And presently being a contributing member to the Sterling Heights Public Library Writer’s Workshop group (MI) for a year and half, who meet every month to share portions of their novel/poem/or play and gather editing and critique help from fellow members.The piece of writing I bring to the public library’s workshop is a young adult historical romance novel about pirates, title undetermined.It is this pirate story that I plan on publishing in the next five years.

Not only have I had success with creative writing projects, but I have been awarded a first place award for a photograph.It was through Catholic Order of Foresters fraternal life insurance group that holds an annual poster and photo contest.In 2011, the theme was “Where do you find God?” and my photo focused on a silhouetted tree against a pink and yellow sunset, with a caption in my own words: “Each hue he paints in a sunset reminds us that after dark, the sun shines again, bringing hope.”A motto I live by, that tomorrow is another day to live and enjoy.

Another non-writing achievement is that this year I will have been with the nonprofit organization Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers for ten years.Through my years of service I have provided countless hours to their elderly clients in the form of light yard work, collating mass mailings, and recently participating in a community vegetable garden of which all the fresh vegetables go towards the clients.Helping Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers has allowed me to give of my time to help the elderly and my surround community.

A statement my mother has stated is “First you’re a student, then a worker.”Now that my time as a student is drawing to a conclusion, I am looking forward to the world of full time employment.I was never one to know where the future would take me, which is why the field of Integrative Studies fit my personality.Integrative Studies tailored subjects that I am interested in and helped me to create a unique major for myself, one that still focused on creative writing.So it is with my future career that I hope will allow me to continue my creative writing passion, while providing a means of living in the working world.


Creative Writing, with focus on my pirate themed story

The Pirates of the Caribbean quartet of movies

Horses and Horseback Riding

Reading the Classics, especially those of Jane Austen

Scrapbooking: family trips and favorite movies

Crafty in Knitting and Crocheting


Sterling Heights Public Library Writer's Workshop

St. Anastasia Young Adults

Oakland University Agape