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Keywords Related to Cagri's Skills

TETRA, Air interface encryption, end to end encryption, APCO P25, Wireless handset development, communication system, digital signal processing, DSP, embedded software, embedded hardware, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, machine to machine communications, wearables, Internet of Things, IoT, IoE, M2M, RFID, metal detector, VHDL, C, C++, assembly, Python, AVR, PIC, Arduino, consultant, specialist, software developer, software architect, freelance, independent, team leader, product manager.

Selected Projects


Higher-Order Human Understanding Research (click here for the video and further information)

Role: Research Scientist – permanent, full-time / Intel, Turkey / 21 months (ongoing)

Involvement: Exploration of bio-sensor and smart fabric use for unobtrusive sensing in wearables that are directly applicable to detection of humans’ higher-order emotional and mental states as part of the AdaptLE project. Prototyping and experimentation using various software and hardware platforms. Creation of patents related to unobtrusive sensing.


The Butterfly Dress (click here for the video)

Role: System Architect – permanent, full-time / Intel, Turkey / 18 months (completed)

Involvement: I have taken the project from inception to completion at hardware and software levels. Managed a team of 4 and liaised with the dress designers and managed stakeholders during live and recorded stage and TV shows in Europe. This work has been nominated for Intel Gordy Awards in 2016 and has been selected as one of the demos in Intel’s “Experience Amazing” campaign in 2016.


The Smart Splint (click here for the video)

Role: System Architect – permanent, full-time / Intel, Turkey / 9 months (completed)

Involvement: I have taken the project from inception to completion at hardware and software levels. Liased with the industrial 3D designer and managed stakeholders during live stage shows in Europe.


Tag2Sense – Smart Logistics Tag

Role: System Architect – contract, part-time / Veslabs, Turkey / 10 months (completed)

Involvement: I spearheaded the preparation of technical proposal to secure local funding and the identified product’s hero features. I managed the product development and managed risks during the process.


WhizTrack - Real-Time Tracking System (patent pending)

Role: Investor & System Architect – part-time / independent / 24 months (completed)

Involvement: I managed the development of this product from start to finish, and defined feature sets and milestones as part of project planning efforts. I also performed hands on design, development and testing, schematic design of full hardware and provision of support during PCB design, manufacturing and assembly. I managed potential customers, captured requirements and demonstrated a live system. Also managed and coordinated 20 different suppliers to successfully complete a fully functional prototype production.


Multi-Node Light Controller Network using Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0)

Role: Technical Manager – contract, part-time / Oxtec Limited, UK / 18 months (completed)

Involvement: Recruitment of technical staff, one-to-one interaction with the customer for capturing requirements and reporting progress weekly, provision of support to the project manager by defining technical tasks and the required effort for completion, identifying technical risks and proposing solutions as required, proposing future technical roadmap, hands-on support to the team as and when needed to ensure timely completion of integration and testing, final presentation and working prototype demonstration to the client.


High Performance Metal Detector

Role: R&D Project Lead/DSP Specialist – permanent, full-time / Nokta Engineering, Turkey / 12 months (completed)

Involvement: Responsible for the full digital signal processing (DSP) chain of a new generation metal detector, developing novel signal processing and object discrimination/identification methods to enhance detection depth, definition of new product features, coordinating the software team to ensure timely integration and field testing of prototypes at various.


TETRA PMR Handset Encryption Engine

Role: Encryption Team Leader – permanent, full-time / Software Radio Technology, UK / 36 months (completed)

Involvement: Day-to-day management of team members, hands-on development of encryption and decryption algorithms to make sure tight timing requirements of TETRA voice and data transmission are met, presentation of in-house physical protection mechanisms (to protect against key and algorithm compromise) directly to UK’s Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) for obtaining export licence qualification, ensuring prompt software integration and testing to meet critical milestones of the overall handset development.


