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I have:    * operated and professionally qualified as a Director    * managed BUs, a professional services department and a workforce of 350    * delivered across the broadest of technologies    * had P&L responsibility    * a strong commercial focus with a "hands-on" approach to work    * immediate availabilityThe thread that weaves my career together is based on consistently being the individual who interfaces between IT and the business, this has held true for SOA, ERP and ESM and even in the days when I ended up automating a brewery ( a great job!).

Work experience


Managing Consultant - Europe


Independent SOA vendor, primary market financial and Telco, turnover £40m.

Recruited to spearhead and develop new strategic direction within Europe.

Key responsibilities were: identification, creation and promotion of value proposition; support and development of program to Country Managers within France, Germany and UK; development of customer relationships; strategic reviews and delivery of Blue Book.


·Project managed Software Development Lifecycle review at Vodafone, delivering a 5% reduction in operating costs of £20m and reducing a fourteen week cycle time by two weeks. Distributed SOA simulation tool has subsequently become one of the three, key corporate initiatives with pipeline revenues of £1.1m.

·Resided 5 months in California, worked with CIO Visa(US) as programme director for West Coast (U.S.) team.Project identified eight key patterns and associated technologies required, delivering on Reuse strategy targeting a 35% reduction in billion dollar operating expenditures.

·Helped country managers create and deliver 13 presentations on the value proposition, in single quarter, creating £325k of product and professional services revenues.

·Delivered four net new global customers with a sales cycle shortened below six months and direct new revenues of £250k.

·Designed and delivered Value Proposition, to existing financial accounts, refining strategic approach and identifying an additional £500k of new opportunities for sales teams.

·Positioned, developed and managed professional services engagement to HBOS Group Technology Office, assisting with strategic objective targeting mid-thirties cost:income ratio.


UKMEA Marketing Director


·Delivery of 76% year on year growth in licence bookings in Q2 enabled UKMEA region to acquire Nordic responsibility.

·Initiated strategic review, creating Public Sector development team, responsible for £55m revenue annually.

·Contribution within Revenue Readiness ensured initiation and support for key customer acquisition programs targeting CxO and Business Managers.Activities created 56 CxO appointments and 65 strategically aligned leads with a pipeline of £20m.

·Evangelised and promoted “Aligning IT and Business” strategy, capturing Number 1 share of “voice” for target segment.

·EMEA representative chosen to perform due diligence during acquisition of identity management company (Calendra).Ultimately gaining reporting line of new staff and successfully transitioning into existing structure.

·Organised and delivered successful: forums in UK, South Africa and the Middle East; UKMEA Kick Off; Employee Recognition Day contributing to gaining Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work.

·Presented at key global corporate events: worldwide strategy summit; corporate branding review.

·Introduced Partner selection and rationalisation model linking performance to investment resulting in direct employment of BMC staff in partner channel.

·Reviewed and rationalised CRM requirements, raising data quality by 100%.

·Facilitator in First Line of Defence Sales Management training and nominated Mentor to Account Managers, resulting in successful promotion for Mentoree.

·Raised morale of marketing team through direct support and encouragement, resulting in full attendance and presentation in sales management meeting, enabling consistent communication of campaigns and sales education.


UK Field Marketing Director

Key responsibilities included P&L responsibility of $17m revenues for Security and Batch product lines; product strategy; customer care; management of field personnel and establishing an efficient organisation.Additionally, used to promote strategy to customers, partners and press.


·Promoted to UK management team after successfully resolving disconnect between Business Units and Sales, establishing clear guidelines for required behaviour.

·Delivered 14% year on year growth and achieved 108% of revenue target.

·Introduced customer intimacy program raising levels of referencing and supporting investment.

·Working with Cranfield School of Management introduced Benefit Based marketing program.

·Introduced “Airport Simulation” game to accelerate business understanding of technology issues, subsequently incorporated globally to enhance strategy.

·Introduced and championed Performance Review process, raising annual employee satisfaction survey by 5%.

