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Yale Summer Conservatory
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1994- Present Day – Founder/Executive Director – World Trust Foundation:

Highlighted projects include: World Jam 1 – 4 CD Box Set of interactive music 1994 – Youth Ambassador Program – launched 2000 to empower and unite the youth of the world – Earth Day LA Education and Public Outreach 2000-2003 – Annual Earth Hero Awards Luncheon 2001-2003

International Work – traveled as a media-accredited producer/photographer/videographer - owns and operates Canon XL1 broadcast camera. Still photographer: Canon Rebel 2000, Sony Cybershot – digital.

  • 2004 – World Affairs Challenge – Based on UN forum and University of Denver curriculum, this day long event held at USC brings youth from various areas of Los Angeles together, to debate on the topic, “Human Rights of the Child.”
  • 2003 – Sub-Commission for Human Rights – Geneva, Switzerland – speaker on round table at the ITU (International Tele-Communications Union) “Media Matters” – filming youth intern program for YOUTH SPEAK OUT program
  • 2002 – World Summit of Sustainable Development (WSSD) – Johannesburg, South Africa – media accredited producer
  • 2001 – Macadamia Tree Project – Guatemala – filming the working with indigenous farmers for sustainable development and revenue streams.
  • 2001 - World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) Durban, South Africa – media accredited producer
  • 2001 – Produced 2-hour live broadcast, streamed live to the internet – linking indigenous leaders attending the Commission for Human Rights (Geneva, Switzerland) to the “Indigenous Peoples Summit of the Americas” in Ottawa, Canada. This was a 3 country, several crew endeavor, which was the only time that it was completed successfully at the United Nations to date.
  • 2000 – Youth Ambassador for Social Change Program in conjunction with Sub-Commission for Human Rights – United Nations, Geneva Switzerland – Also speaker of round table: Humanization for Globalization for FETE d’ EXCELLENCE – Palais d’ Nation

Technology and Internet:  Producer/Project Manager/Content Development – 1994 – 2000

Tess managed multi-million dollar projects and "virtually" facilitated teams of workers from various continents, bringing projects in on time and within budget. This experience showed Tess that the convergence of media, could allow a connection to many remote areas of the world, therefore decreasing the gap of societal divide.

  • Projects ranged from Fortune 500 companies to smaller “boutique” sites. (Sun MicroSystems, Litton Industries, Lotus UK, Marie Calendars, World Trust Foundation, SILA (Society of Illustrators/Los Angeles), InfoStreet, (community site) – to name a few

Tess Cacciatore's Bio

Tess Cacciatore has been recognized as an International Award-Winning Producer and Philanthropist, on National and International TV, Radio, Print and her Public Speaking career gets her in front of thousands on a monthly basis. Tess has spoken at the United Nations (in Geneva and New York) on behalf of children everywhere - during the Commission and Sub-Commission for Human Rights. Tess is passionate about her work to empower youth in various ways. Tess is out in the field promoting World Trust, Young Leaders, Earth Heroes and her collaborative partners (including Sponsors) on a daily basis; as she believes that all pieces of the puzzle fit together to market the larger vision and break it down to the components that make a difference. Consider her the Front Runner to help lift the visibility of this vision and therefore your company to new heights.

Throughout the years (for over a decade) Tess has been media-accredited to attend and film such events as the “World Conference Against Racism”, “World Summit on Sustainability” in South Africa, as well as have interviewing young people for a media segment called Youth Speak Out, which is targeted to be one of the original television series on the World Trust Network. Tess will continue being in front of thousands of people at her personal speaking engagements and other workshops, as well as reaching millions through radio and TV appearances. Her appearances include, but are not limited to: The Today Show, Prime Time with John Stossel, Waking Up in America, The Lisa Garr Show, numerous festivals, conferences, radio shows, newspapers and magazines (Family Circle, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Des Moines Register, XL International Entrepreneurs Parenting Magazine, Family Circle, Dance Teacher, Dance Spirt, Nick Jr. to name a few). She also has hosted her own radio show Live Feed to raise awareness of the FEED 333 program under the World Trust umbrella.

Tess has  recently appeared in 3 feature films about her work (The Millionaire Mind, The Peace Project, Voices of Women). She is the Mistress of Ceremonies at various events, while traveling around the world donating her time to run workshops to empower children and young people. At each of these conference, events, workshops and MEDIA appearances, World Trust Foundation, Young Leaders and Earth Heroes will be promoted, which will drive millions to the site for viewing the programming and, therefore, the sponsors logos and links will be visible and available for the world to connect with on a daily basis.