ETSI Standardisation for TETRA Release 2 (TEDS)

Role: Technical Lead & System Architect– permanent, full-time / HW Communications, UK / 20 months (completed)

Involvement: Technical proposal preparation to secure three STF contracts (worth 92K Euros), managing teams from University of Florence and Pisa to ensure timely delivery of project outputs at the expected standard, hands-on design and development of the required simulation software to perform transmission tests in the context of real operation scenarios. (InventedMultimedia Exchange Layer” in section 7.2 of ETSI’s Technical Report, ETSI TR 102 580 v1.1.1 (2007-10). ETSI has awarded a personal certificate for acknowledging my valuable contributions to the TETRA Release 2 Standard)


Indika Samarakoon , ICT Professional with Consulting and Business development Experience

"I have worked with Cagri in a number of R&D projects and can confidently state that he is a professional engineer with a diverse set of skills (relevant to telecomms, embedded systems and M2M) and a sound commercial awareness. He works very hard and always gives 110% to everything he does, and attention to detail is a key attribute. Besides utilizing his hands-on technical skills to ensure successful delivery in challenging projects, Cagri is also able to develop a clear top-level view of projects which allow him to directly interact with the customers giving them the confidence and the assurance needed throughout the project. He is able to lead and manage technical teams effectively to deliver results. He is also able to think laterally and "outside the box" about problems and is able to come up with creative solutions. I can confidently take on the most challenging projects knowing that Cagri is on my team as I know he never lets people down and always delivers beyond expectations.", 2014

Shane Rooney , Enterprise Mobility & M2M Executive/Consultant

"Cagri is a first class technical consultant whom has delivered first class results to my projects. Not only is he a technical guru in M2M and Embedded Software but also understands how to apply to the business needs. A rarity in this business. Completely self-managing remotely or can manage technical teams. He has a fantastic personality , works very well with clients. I highly recommend Cagri and please contact me if you wish to know more.", 2014

Michael Woodfine , Project Manager , Oxtec Limited

"During my time at Oxtec I worked alongside Cagri on a number of projects for some very big clients and I can honestly say I would do it again in a heartbeat. Cagri is without doubt one of the most trustworthy, diligent and hardworking professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and he made the somewhat technically challenging projects taken on by Oxtec very easy for me to manage and understand. He would be an asset to any company or project he worked on and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others or bring him into any future projects I am working on", 2014

Simon R. Tucker, Group Managing Director, Software Radio Technology

"I have had the fortune of having Cagri work for me for a number of years at SRT plc. During this time I came to know Cagri well both professionally and socially.   Cagri was one of my most valued members of staff and commanded my complete respect. Time and time again he proved his honesty, integrity, diligence and professionalism.  I have started, run and invested in multiple businesses around the world over the last 20 years, and believe that I am an excellent judge of character which has been proven over the years. I have no hesitation in vouching for Cagri as an honest, loyal, law abiding, and hard working individual who usually puts other people first and has the very highest moral and ethical standards at the heart of his personality.", 2009

Neil Turner, Protocol Stack Team Leader, Software Radio Technology

"I was Cagri Tanriover's manager at SRT. Cagri was a member of my team since mid-2007. I first met Cagri in November 2006 whilst working at SRT. I worked closely with him a number of times before he joined my team. I always found him to be extremely polite and courteous. He became a key member of the team and always behaved professionally in the office. He was a very hard worker who was happy to put in extra hours to ensure a job was completed on time. He would more often than not do this without being asked. I always knew I could trust and rely on him.", 2009

Dr Paul Chippendale , Project Leader / Senior Research Scientist , Philips Research

“Cagri is a dedicated and persistent individual who stops at nothing to get the job done. He is very hard working and takes great pride in his work and responsibility for his actions. I would not think twice about employing him.”, 2008

Paul Hitch , Baseband Engineer , Ericsson

“I have worked closely with Cagri for nearly 1.5 years at Software Radio Technology primarily on TETRA handset encryption algorithms but also other areas of the software as required. Cagri’s drive, technical contribution and dedication (many a late night working on the hardware / software issues) has made it possible for the handset to reach the good reliability in the field. He is a very supportive and co-operative colleague and I am confident that he can undertake challenging technical tasks and deliver beyond the expected standard.”, 2008

David Jowett , Test Manager , Software Radio Technology

“Cagri works extensively on encryption algorithms for SRT. His solutions are delivered in a timely and accurate manner. His explanations are easily understood. His work is key in the development of the product”, 2008

Adam Morris , Hardware Team Leader , Software Radio Technology plc “Cagri is a hardworking and intelligent engineer. His opinions are always informed and reasoned. He has always been will to go the extra mile and help out in other areas when requested. A pleasure to work with.”, 2008


P95194 – “Fabric Acoustic Sensor”, filed May 2016.

