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Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Student Technical Advisor

Nipissing University

As an STA, I was the advisor for my classmates, consisting of 38 other students.  Besides holding office hours twice per week where any student could approach me regarding any software issues they might be having, my classmates could approach me at any time and request my assistance for any technical issues.  These range from complex software issues, to simple formatting problems.  This opportunity exposed me to many computer programs and I have developed an array of solutions to help individuals, as well as personal skills to help guide my colleagues through difficult problems and aid them in building their own technical skills.

Apr 2010Jul 2011

Sous Chef

Drift Izakaya

At Drift Izakaya, I was the Sous Chef, primarily focused on the preparation and presentation of sushi rolls.  During most of my duration I was support to the Head Chef, however, at several intervals I was acting Head Chef, required to order food supplies, create menu items and organize kitchen staff.

Sep 2008Oct 2009

English Trainer

Bell Vietnam

As an English Trainer in Ho Chi Minh City, I was hired to instruct English as a second language to Vietnamese nationals.  The clientele was primarily adult, although when Bell began it's children's programs I was involved for several months.  My adult students ranged in both age and ability level, from high school students to many students over the age of fifty.  Students entered the program with very different needs as well as having different goals for the use of English.  My job was to provide instruction and support as students developed conversational English.  I was also instructor for higher education English courses that provided instruction for students looking to apply for education abroad, requiring a very high understanding and ability of the English language.  It was in this position that my desire to teach as a career was developed.

Sep 2006Aug 2008

English Instructor

ILA Vietnam

This was my first adventure in teaching, and I have never looked back, or looked into another profession.  Since the first month, I knew that teaching was in my blood, and that it was something I found intrinsically rewarding.  I began at ILA teaching very young teacher, most at the beginner level, and progressed to teaching adults and very high level students.  I learned much about teaching as a profession, and developed planning skills and techniques to increase my effectiveness as well as increase my students' abilities.  I felt confident then in my teaching skills, and new that with further training I could become an excellent teacher.


Sep 2011Apr 2012

Bachelor of Education (Consecutive)

Nipissing University


Sarah Sahr

Sarah was my first superior at ILA Vietnam, and through her guidance I was able to improve my teaching skills and was given great opportunities to succeed both int he company and in my classroom.

Ross Stewart



My objective is not only to gain employment as a teacher, but to be part of a school that demands and achieves excellence for it's students.  I desire to implement reform-based education in my classroom, not merely giving students information, but giving students the tools to use the information, and to allow students to guide their learning and help each other on their learning journeys.


I am a positive teacher who seeks the best for his students.  

I came across the teaching profession by accident when I moved to Vietnam and a position fell into my lap.  After a month I knew that this was something I could enjoy and excel at.  Since then, I have taken several positions that have furthered my skill, and have continued my education to become a qualified Canadian teacher.  

My classroom is student centred, requiring students to interact with each other and build their knowledge as a team.  The instruction I give is not only the information, but the skills necessary to be successful with the information.  The first thing my practicum teacher told me was "Don't say or do anything a child can say or do", and I stick by that.  Children have done nothing but amaze me since I entered the classroom, and I allow my students the ability to amaze me each and every day by using what they know, and letting it grow.

I am keen on grades two, three and four, and believe that my skills matched with a group of young students in this age group will produce fantastic results.

My Reflection

I have reviewed some of the CVs on this website.  Please click here to access the document.


During my B.Ed at Nipissing University, I had the opportunity to work in two classrooms at Markstay, Ontario Public School in the Rainbow District.  My first placement was with Mrs. MacIsaac, in the JK/SK/1 combined class.  Though not my target age group, I learned so much in this classroom and really enjoyed my time with the children.  They have so much excitement toward learning and have so much to learn.  I enjoy making their eyes grow by filling them with amazing skills and knowledge that will help them.  My practicum review can be found here.

My second placement was with Mrs. LeBlanc in her grade 3/4 combined class.  This is my target age group, and was a fantastic experience.  The training and skills we have been developing in Langauge and Mathematics at Nipissing were directly useful.  Instantly I was able to apply my creative wishes and help the children enjoy the subjects while engaging the students fully.  I thoroughly enjoyed this placement, and my review can be found here.