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Knowledge of Health and Disease States

- Completed Dietetic Internship and eligible to sit for Registered Dietitian exam in May 2014

- Staff relief as a clinical dietitian at St. Alexius Medical Center for 8 weeks

- Used the nutrition care plan for patients with: hypertension, cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular health, wounds, bariatric surgery, and weight management

- Presented a Nutrition Care Plan for a case study patient to in-patient RDs

Health Education

- Collaborated with Nursing students to teach: Go, Slow, Whoa; label reading, physical activity; and portion sizes to K-5th grade students

- Discussed menu and meal planning for camping and hiking to college students

- Developed lessons plans for K-5th grade classes regarding body image and dieting

- Presented a Nutrition Care Plan for a case study patient to in-patient RDs

- Taught class on grocery shopping planning to WIC participants

- Facilitated training for University of Illinois Extension EFNEP program assistants on calcium, protein, portion sizes

- Presented nutrition education regarding fat, fiber, and sodium to seniors

- Educated fellow dietetic interns on current research regarding techniques to work with picky eating children


- Teamed with Nursing students to teach: Go, Slow, Whoa; label reading, physical activity; and portion sizes to K-5th grade students

- Collaborated with Kane County Government employees to write a grant for a food hub feasibility study

- Worked with a multidisciplinary team to design, implement, and analyze a nutrition education intervention on whole grains for food pantry shoppers  

Behavior Change Modification Skills

- Used motivational interviewing techniques, emotional-based counseling, and assessment of stages of change to promote behavior change in one-on-one counseling sessions

- Evaluated motivational interviewing techniques used at WIC

Technical Skills

- Created a blog for a dietitian to promote healthy eating

- Designed nutrition education materials using Powerpoint and Word

- Filmed PSA for food pantry clients about whole grains

- Proficient in MediTech EMR as used at St. Alexius Medical Center

- Coded and analyzed data using Excel and SPSS

Career Goals

- To work with individuals and communities to promote changes to improve health and wellness

- To plan, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate community and public health based nutrition programs

- To write grants for nutrition and public health based interventions

- To advocate for and promote policies that support access to nutritious foods

Dietetic Internship Plan

Lifecycle Rotations:

Campus Recreation Center

I had the opportunity to counsel students, staff, and other community members who made appointments for nutritional counseling. I charted clients using the dietitian's personalized charting system, analyzed food records using a nutritional analysis software, and promoted Campus Rec nutrition services through an information table during lunch at a nearby dining hall. I also had the opportunity to work with Outdoor Adventures, another Campus Recreation group. I created a handout and gave a short presentation at a camping event on how to make healthy choices when being active and on outdoor trips.


I was able to shadow the dietitian as she assessed new residents and checked in with others on their eating habits and weight maintenance. I created a myths and facts handout to accompany my presentation on fat, fiber, and sodium.


I partnered with an Undergraduate Nursing student to teach kindergarten - 5th grade students nutrition and physical activity lessons. Each lesson covered a nutrition or physical activity topic and a short activity to get the students moving around. I also wrote blurbs for the school's parent newsletter to encourage parents to ask their children what they learned about nutrition and continue the learning at home. I also helped run a table on portion sizes at the districts family healthy fair with the other interns.


I observed the intake procedures for new clients, as well as nutrition counseling, breastfeeding counseling with the peer counselor, and group classes. I assisted with nutrition counseling sessions, charted clients, and taught a group class. My project was to observe the staff for motivational interviewing techniques and write a report analyzing the techniques used, and providing suggestions to improve training and use of these techniques.

Food Service Rotation:

Neptune Dining Hall

The biggest project during this rotation was planning and managing our special dinner. I worked together with two other interns to plan and manage the dinner. We worked together, with the help of the dining hall managers, to forecast and order food for the dinner, organize the union and student staff to meet our needs for preparation and serving, set up entertainment, alter the layout of the dining hall and decorate to match our theme, and market the event to the campus community. On the day of the dinner, we managed staff and worked through any problems that arose. I also conducted a feasibility study regarding water conservation, specifically changing the water sprayers at sinks. Another project during this rotation involved testing a new recipe by making the recipe, surveying student diners, and presenting the results to the head chef of the dining halls for review.

Clinical Rotation:

St. Alexius Medical Center

I worked with the inpatient dietitians for 13 weeks. For the first five to six weeks I shadowed each dietitian and they observed my interactions with patients as well. For the second seven to eight weeks, I worked on my own covering the telemetry, oncology, and orthopedic floors and filling in on other units as needed. I also had the opportunity to work with with pediatric and neonatal dietitians, as well as observe swallow exams with the speech and language pathologist. I prepared two case studies based on patients I saw, and present one to the dietitians.