P91395 – “Wearable Emotion Recognition System (WERSYS)”, filed March 2016.

P87672 – “Smart Seat Belt”, filed June 2015.

2013/06533 – “Smart Belt (WhizTrack)”, filed October 2013, Turkish patent application on a wearable system for indoor / outdoor tracking of people or objects while taking environmental measurements.

Selected Publications

ETSI Standards >> “ETSI TR 102 580 v1.1.1 (2007-10) - Designer's Guide” ( I invented the Multimedia Exchange Layer described in section 7.2 of this ETSI technical report which is public) Refereed Published Articles

>> D. Tarchi, R. Fantacci, C. Tanriover, B. Honary, “Novel Link Adaptation for TETRA Cellular Systems”, International Journal of Communication Systems, Online ISSN : 1099-1131, Print ISSN : 1074-5351,, November 2008.

>> C. Tanriover, B. Honary, J. Xu, and S. Lin. “Improving Turbo Code Error Performance by Multifold Coding.” IEEE Communications Letters. ISSN 1089-7798. 6(5) pp. 193-195. May 2002.


>> P. Coulton, C. Tanriover, B. Wright, and B. Honary. “Simple Hybrid Type II ARQ Technique Using Soft Output Information.” Electronics Letters. ISSN 0013-5194. 36(20) pp. 1716-1717. 28th September 2000.

Conference Proceeding Papers

>> C. Tanriover, J. Xu, B. Honary, and S. Lin. “Multifold Codes.” In ISIT. Washington DC. 24th-29th June 2001. p. 145.

>> C. Tanriover and B. Honary. “An Enhanced Decision Stage for Turbo CODECs - Statistical Tracking System (STS).” In 1st Annual Postgraduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking and Broadcasting. Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool, UK. 2000. pp. 257-262.

>> P. Chippendale, C. Tanriover, and B. Honary. “Enhanced Image Coding for Noisy Channels.” In 7th International IMA International Conference. M. Walker (editor). Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1746. Cirencester, UK. December 1999. 0302-9743. 3-540-66887-X. pp. 94-103.

>> P. Chippendale, C. Tanriover, and B. Honary. “Turbo Coded Image Transmission over Noisy Channels.” In 5th International Symposium on Communications Theory and Applications. Ambleside, UK. 1999. pp. 167-169.


>> C. C. Tanriover. “Improved Turbo Codes For Data Transmsission.” PhD thesis. University of Lancaster. UK. 2002.

>> C. Tanriover. “Computationally Efficient Turbo Code Implementation.” MSc thesis. University of Lancaster. UK. 1998.

Book Chapters

>> C. Tanriover, and B. Honary. “Chapter 7 - Unequal Two-Fold Turbo Codes.” pp. 87-96. In Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Multimedia, Editors: Tadeusz A. Wysocki, B. Honary, and Beata J. Wysocki, Springer. ISBN 978-0387228471, 2004.

>> P. Chippendale, C. Tanriover, and B. Honary. “Turbo Coded Image Transmission Over Noisy Channels.” pp. 277-287. In Coding, Communications and Broadcasting. P. Farrell, M. Darnell, and B. Honary (editors). Communications Systems, Techniques and Applications. Research Studies Press Ltd. Baldock, UK. ISBN 0-86380-259-1. 2000.

Conference Presentations

C. Tanriover, P. Chippendale, and B. Honary. “Turbo Code Application to Image Transmission.” pp. 17/1-17/6. In Turbo Coding in Digital Broadcasting - Could it Double Capacity? IEE Colloquium. London, UK. November 1999.

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