NEW at World Trust

The World Trust Network launching fall of 2008!  The World Trust Foundation is a bridge to young people, individuals, corporations,educators and other non-profit organizations, while the World Trust Network provide accessto producers, content creators, educators, and other world leaders working in a collaborativepartnership to fulfill the mission and vision to empower the youth of the world and havetheir voices be heard. Through WTN, technology and media is used to be the conduit ofcommunication.

Recommendations for Tess

Founder/PresidentWorld Trust Foundation & CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing

“As founder, Chairman and CEO of World Trust Foundation, Tess envisions a better world by empowering and uniting children. Her dedication to the vision of world peace, understanding and democracy drives her work. By educating tomorrows leaders in different countries the foundation seeks to achieve this goal. When exploring charitable giving one should research and consider World Trust Foundation” - June 17, 2005

Richard Paler was a consultant or contractor to Tess at World Trust Foundation & CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing

“Tess is an incredible woman, committed to making a huge difference for kids the world over. Utilizing many talents she effects positive change and is tireless in her work and efforts. Many commit to make a difference and do the best they can. Tess has the rare ability to succeed far beyond the point where most other people can reach. I am proud to know Tess and am honored to endorse her.” - March 14, 2005

Gary Lassin was with another company when working with Tess at World Trust Foundation & CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing

“Tess is a social entrepreneur and practical visionary of the highest order: she has a multitude of skills and ideas in and out of media and story telling, fueled by an inspiring vision of what is possible for our world when children are connected beyond boundaries of culture, race and creed.” - February 25, 2005

Peter Shiao was with another company when working with Tess at World Trust Foundation & CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing

“Tess is an excellent resource when it comes to bridging philanthropy with new media. She has extensive knowledge and contacts within the entertainment and non-profit worlds and I would gladly work with her again. Highly recommend.” - February 23, 2005

Marc Levey was with another company when working with Tess at World Trust Foundation & CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing

Speaking Engagements

College and University Lecture Series for Body Image in the Media and Women in Philanthropy Waterloo, IA 2006

YWCA – Keynote Speaker for “Young Women on the Move” Conference for tween girls on empowerment and community spirit. 2006

Book Signings and dance workshops for published Children’s Book – BELLA WISHES – Los Angeles CA, Pasadena, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Des Moines IA

FETE d’ EXCELLENCE during Sub-Commission for Human Rights, United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland – International Telecommunications Union (ITU) speaker on panel, “Media Matters – 2003

International Global Affairs – Keynote speaker. Also produced the event, along with edited content of footage that was filmed in South Africa, 2002 – Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2002

Sub-Commission for Human Rights – Palais d’ Nations, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland – speaker on panel, “Globalization of Humanization.” 2000

Entrepreneurial Youth Academy, Universal City Walk – At Risk Teens 1997-1999

TV/Radio: Guests appearances on: Waking Up in America, Treasures in LA (Cable TV), Terry Garr Show, KGNU (local Denver Station) -

A Message From Tess

I was fortunate to grow up in the homeland of Iowa, raised by entrepreneurs in an Italian/American Family. My extreme shyness gave me the opportunity to be the silent observer from the sidelines. I grew up as a dancer and artist, which gave me ways to express myself that I couldn’t find by communicating with my voice. Instead, I spoke volumes with my body through the movement of dance, through the strokes of a paintbrush and pen as a painter and writer, and behind the lens of a camera as a witness to the human spirit. Who wouldn’t figure that I would grow up wanting to empower young people to have their voices heard?

As a performer, photographer and filmmaker, I have experienced places in the world that most people have only dreamed to see. I have trekked through the rain forest, traveled through natural disasters, interacted with world leaders and the soulful people of indigenous villages, have been in the middle of international riots capturing the human spirit on film, while trying to understand what makes people think the way they do and feel the way they feel.Once I found my voice, you couldn’t shut me up. I have had the extreme pleasure of speaking globally at several conferences and symposiums, also including several appearances at the United Nations on behalf of children, while also interfacing, interviewing, photographing and filming various world leaders including: His Holiness Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu, King Goodwill (King of the Zulus), Dr. Jane Goodall, Sir Richard Branson, Presidents and dignitaries from various countries, and more.I have dedicated my life to this vision of bringing the youth of the world together; to see how we can make the world a better place to live. I invite each and every one of you to look back to those days when you were a child dreaming of what life would be like as an adult, and remember what it was like during those awkward adolescent times too. Join me on this path of empowering youth to be everything they can be, while giving them tools to have respect and honor for those around them, and most importantly, respect and honor for themselves.