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The right blend!


Copywriting Credit
Lone writer and creative designer for 6 different, 200-page program manuals for Internet business opportunity, along with, over 20 cd covers and inserts that sold almost 1-million copies.   
Diversity of Expertise
Diversity of Expertise - Management expertise derived from leading commercial ventures in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Seminar Coordination, Call Center Ops, E-commerce, and Public Relations niche markets.  
Critical Thinking
Considerable background in fostering strategies for continually improving operations, delivering quality service, and instigating momentum through potent “Team-Task” communications strategies.  
Business Development
Integral in the development, management, and expansion of a home-based Internet business program marketed via weekly seminars across the U.S., business had 8 year run and sold to over 150,000 people.
Objective Analytical Eye
Possesses the ability to visualize, articulate, identify needs, risks, and resolve complex issues to make the right decision based on gathering, then analyzing information, and testing various solutions in order to formulate a long-term plan for success.  
Flexible Personal Style
Highly effective leadership, communication, inspirational skills, and interpersonal style, which led to 97% employee retention ratio.  
Improver of Productivity
Exceeded department productivity goals by 16% through establishment of best practices to increase employee output, better communication of objectives and introduction of compensation plans to reward high-performers.  
Call Center Command
Adeptly managed, high volume Call Center, which handled over 2000 calls per day to support growing online sales, increased staff from 8 to 55 in just over 2 years.
Tasking Team to Talent
Built, led and succeeded with many diverse teams, from employees, colleagues, software developers, vendors, sales teams, clients, and customers to formulate a win-win environment fostering group accountability and team strategy.  
Tactful CRM
Performance Improved  - Increased customer satisfaction rating, from 48% to 88% within one year, by cultivating a continuous service improvement system based on team action in responding to customers satisfaction responses, inquiries, and technical requests. 
Adaptive Operations
Ability to plan, train, prioritize, delegate, and instigate momentum with highly skilled, cross-functional teams in the design, development, and launch of leading edge solutions, structured by a total quality focus for delivering superior service.
Seminar Coordination
Directed a large scale, seminar sales operation offering online business tools to attendees at 1000's of sales seminars held in hotel ballrooms, event, and convention centers, across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.           
Event Planning
Executive Producer for over 120 different corporate and promotional events including motivational seminars, sales, and training classes presented in hotel ballrooms in the US and Canada.
Master of Managing Change
Problem Solving, possesses the ability to continually improve operations in order to deliver quality service and instigates momentum through potent team-task communications strategies.
Dexterous Sales
Grew revenue by increasing after seminar sales from $20,000 to $200K in 3-months through effective marketing, sales promotions, and productivity improvements to enhance sales strategies.
E-commerce Intelligence
Helped generate a $4.2 mil yearly revenue, by working to grow website hosting portfolio to over 20,000 monthly customers by managing the delivery of superior service and support.
Practical Project Oversight:
Masters in Project Management completed “With Distinction” alongside years spent originating, developing, and executing multiple business expansion projects, for a small group entrepreneurs.  
Deep Marketing Experience
Highly capable conducting market research, drafted detailed proposals, business plans, marketing plans, program manuals and brochures. Synchronized the execution of numerous startup campaigns. 


Personal Interests:

Wife, Daughter, and Big Family with 20 nieces and nephews

Avid Runner – Daily run of 8 miles in sub-56 minutes, (half-marathon in 2013)

Nutritionist – I believe, we are what we eat

Very amateur Chef and Photographer

Part-time Gardener and Farmer

Love watching my saved DVR shows

Working Hard

And not to forget my animals friends – Dog, Parrot, 2 fish.


Frank Rice

Mr. Rice and I have known each other for several years, spent many hours together golfing, and once worked on the development of a high tech security product.

Rob Zahr

Worked with and for Mr. Zahr and he can provide a clear estimation of my talents and abilities.

Work experience

Jul 2008May 2013

Director of Operations / Creative Designer & Copywriting

Equimine, Inc.


Business Development: Organized and directed the customer service and technical support operations for multiple call centers; recruited, hired, trained, and supervised over 200 reps for small and large operations, handling from 500 to 2000 calls per day; played significant role in drafting of persuasive communications.


Conceived, designed, and produced marketing materials for online campaign; supervised the creation of the Road Map to Success, a profitable online sales tool, whose sales grew to 500 new signups per day resulting in revenue of  $1 mil. per month.

Established targeted affiliate marketing and advertising campaign with innovative strategy utilizing

sponsored links; decreased acquisition costs by 25% and grew customer base to over 65,000.

• Assumed all management responsibilities at fast-paced call center supporting online marketing sales; re-trained staff, focused on productivity, group accountability, and setting goals; achieved 97% customer satisfaction rating in 30 days, grew staff from 8 to 55 in 1-year.

Improved retention rate of customers by 11% in 1-month by instituting a Service First environment,achieved by empowering staff to resolve all customer inquiries or concerns on the first contact.

Drafted extensive marketing plans for SafeID, business plans for Wings of an Angel, Inc., developed and executed an online outreach campaign to increase media exposure and support marketing initiatives.

