Rodinei Caetano


ACADEMIC BACKGROUND MBA in Administration - Instituto Superior de Administra o de Empresas do Paran (ISAD) / Pontif cia Universidade Cat lica do Paran (PUC) - 1993 Degree in Industrial Engineering - Universidade Tecnol gica Federal do Paran (CEFET) - 1985 LANGUAGE SKILS English: Fluent. Spanish: Fluent. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY HEXION QU MICA IND STRIA E COM RCIO LTDA. - BORDEN / ALBA QU MICA 04/2001 - 09/2007 American company, with global performance in the production of resins for the wood industry, with five plants in Latin America. Position: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER (SUPPLIES AND LOGISTICS) FOR LATIN AMERICA Reporting to: CEO Brazil and Supply Chain Vice-President in the USA Team: 30 collaborators Main accomplishments: Responsible for the management of USD 150 MM p.a., including national and international logistics strategies, as well as the supply management of the organization; Development of the project of movement of methanol alcohol of Punta Arenas - South of Chile for the Port of Paranagu - PR, obtaining an annual reduction of USD 2 MM in this contract. Reduction of 60% (USD 2.0 MM) in the logistics expenses of the Brazilian port terminals (Santos and Paranagu ); Organization of the logistics and supply project of technical urea of the European East, with annual cost reduction of USD 1.2 MM; Preparation of national and international contracts, with emphasis in the following suppliers: Methanex/Chile Commodity Methanol annual amount of contract / USD 25 MM reduction of 8% (USD 2.0 MM). Fosf rtil/Brazil Commodity Urea annual amount of contract / USD 30 MM reduction of 4% (USD 1.2 MM). Rhodia/Brazil Commodity Phenol annual amount of contract / USD 20 MM reduction of 5% (USD 1 MM). Star Asia/India Commodity Melamine annual amount of contract / USD 1 MM reduction of 5% (USD 50 M). Restructuring of the company s distribution logistics sector, reaching an index of 98% of attendance in the scheduled dates and cost reduction of USD 3 MM; Management of the distribution logistics chain of 400 thousand t. of products to Latin America, Asia, Europe and the USA, using multimodals; Periodic participation in strategic meetings of planning and result with company senior board of directors, held at the head office Columbus Ohio USA; Adequacy of the Supply Chain department for compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Main Legacy: As a result of the excellent relationship with the companies, which are Hexion partners, he advises the Methanex-Chile and Rocha Top Group Brazil companies in a distribution logistics project of methanol alcohol coming from Chile to the Port of Paranagu BR. T. I. Group Automotive Systems 09/1999 - 01/2001 British company of global performance in the refrigeration and automotive industries, with seven plants in Brazil. Position: PLANT MANAGER (MANUFACTURING, SUPPLIES, LOGISTICS, QUALITY, IT, PLANNING) Team: 250 collaborators Main accomplishments: Responsible for the logistics, development of suppliers and management of the plants of Curitiba and S o Jos dos Pinhais, in the State of Paran . Responsible for USD 80 MM. Coordination of the logistics distribution of 5 million products annually for clients, who are automotive and refrigeration producers in Brazil. Increase in the inventory turnover of raw materials and finished products for five times. Responsible for setting up the plant of automotive components in S o Jos dos Pinhais, Paran , focusing on the supply to Renault and Audi assemblers; Increase of 25% (USD 10 MM) in the company s billing, through the recovery of Multibr s client, based on a productivity and quality planned program; Annual reduction of USD 1 MM in the losses of the productive process. Main Legacy: The respect acquired in the refrigeration and automotive business environment, with the constitution of excellence engagement teams, enabled his nomination to work at Hexion Qu mica. Eletrofrio Ltda. (Marmom Group) 02/1998 09/1999 North-American multinational, leader in the Latin American market of refrigeration for supermarkets. Position: GENERAL MANAGER OF OPERATIONS (LOGISTICS, SUPPLIES, MANUFACTURING, PLANNING) Reporting to: CEO Team: 350 collaborators Main accomplishments: Reduction of the levels of monthly inventories from USD 7 MM to USD 3 MM; Preparation of the purchase contract of stainless steel, with annual reduction of USD 3 MM; Logistics of Just in Time projects with suppliers, making the company to attend its clients with 100% of accuracy; Increase of the productivity index in 30%, enabling the company to extend its market share in 25%; Transfer of manufacturing technology, from the USA to Brazil, of metallic shelves for supermarkets . Main Legacy: Training and promotion of two engineers for the positions of plant manager and logistics manager. Landys & Gyr Inepar S.A. 03/ 1990 02/ 1997 European multinational, which produces equipment and provides services for measurement, protection and automation in the generation and distribution of electric power. Position: Business Unit Manager Reporting to: CEO Team: 50 collaborators Main accomplishments: Management of the business unit, involving the development of suppliers, the distribution of products for all electric-power concessionaires in Brazil and in Latin America, production, engineering of application and quality, being responsible for USD 25 MM. Outsourcing of secondary activities of the business unit, reducing the cost in 50% (USD 200 thousand); Responsible for the development of an Integrated System for Measurement of the Electric Power, increasing the annual income of the unit in USD 10 MM; Participation in the technology transfer from South Africa to Brazil, of electronic measurers of electric-power prepayment; Coordination of fieldwork teams for the implementation of measurement systems in electric networks of concessionaires in Brazil. Main Legacy: Took on the responsibility, with an engagement team, to transfer the business unit from Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba, and accomplished the task successfully, being immediately promoted for the management position, also enabling the personal and professional growth of this team. WEG M quinas Ltda. 07/1988 03/1990 National company owned by WEG Group, which is the largest producer of engines and electric machines in Latin America. Position: Sales Engineer Reporting to: Sales Manager Main accomplishments: Sale and application of electric machines in important Brazilian and multinational companies, such as: Rigesa, Klabin, CSN, Vale do Rio Doce, Aracruz Celulose and companies from the Petrochemical Pole of Cama ari - BA. Main Legacy: Represented WEG group in an important project of low tension engines of Aracruz Celulose ES, strengthening the participation of the company in the pulp activity in Brazil. INTERNATIONAL JOURNEYS Participation in exchange programs for technology transfer and management training in countries such as Germany, Norway, South Africa and the USA; Participation in the preparation of purchase and sale contracts in the USA, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay; Member of APLA (Latin American Association of Logistics of Ports). COURSES / ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Formation at MDP (Management Development Program) - 450 hours / Hexion; Leadership Course for Six Sigma Projects Funda o de Desenvolvimento Gerencial; Wide experience in the implementation of operational systems, such as SAP, BAN IV and others; Active participation in APLA (Latin American Association of Logistics of Ports); Participation in meetings of INDEPENDENT SURVEYORS - ICIS, CMAI Commodities in the USA. Lecturer of Faculdade de Administra o de Empresa do Paran (FAE - PR); Lecturer of Pontif cia Universidade Cat lica do Paran (PUC - PR); Professor invited for the Specialization Course of Production Engineering of PUC - PR; Professor of the Logistics Chain of PROMINP (the National Oil and Natural Gas Industry Mobilization Program) PUC PR.

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