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Work experience

Package Processor


At UPS I am perfoming duties such as loading trucks, unloading, scanning, bagging packages, sorting, organizing boxes, and driving heavy packages to specific trucks. I have been here for three or four months and already advancing in pay looking ahead to be a supervisor or driver in the future.

Mar 2008Dec 2009

Delivery Helper

North American

I helped move businesses, such as libraries, dentist offices, and many other corporations.  I have handled very expensive equiptment and perform my duties very cautiously and maticulously.

Jan 2007Feb 2008

Technical Service

*Performed technical service on cell phones using different programs and software.  Also helped carry out basic customer service issues like billing and activations, along with sales.

Feb 2006Dec 2006

sales associate



Jan 2007Present


Tulsa Communtiy College
Jan 2007Present



I am currently in the process of transferring my education to Oklahoma State University in Tulsa to get a four year degree, and I would like to work my classes around my job.


Writing has been something that I am naturally good at so I will be able to take notes effectively and accurately. Communicating, listening, and feedback are great qualities that I utilize in the workplace .  I am a good listener and able to Identify problems accurately to satisfy the customer.  I am a sociable person so I am great at working with different people and relating to their situation. Other skills I have are calculating numbers, working with different programs, effecient in microsoft word, excel, access, and powerpoint.  More skills that I have are in my sales experience, everywhere I have worked I am at the top in sales.
Critical Thinking
I believe that critical thinking and research are the best ways to resolve issues. I am always looking for the best way to take care of a customer and satisfy their needs in the best way possible.


With my experience in customer service and technical support I believe that I can handle many situations. I am very able to learn and do whatever it takes to understand the criteria for a company and to do the best job possible. My education status shows that I am willing to learn. I currently have a 3.2 grade point average and am able to multitask to get issues resolved. I believe in good ethics that show fairness and balance between the company and customer. Honesty, dependability, and loyalty are qualities I hold as an idividual.  With this being said I will do great as an employee wherever it may be. I am looking forward to utilizing my skills to exceed expectations at the workplace while advancing my position in life.


Jenks High School