• Wrote posts for social media sites, submitted reviews, and distributed strategic marketing collateral to enhance multiple brands.

  Spearheaded project to design and produce service manuals to support sales from a televised infomercial; optimized relationship with managers, employees, and vendors to create comprehensive, detailed, andweb-based manual that enhanced understanding of complex product features.

  Actively protected a positive corporate image, responded and amicably resolved over 1,000 customer complaints during a 4-month period, posted online at websites such as,,, or received from the government agencies.

Actively controlled overall company image by designing a strategic process to re-build the reputation through creating and posting extensive positive content online.

Jan 2004Jan 2009

Project Manager / Event Coordinator / Creative Designer

Auction Teacher


Efficient Event Coordination: Responsible for the development, production, and management of 120 different motivational sales seminars, educational bootcamps, and instructional classes.

Creative Design & Copywriting: Crafted powerful PowerPoint presentations used by seminar facilitators.

Logistics: Procured or produced the required resources, equipment, materials, and marketing collateral for the delivery of over 130 events; implemented upgrades in technology to increase performance and profit.


• Conducted e-business boot camps and helped train over 2,000 adult learners, by delivering 80 instructor-led 3-day training courses; originated all instructional curricula, brochures, and speaker presentations with a focus on delivering a concise educational program, presenting quality content. 

•Awarded position of Project Lead to expand the market for a motivational seminar series; led 8-member team and successfully produced 32 introductory and 4 secondary training seminars, which encompassed 3 full days of personal improvement education; events took place in 6 different states and attracted over 5,000.

• Recognized a need for a promotional vehicle, created extensive aftercare program, featuring exclusive online webinars, resulting in 99% attendee satisfaction rate and no program refunds ever requested.

 Reinvented the customer sales process by integrating computers, barcodes, scanners, and e-commerce capabilities to decreased sales processing times and increased sales per head to over $2000.

Redesigned all marketing and presentation materials including company logo, website layout, seminar booth designs, signage, banners, stage displays, brochures and promotional collateral to create a consistent, bold, and recognized brand image for Apex Training.

• Fostered the establishment of a supportive team atmosphere for over 20 road crew employees, improved team dynamics through a focus on group accountability to create a more productive work-group mindset. 

• Hired, trained, and supervised 8-person boot camp road crew; diligently managed and motivated, this diverse yet cohesive, cross-functional team, achieving a 100% on-time set up and a zero error rating. 

• Directed design of the AuctionLab website, a specialized online learning platform, supervised service delivery structure, created program content, materials, and sales forms.

• Streamlined shipment of equipment, materials, and products to workshops and organized set up process.

• Sourced and procured all necessary sound production equipment and seminar materials for live 3 - day event. 

• Reduced bottom line factors by reducing service delivery costs with improvements in operational processes.

Dec 2001Jan 2009

Operations Director / Creative Director

Strategic Internet Management


Strategic Operations: Started as Customer Service Manager, promoted to Operations Director for high volume, seminar sales company; formulated workflow, devised operational and management strategies focusing on improving work processes and empowering workers to better assist customers.

Creative Design & Copywriting: Designed all marketing materials, presentations, program deliverables, and customer service manuals for an Internet business program, which was sold to attendees at 1,000’s of sales seminars, hosted in hotel ballrooms and convention centers across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.


• Coordinated delivery and crafted the PowerPoint presentation for over 9,600 introductory sales seminars and over 1,600 follow-up training events, where Internet education was provided and merchant services sold.

• Generated $4.2 mil in yearly revenue by leading a 35-person service and support call center; conducted all recruiting, training, and team building to support website hosting portfolio of over 20,000 monthly customers.

• Established new profit centers to maximize per customer earnings through collaboration with key strategic partners offering ancillary products; increased revenue by contributing $3 mil to bottom-line profitability.

• Spearheaded orchestration of Internet coaching department: Hired and trained 10 coaches, defined components in 3-12 month program, organized the service process, and created all course content, marketing materials, and scripts.

• Recognized need for specialized graphics services; hired and trained a team of 5 Graphic Artists and supervised service delivery as group generated $15,000 per month in 8 weeks.

• Honored with Excellence Award for establishing Needs Assessment Mechanism (NAM) to gauge future seminar attendance and better forecast demand for staffing; boosted show-up rates by 23% and sales 10%.

• Exceeded productivity goals by 20% by establishing best practices to increase employee output, better communicate objectives and introduced compensation plans rewarding high performers, resulting in an average Job Satisfaction Rating of 4.6 out of 5.

• Designed layout, site structure, information architecture, also responsible for daily maintenance and management of content updates for both US and Canadian, websites for Donald Trump’s online educational platform, Trump University.

Generated content for monthly website updates, drafted copy for automated email responses, interfaced with corporate staff, content providers, and technical liaisons weekly for updates to the website.

• Initiated “VOC Quality Service” project and improved customer retention by 14%, by deploying a customer satisfaction telephone survey; analyzed data, based on findings improvements to service delivery process were initiated and a customer chat system was integrated.



Keller Graduate School of Management

Graduated "With Distinction" - GPA above 3.8


Jan 2004Present

eBay Education Specialist

eBay University