·Programme Director for strategic relationship within Accenture/Sainsbury, successfully managed PMs from Accenture, Sainsbury and BMC within IT automation project, leading to a 75% FTE reduction and raising performance to SLAs by over 200%.

·Initiated first presentation and representation at ITSM Forum Brighton.


Professional Services Manager

Recruited to create solutions practice and define value propositions to reposition BMC as solutions provider.Responsible for management of consultants and project managers, quality, budget and customer satisfaction.


·Delivered profitable £3m, professional services organisation through restructuring and introduction of consultative customer engagements.

·Recognised and introduced appropriate professional standards necessary to satisfy customer demand and raise delivery capability.Actions included importing appropriate project methodology and recognising ITIL requirement, ultimately driving towards 100% foundation level qualification in consulting staff and PRINCE2 alignment.

·Devised and delivered strategic reviews for Dell, National Grid, eircom, TNT, Nationwide, Energis and South Africa Telkom.

·Defined “shrink wrapped” value propositions to assist sales execution creating £125k revenue.

·Defined processes and support for PwC BPO arm, reducing the cost of the in-house Siebel based CRM system by 30% and improving availability of processes by 30%.


Strategy Consultant

Recruited as part of the Solution Value Assessment team to lead a benefit based approach to sales.Responsibilities included: project management; operational assessment and gap analysis; the establishment of a business case and delivery of value based work packages.


·Working with Tropicana European SVP, developed ERP business case and deployment strategy, identifying $34.4m savings with payback of five years.

·Make to Demand project manager at Bulmer’s Cider.Reengineered business processes to address key issues on inventory carrying costs; schedule execution and missed delivery commitments.

·Defined standards and approach for common integration platform within New Zealand Milk.

·Residing in South Africa, and partnering with PwC created, lead and delivered key executive sessions enabling leading sugar producer Afprod to deliver R6m in benefit through the introduction of ERP.


ERP Consultant


·Simultaneously, introduced and deployed ERP systems to: Sandvik, RVP Foods and Potterton Boilers.




·Delivered a 100% increase in productivity through improvements in plant, organisational change, and computer integrated manufacturing.

·Programme manager for £1m project delivering fully integrated and automated manufacturing facility.Included PLC, SCADA and MES systems and standards based upon FDA approved batch processing standards.

·Full operational management and quality responsibility across the supply chain and 350 employees.

·One of three change facilitators within Vision2000 exercise, driving multi-skilled self-managed operating teams.



Master Brewer

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling

There are five modules covering:

1. The Science of Materials & Wort 2. Fermentation & Beer Processing 3. Packaging & Beer Dispense 4. Central Functions 5. Case Study

The Diploma is a pre-requisite for sitting the Master Brewer Examination.  Applicants must have therefore passed the Diploma or gained Exemption from the Diploma (see the Exam Regulations) and be members of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling before being able to take the Examination.


Chartered Chemist

The Royal Society of Chemistry

The award of CChem is considered separately from admission to a category of RSC membership. 

Candidates for CChem need to:

  • be MRSC or FRSC;
  • hold an RSC accredited degree or equivalent;
  • demonstrate that the chemical knowledge and skills derived from their education and training are critical to fulfilling the requirements of their job;
  • demonstrate development of twelve Professional Attributes.

Diploma in Company Direction

The Institue of Directors

The IoD is an international body with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The Institute’s mission is to improve standards in boardrooms throughout the world and to provide excellent programmes for director training and development. It is the only institute that has been granted a Royal Charter, which enables it to confer the award of Chartered Director.


Masters in Business Administration

Leeds Metropolitan University

The Executive MBA is ideal if you are a graduate who already has some postgraduate work experience but is seeking a broader management role or progress to a more senior level. It has been designed so that you are introduced to the key principles and processes of management, with the opportunity to customise the programme to your own needs and career aspirations by choosing from a range of option modules.



Level 1 via "The Rosetta Stone". 
Having worked in Europe my Frnch has been sufficient to open business meetings, survive on holidays and tour the Champagne region.