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To apply my passion for crafting quality coffee in a specialty coffee setting.

Work experience

March 2014April 2017

Director of Coffee

Café Con Leche

As director of coffee, I was responsible for customer and employee education and developing and implementing our coffee program.  I was roastmaster and barista trainer.

  • Sampled and selected coffees
  • Built relationships with farmers at origin
  • Used roasting curve data and cuppings to fine-tune roast profiles
  • Roasted for production using probes to achieve desired profiles
  • Curated a multi-roaster coffee flight experience monthly
  • Bagged and marketed coffee for retail and wholesale customers


Coffee Owl

coffee: science, tech & wisdom

When you need help with your coffee business, you can turn to the Coffee Owl for:

  • Scientific analysis of water and coffee quality
  • Repair of espresso machines and brewing equipment
  • Consulting on operations and barista training 
Nov 2013Mar 2014

Delivery Driver

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.

I was hired as a machine repair tech and delivery driver.  As I made delivery rounds, I checked on customer satisfaction, checked the quality of their product and made recommendations for equipment service.  I was also helpful to customers who had questions, offering consultation, training and support.  It turned out, however that I was better at coffee than at driving.  After a few accidents we had to part ways. 

Mar 2012Jul 2013


Populace Coffee
  • Roasted coffee
  • Developed systems for quality control and tracking.
  • Espresso machine and roaster maintenance
Jan 2012Feb 2012

Coffee Steward

Brewtopia Coffee

As Coffee Steward I was responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of our product. My duties included:

  • Roasting and blending beans
  • Developing metrics to track flavor profiles and target outcomes to reach a desired profile
  • Cupping coffee samples and providing cuppings for staff and public
  • Developing literature and materials for public and staff education
  • As well as all other duties of a barista

Operations Director

Live Wired Coffeehouse

The local ministerial association approached the USA high school to see what we could do to be more involved. Live Wired Coffeehouse is the fruition of those conversations. It is a place run by students ultimately for the community. My knowledge of the specialty coffee industry allowed us to put it together. The coffeehouse is now operated by the USA intro to business class which was created to give academic credit for our coffeehouse efforts.  My duties here included:

  • Vision casting and maintaining a coffeehouse atmosphere
  • Training quality baristas using Bellisimo's state of the industry training material: Espresso 101
  • Ordering supplies
  • Maintaining equipment including a complete rebuild of our commercial single group espresso machine
  • Assisting the students in fundraising, and marketing, writing press releases and making presentations to the community
  • Promotion of our space as a music venue
  • Writing policy and mission statements


Brewtopia Coffee

I filled in from time to time when there was a need, since I was familiar with all the drink preparations I made an easy transition.

Duties included:

  • Espresso extraction
  • Grind adjustment
  • Steaming of milk
  • All other drink preparation
  • Handling the cash register
Aug 2005Feb 2006


The Harvest Coffeehouse and Beanery

Matt Bolt bought the Bay City Coffee and Tea business and transformed it into The Harvest.  I stayed on for about six months to help them with the transition. The Havest has since moved to Frankenmuth and Matt's brother took over the Bay City location as Brewtopia.

My duties included:

  • Drink preparation
  • Handling the cash register
  • Clean up
  • As well as some training of new employees
Jan 2005Aug 2005


Bay City Coffee and Tea

Worked as a Baritsta.  My duties included:

  • Beverage preparation
  • Handling the cash register
  • Clean up
  • Opening/closing
  • Standardizing and increasing quality of some beverages
Apr 2003Oct 2003


Sehnert's Bakery

We lived in McCook between ministry positions, and I was privileged to find work at the local coffeehouse and bakery.  I learned much here about effective organization of a workforce and adapting to changing business environments. The bakery had a cafe, served lunch and takeout pizza. Additionally the cafe served as a music venue, catching nationally touring folk acts on their way through Nebraska.  The owner recognized my coffee interest and made me something of the coffee expert for the shop. My duties included:

  • Front of the house sales
  • Beverage preparation
  • Serving at concerts
  • Clean up
  • Making sandwiches during lunch
  • Operating the pizza station



Jordi Carbonell

Owner of Café Con Leche

Andrew Hepner

Owner, Populace Coffee

Aaron Bolt

Owner, Brewtopia Coffee

Rob Bash

I did some training for the Sweet Boutique when they started to serve espresso.



Espresso Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Trained by La Marzocco to repair La Marzocco machines, Mazzer Grinders and Marco boilers.
Coffee Brewing Methods
Pour-over (V60, Chemex, Clever) Auto Drip French Press Etc.
Steaming Milk

Latte Art

Espresso Extraction
Barista training