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Work experience

May 2010Mar 2011

Consulting Engineer

Rouvia Road Yacht Design & Construction Company

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role as hands-on Consultant Engineer in the mechanical works

of Four (04) units Lister Blackstone ERS 8M Main Engine reconditioning,

retro-fitting, and testing of M/Y Patricia Joyce (ex M/Y Alyssa 1 and ex HMS

Bulldog).  -Work closely with the Yacht Owner (also Yacht Yard Owner) and yacht yard

personnel to ensure that technical specifications are met. - Recommend to Yacht Owner works to be done of other vessel components.  - Preparation for prospect buyers visit, inspection and assessment of the giga

yacht and for the scheduled dry docking using its propulsion system.

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Chief Engineer Crew, M/Y Red Dragon

Kalibo Limited c/o Rouvia Road Yacht Design & Construction Company

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role as the Chief Engineer in the final completion works of the

giga luxury yacht total conversion project ofRouvia Road Yacht Design & --

-Construction Companyat Mariveles, Bataan; for sea trial and maiden voyage

to Monaco, France. -Responsibility for the sea worthiness of luxury giga yacht -Work closely with the Yacht Owner and Owner Representative, Yacht Crew

and yacht yard personnel to ensure that technical specifications and schedules

are met. -Facilitate in the testing and commissioning of all engine room and deck

equipment.  -Engage in the screening and selection process of yacht crew.

Jul 2005Oct 2009

Service Engineer

Wartsila Philippines Inc.

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role as the Project Officer in Charge in the maintenance and

repair servicing contracts of Wartsila Engines of Diesel Power Plants and

Shipping Vessels ensuring that technical specifications and target schedules

are met. -Responsibility for the testing, sea trials after work completion. -Work closely with Field Service Department for 24/7 availability.  EXPERIENCES GAINED: Experience excellence in oral and written communication skills and knowledge

in the various Wartsila diesel engine models and other company services. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Completion of M/Y Red Dragon Main Engine Retrofit Project and other Power

Plant and Marine projects. Generated field service sales for additional income

to company.

Dec 1998Mar 2005

Mechanical Engineer-Power Plant

Al Yamama Company

RESPONSIBILITIES: As Project Manager: MOI-GDTA O&M Project  - Successful operation & maintenance of site and facilities involving nine  (09) country border sites of Saudi Arabia with a total of 550 personnel. - Ensuring that contract specifications for the border facilities are met. - Work closely with Site Managers and Company Owner for optimum  profit of the project. As Site Manager-Mechanical Engineer: MODA-GHQ O&M Project assigned

at the Ma’ather Palacial Office of the HRH MODA Minister. - Responsible for the proper upkeep of the site and its facilities. As Mechanical Engineer-Power Plant: MOI-Directorate of Border Guards - Successful operation & maintenance of the 15MW Diesel Power Plant for the Iraq border facilities. EXPERIENCES GAINED: Project Management skills despite handicap in the proficiency of Arabic

language. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Promoted to Project Manager for MOI-GDTA O&M Project 2002-2005 Promoted to Site Manager for MODA-GHQ Project 2001-2002 Contract Position: Mechanical Engineer-Power Plant 1998-2001 

Sep 1997Jun 1998


Engineering Equipment Inc.

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role in piping work and equipment installation for the

Fermentation Plants I & II and Liquefaction Plant of LTDI-DBI alcohol plant. -Coordinate with DBI Rep for material requirements and equipment

withdrawals. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Completion of the Cassava Liquefaction Alcohol Plant. 
Feb 1994Jan 1997

Mechanical Engineer

King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role as Mechanical Section Chief for the proper upkeep of the

scientific research, administration and housing facilities & equipment. -Involved in the formulation and proper implementation in the operation,

maintenance and repairs for efficient Water Distribution System, plumbing

system, electromechanical, HVAC (Centralized and Package).  ACCOMPLISHMENT: Successful recommendation/implementation for the installation of Frequency

Converter for the pump-motor sets ofthe utility water distribution system of the

complex which significantly reduced damage of underground uPVC pipes due

to erratic & surging water pressures. 

Oct 1991Oct 1993

Power Plant Supervisor

Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces-Engineering & Housing Directorate

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead role as Mobile Team/Power Plant Supervisor for the proper

upkeep of the Central Region military air defense site facilities/equipment. -Involved in the formulation and proper preventive maintenance servicing and

repairs for efficient operation of office equipment, WTP equipment, HVAC

equipment, vehicle workshop equipment,laundry equipment, kitchen

equipment, motor generator frequency converters, and diesel power plants ACCOMPLISHMENT: Promoted to Mobile Team Supervisor after four months stint as Power Plant


Jul 1986Oct 1991

Shift Engineer-Power Generation & Distribution Dept.

Philippine Pyrite Corporation

RESPONSIBILITIES: -Take the lead as Shift Engineer for the optimum power generation for

increased pyrite concentrate production in coordination with Mill Foremen.

-Tasked to continue the overhauling works of the two (02) remaining gensets

and its testing and commissioning. -Assigned in the Maintenance Section from time to time for maintenance

overhauling works. -Act as Power Plant Supervisor as deemed necessary by Resident Manager. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Successful testing and commissioning of two (02) remaining diesel generating

units for the increased production of the Mill Plant 
Nov 1984Jul 1986

Skilled Mechanic / Equipment Inspector

E.Bugarin & Associates Inc.(a mining Consultancy firm)

RESPONSIBILITIES: As Equipment Inspector of the mining Mobile Equipment Maintenance

Department. - Formulate guidelines and ensures implementation of Preventive  Maintenance Servicing of all mining equipment and vehicles. As Skilled Mechanic-Biophil Genset Project (Ipil, Ormoc City) - Dis-assembly of diesel engine components for hauling to Bagacay Pyrite  Mines, Samar including all auxiliaries. - Setting of engine to foundation inside power plant building. - Critical Parts Measurement of engine parts for proper evaluation  - Overhauling and assembly of genset for testing and commissioning. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Gained experience in the mechanical works of diesel engine overhauling, testing, commissioning and its auxiliaries in a Power Plant. 
Nov 1982Dec 1983

Mud Technician (Drilling)

Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corporation

Mud Technician (Drilling Fluid)


Oil / Gas / Petroleum / Geothermal

RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure and maintain proper mud properties for a safe and speedy drilling

operations. Maintain proper operation of Shale Shakers and cleaning of Sand

Trap. Measure and analyze mud wall cake, sand content and sampling drill cuttings

after Bottoms Up Time.

Assists in procurement and assembly of BHA, RIH of casings and liners, and

cementing.  Assist in the setting of Mud Tanks during Rig Down, Move and Up.


Apr 1977Mar 1982

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Silliman University
Jun 1979Mar 1981

Advance Military Science

Silliman University Citizen Military Training Unit