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I am someone with multiple intrests as far as life is concerned. I have strong convictions of what is right and wrong and believe in "the only person you can count on is yourself" therefore the blame when something isn't right is entirely your own. I'm not saying I am not a team player, infact I much rather be a part of a whole group working on common goals as to being by myself, I love to work around people of variety, to me it is intresting to watch others behavior in an ever changing enviroment. I'm a consistant learner, I'm always learning something new about any amount of subjects. I'm naturally curious, and follow through with my curiousity until I understand how everything around me works and operates. If I'm not learning I'm unsatisfied. I'm looking for an oppurtunity to expand my learning and career acheivements, I am an extreamly intellectual thinker, and most of my jobs have been what I could settle for. I'm done with settling I need a job that I can be satisfied with and can work hard for.

Work experience

Jul 2008Aug 2008



I was hired to help keep the backline staff in order and help train a few of the newer employees since I had almost a years experience in the backline of McDonalds. Unfourchantly the next month I had to move with my mother to Flordia for family reasons.  So I gave them notice and had to with draw from my position.

Oct 2007May 2008



Cooking and food preperation for the duration of my employment. I was in charge of the grill area and maintaining a healthy and clean area for sanitation purposes, I often was asked to help show new employees how things ran and operated by the book and standards, every now and then it would fall on me to deal with outraged customers, and I did so politely and curteously. I never have to fake a genuine concern for my customers.

Sep 2006Nov 2006


Suburban Manufactoring Co.

I worked on an assembly line manufactoring parts for campers, using drills, screw guns and pop rivet guns I assembled parts, for furnaces, electric heaters.. ectera.

Jan 2001Sep 2003


CJs Discount Grocery.

I would run and maintain the store by myself. I would count inventory, stock, and ring up sales. I would handle the cash and count for the day,  I earned trust and hold that very highly. I was trusted to run the store with no supervison at six-teen years old. I pretty much have always been reliable and honest, and responsible.


Aug 2001May 2005


Bledsoe county High school

I was in DECA  during high school. My courses of intrest and achievement were International bussiness, Biology, History, Welding, and physics. During my high school years I was inducted into the International Poets Society as an prosteged and  accomplished poet. I have been chosen for the Editors choice award, several times since I was four-teen.


Becky Phillips

This reference has known me a number of years, and we have a good standing relationship.

Janice Harper

Tommy Lee Atkins

This supervisor has worked closely with me for many months, and knows how I'm a hard and effective worker.


Microsoft Power Point
I have used power point in over  half a dozen presentations. Using slides and bullets to get my point across and to the benefit of sharing the most information in a caculated precise manner
Web Design
I have made multiple web sites for profit. My general consumers were models, bands, artists and a few bussinesses.
Microsoft word
I am proficient in Microsoft Word
I average about sixty words per minute.