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Work experience

Sep 2012Sep 2015


Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germnay

Designed and conducted experiments to achieve research objectives.

Gained experience in real time imaging of bacterial biofilm infections on medical devices.

Investigated in vivo labelling methods to monitor inflammation and infection. Studied interaction of  cells  with implant material using special conditional immortalised cell line

Extended scientific collaborations with medical doctors, chemists and material scientists

Published research articles and book chapter related to medical devices and their responses in the host

Dec 2011Jun 2012

Research Assistant

Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division, Kings College London, United Kingdom

Assisted in qPCR experiments of running project

Performed molecular cloning including RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, primer designing, competent cell preparation and other molecular biology experiments to achieve research objectives.

Presented analyzed results and future