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Work experience

Oct 2014Present


Holiday Bowl

Lethbridge, Alberta 

Jun 2014Aug 2014


Vintage Pub

Drumheller, Alberta 

Jun 2011Aug 2014



Drumheller, Alberta 


Sep 2014Apr 2016

Exercise Science

Lethbridge College
  • I have a passion for physical fitness and well-being and want to encourage those values in others
  • I am an excellent communicator.
Sep 2011Jun 2014

General Studies 

Drumheller Valley Secondary School
  • Graduated with a high school diploma 


  • Always on time for classes and work 
  • Assignments handed in on time 
  • Keeping my word 
  • Furthering my education after college
  • To having a career in physiotherapy
  • Maintaining a part time job while attending college 
  • Gained the skill by being a waiter


Specific- To graduate college with an Exercise Science diploma 

Measurable-obtaining it will take 2 years of schooling  

Achievable-yes by providing it in the college

Realistic- Interested in the subject which makes it easy to apply myself to this program

Time-able- Takes 2 years to complete 

Achieved Goals:

In high school, one of my goals was to be accepted in the exercise science program at Lethbridge College. I achieved this goal by making sure i completed the right classes with the right marks to be eligible for the exercise science diploma program.


My vision is to achieve my goals, by taking all of the knowledge and skills i learned from the exercise science program and applying it to my future career in physiotherapy. 

My journey

I chose to be in exercise science because i have a passion for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am in my first year of this program and I am really enjoying it so far. It will take me one more year to complete this program.  After I graduate from Lethbridge College, I plan on furthering my education by taking Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge.


  • Mrs. Hedberg was my mentor and inspiration because she got me interested in pursuing a career in kinesiology. She was my teacher for recreational leadership, in this class she taught me all the bones and muscles in the body and their functions. She inspired me to take exercise science as a gateway into kinesiology. 
  • My mother was my mentor because she encouraged and guided me into taking school. She also taught me many important life lessons and values which have helped me in my post secondary education.

Class list

These 3 classes have inspired me and have kept me motivated in pursuing the exercise science program.

  • Recreational Leadership- Had an inspirational teacher who taught me the basics, which drove me to the exercise science program 
  • Anatomy and Physiology- has taught me a lot about the body and how it works which is essentially for the program I am in. 
  • Weight training/Leisure Activities- To keep me in tip top physical condition, and healthy lifestyle.


To be accepted into my program I had to pass Biology 30 and Graduate with a high school diploma.

job Options

After your first year in exercise science you have been certified if you pass the tests and can become a personal trainer so far.

continuing education

At the University of Lethbridge I will have to take the B.A of Kinesiology and become fully certified as a physiotherapist. 

Personal Experiences

I was raised by a single mother which has shaped how I am today. My mother taught me many life lessons, which I currently use today. She taught me independence and that it takes a while to discover your goals.