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My Work


-Personal photography

I go out and take pictures for Photography class and for myself. I've attempted to take a couple senior pictures and random photo shoots.



Overall, this class is pretty rad. I like being in here with everyone; it's probably the best part of my school day. I don't necessarily have a "highlight", at least not one that I can think of at the moment.

Although, one of the weirdest moments was riding the boys soccer bus with Monique. 

Staff Improvement

                We have a really awesome staff this year; great writers, artists, and personalities. Of course, we have a couple weaknesses as well.  

Communication is one of them. As a staff, we have to be able to talk to one another about every idea we have. We haven’t been doing a terrible job so far, but there is always room for improvement. Communication between writers and photographers hasn't been the best, but we’re definitely getting there. Having ideas for pictures from the start is really helpful; getting last minute pictures isn't really the easiest. Overall, we just need to get out of personal bubbles.

Secondly, I feel like our writing needs to grow just a little. Just because our writing is really good, doesn't mean we couldn't get better. It may not be the easiest thing, but we could try. Branching ideas off of others and following others’ examples could motivate and inspire all of us.


As many pictures as I take now, I'd also like to do more next semester. I want to help with some, if not all, the editing of pictures. 

Other than that, I’d really like to grow as a photographer. I want to be able to capture more eye-catching images than I do now. Not only do I want to improve on my skills, I want to grow out of my comfort zone. It will help me be able to actually go take the stunning pictures that I want. 


Photoshop/InDesign Experience:

  • Adjusting picture levels
  • Making cut-outs for graphics, etc.
  • Designing pages (adding/resizing pictures, text boxes)

Photography Experience:

  • Photo composition, making the photo interesting
  • Lighting situations, flash or no flash
  • Adjusting a camera manually