Community Rotations:

Wilton Industries

I worked with the test kitchen to test each product batch for quality. I also assisted with product development through testing the durability of a new product, and assisting the creative writing department through testing instructions for the use of products. I also worked with the PR department and wrote copy for an email newsletter that is sent monthly to media contacts. I worked with the regulatory and labeling department learning the differences between US and international labeling regulations. The two projects I worked on for this department included using new software to research which ingredients are allowed in foods exported to Brazil, and researching OSHA's new material safety data sheet format and requirements. I then used the new SDS requirements and updated the four products with SDS and drafted an email to send to the companies who make the products so they can complete the missing information.

Centegra Diabetes Center

I observed one on one counseling sessions for clients with pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and eating disorders. I was also able to attend two three-session group classes. For my project, I helped brainstorm ideas for the diabetes center to reach out to physician groups in the area to have more clients be referred to the center for counseling and classes.

Kane County Fit for Kids

I helped promote the Fit for Kids program during International Walk to School Day throughout the week by attending various schools as they held their Walk to School days. I researched food hubs and food hub feasibility studies to assist with the preparation of a food hub feasibility study grant request. I assisted in the writing and organization of the grant as well. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with the organization that is helping to organize and collect data showing how the Fit for Kids program has made a difference in the community to present to the programs main grant funding organization. I also helped compile an annotated bibliography of related research to assist in the justification of the interventions Fit for Kids has completed using the grant funds.


My main project while at Hy-Vee was setting up a blog for the dietitian, assisting in the writing of her first post, and writing a guest post of my own. i also assisted in preparing and setting up for a gluten-free event and did a cooking demo for a holiday stuffing recipe, a burger alternative, sausages, and focaccia bread. I also assisted with a healthy snacking wellness presentation at a local manufacturing plant and a promotional presentation at a nearby senior home. I assisted with a store tour, and observed a counseling session as well.

Professional Practice:

University of Illinois Extension: Cook County, EFNEP

I observed a variety of lessons taught by 6 different program assistants in different neighborhoods of Chicago. I read about the facilitation techniques used in EFNEP and used that information as a basis for my observations. I was able to practice my facilitation skills while leading the training for the monthly meeting for the program assistants. The discussion focused on calcium and protein, specifically non-dairy calcium sources and how to relate servings and portions of protein to food labels. I created two handouts that the program assistants can use as references. I also assisted with researching the most current census information to help with staffing changes. As neighborhood demographics change, the staffing needs also change to meet the needs of the city.

Volunteer Experience

Mt. Prospect Park District - Little Mountaineers Preschool - Nutrition Education Volunteer (Current)

- Created healthy snack handout for parents to use when bringing snacks for the class

- Researched preschool nutrition curriculum

Miraval Resort and Spa - Nutrition Intern (2010)

- Analyzed nutrient content of recipes

- Observed lectures, classes, and individual counseling sessions

- Developed menu planning handout for clients

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - TUSD 100 - Nutrition Education Volunteer (2010)

- Prepared and delivered fresh fruit and vegetables to elementary school students

- Taught students about specific nutrients in fruits and vegetables


Lifecycle Portfolio

Food Service Rotation

MNT Rotation

Community Rotations


Courtney is passionate about nutrition and helping communities make the changes needed to support health and wellness. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations in the nutrition and health fields, including industry, hospitals and other in-patient settings, out-patient diabetes centers, grant-funded organizations, and food service. Courtney is enthusiastic about her work and always steps in to assist with projects or to find innovative and practical solutions to problems that arise. She enjoys working with both children and adults and is able to alter her teaching style to fit the community. Courtney never stops trying to learn new information or to understand how pieces fit together.

Professional Memberships, Affiliations, and Certifications

Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Work experience

Jan 2014Present

WIC Nutritionist

TCA Health, INC

- Provide individual nutrition assessments and counseling to qualifying women, infants, and children.

- Lead weekly group discussions

- Perform monthly cooking demonstrations

Aug 2011Aug 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

Northern Illinois University/Northern Illinois Food Bank

- Assisted in the designing, implementation, evaluation, and analysis of a food pantry nutrition education intervention. Co-author of published manuscript

- Created lesson plans for teachers to incorporate nutrition into K-5th grade lessons

- Monitored Summer Food Service Programs



Mar 2015May 2020

Registered Dietitian



Coordinated Approach to Child Health