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Khayam Ezzat

Business Analyst, Architect and Agile Coach

Work experience

Nov 2012May 2017

Post Trade IT Strategy


Part of a team that devised and implemented the strategy for the Post Trade space in Barclays.  

Towards the start of the the role, the bank formally  adopted agile and lean as a way of working.   I was asked to help the teams in the post trade department, that had been working in a very traditional waterfall, command and control way, to make the transition.  

As well as coaching the teams and their management through the concepts, this was then backed up by periods of embedding myself within teams as a team member to showcase best practice. 

This tangibility of output was a key factor in convincing team members that agile was not a set of soundbites and conceptual buzzwords. 

The end result was a set of self managing teams that had achieved a high level of maturity in agile practice including BDD.

The technical challenge in the role centred around a number of disparate legacy settlement systems that artificially fragmented  business processes in the back office.  Technical expertise in the legacy systems was very limited and the maintainability of the code bases had eroded over the years.

Our solution centred around surfacing well typed  business process events from the legacy systems that were then stored and consumed by a set of new generation applications.  This proved relatively straightforward as most of the legacy code base was focussed on validating, defaulting and calculating the values that ended up being created.

The strategy also inverted the traditional  approach of calculating internal balances that are then compared to external balances overnight.  All instructions created both internally and externally  are captured in real time and posted to the Global Stock Record.

They also fed the Settlement Workflow product that redacted all the information required to expedite the settlement of instructions to one simple digestible screen of real time information that reflected the agent's view of the world.

Apr 2011Oct 2012

CEO and Founder

Secret Status

CEO and Founder, Founded an Internet startup that inverts the flow of information in the recruitment industry by enabling professionals to push their work status to recruiters. The application was successfully delivered into closed beta stage where it is being taken forward by my technical co-founder Ben Ritchie. Under his guidance, I gained immense technical experience learning Java, GWT, Big Data storage, Maven configuration, writing automated tests and best development practice.

Nov 2009Mar 2011

Lead Business Analyst

HSBC Prime Brokerage
Lead Business Analyst, In 2009 HSBC decided to enter the Prime Brokerage arena. Given the lack of Prime Brokerage experience within the bank, I was asked by the Head of Equities IT to help setup the department. Over the next year and half, I was involved in most aspects of the program, including recruitment, building it up to circa 100 personnel. The first release, based on a batch architecture, encompassed feeds from the Custody and Equity Finance systems and was delivered in May. This consisted of installing Syncova' Optima for consolidated margin calculation, and producing a client reporting suite. My role at this stage was working directly with the 10-15 technical staff to ensure its successful delivery. The second phase was about migrating to a near real time service oriented architecture on an Oracle Coherence grid. My role included managing a team of ten business analysts across the work-streams to deliver the end to end business functionality. This involved translating each of the design authority' high level business requirement into the specific IT requirements for each work-stream. As well helping the work-streams to understand the wider picture, I was involved in reviewing the business specifications and modeling. I also had joint responsibility with the testing manager for business end to end testing. I set up a testing methodology to define test scenarios, testing coverage and their implementation down to component testing. The work-streams ranged from trade capture of client custody instructions, and bilateral trades with HSBC desks, inventory management across all trade types(with as at/as of views) through to consolidated asset servicing, margining and risk calculation.
Jun 2007Nov 2009

Senior Business Analyst

HSBC Equity Finance
Senior Business Analyst, In 2007, HSBC had a legacy TRS system that was impeding the growth of the department. The challenge was to build a new system that would give them the operational efficiency and financial control to increase volumes in time for the new year. A team of four of us delivered it on time and budget. Over subsequent releases, the system was expanded out to handle CFDs, synthetic hedges and fully funded swaps amongst other things. A new custom report distribution platform, with full user workflow, was built around the Actuate product to complement the processing side. During my time in the Equity Finance department, profits grew three and half fold.
Apr 2005Jun 2007

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst, My brief was to deliver a synthetic Prime Brokerage solution. This consisted in the main of developing a custom Portfolio Swap application. In order to maximise the sales traction, the system had to have the flexibility to support all contract optionality. This included a range of closeout methodologies, interest spread calculation variations, and timing optionality at the cashflow type level. In addition to the processing side, a report distribution platform was built. In 2007 Nomura won top place award for operational efficiency and are currently ranked sixth in providers in this space
Jan 2005Mar 2005

Senior Business Analyst

Delta Financial Tech.
Marketing and Senior Business Analyst, Worked on a number of sales pitches as well as completing the Portfolio Swap system.
Apr 2004Dec 2004

Business Analyst

Barclays Capital
Business Analyst, Jointly wrote functional specifications for Portfolio Swaps system.
Sep 2002Mar 2004

Marketing Director and Business Analyst

Irvine and Kozak
Marketing Director and Business Analyst, of client engagements including and Operational Risk vendor.
Sep 2002Mar 2004


Investment Banking Training, Composed and delivered a number of investment banking training courses to non banking companies including PR agencies and recruitment consultancies.
Jan 1996Sep 2002

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder, Grips I setup a software house which I grew over seven years to a total of 35 staff and a turnover in excess of£ 2.5M. The package was designed to be a trade capture, settlement and accounting system across a broad range of products spanning equities and fixed income. The system was installed at GNI, where it is still in use processing over 50, 000 trades a day with circa fifteen people in the back office.
Mar 1995Dec 1995

Business Analyst

Barclays Capital(BZW)
Business Analyst, Implemented Gilt Repo solution.
Jan 1994Mar 1995

Business Analyst

S. G. Warburg
Business Analyst, Implemented GLOSS settlement system for Gilts and Eurobonds.
Sep 1991Dec 1993


Andersen Consulting


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