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Bulent Onsoy

Director, Application Development


Accomplished and spearheaded senior executive with expert proficiency in telecom and finance sector. Technical talent and analytical expertise in overseeing technology improvement initiatives and aligning information services with business goals. Known for seamlessly coordinating and collaborating with internal organizations and third-party partners. Experience with enterprise systems that streamline operations, optimize productivity, and introduce system efficiency in a cost effective manner. 

Core Competencies

  • TELECOM: Operational&Business Support Systems, Charging, CRM.
  • FINANCE: Financial Processes, Trading and Stock Exchange Processes, Delivery Channels, Alternative Delivery Channels, Field Services, Managed Services.
  • RETAIL: Customer Service, POS Operations, Inventory Handling, Accounting.
  • MANAGEMENT: Strategic Planning&Tactical Execution, Business Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Consulting, Staff Utilization, Vendor&Partner Management, Account Management, Program&Project Management, Product Development&Sales, Budget Management.
  • IT SOLUTIONS&SECURITY: Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Test Automation&Operation, Maintenance, Technology Deployment, Delivery Solutions, IT&Network Support, Help Desk Solutions, IT Policy&Procedure Management, Risk Assessment, Data Center Solutions, Disaster Recovery&Business Continuity Solutions, Co-location Services.

Career Highlights

  • Ericsson
    • Challenge: Planned and have implemented transformation project with Turkcell for CRM Domain. Completely custom application development process, and being designed without any Ericsson product base.
    • Result: Completed first two phases on time and 15% below budget, kept existing team, and 10% staff increased, ready for deployment of all retail customers.
  • EFG Securities
    • Challenge: Reorganized traditional trading environment by using FIX protocol. Coordinated all customers and outsource company for the new application and new way of working.
    • Result: Increased number of customers, dramatically reduced operational costs and increased net sales of 45%.
  • Garanti Technology
    • Challenge: Managed IT merger operations for three banks of Doğuş Group, Garanti, Osmanlı and Körfez Bank as a Program Manager. Planned and coordinated full IT processes in a single unit.
    • Result: Completed project on time with reducing 20% staff.

professıonal experıence


Jan 2015Present

Lead the overall strategic and tactical direction of Application Development Department for Ericsson Turkey. Oversee all day-to-day operations and program management. Develop and implement both short and long term plans. Control and decide ₺40 million Net Sales budget. Manage a professional staff of 340 employees with different competences and 7 direct reported managers.

  • Increased Net Sales 30% over a year period due to centralization
  • Gained new transformation project after successful Turkcell CRM implementation, means ₺3 million additional add-on-sale annually.
  • Designed new blue print for Application Development methodology to our region, RMEA (Region of Middle East, consists of 19 countries).
  • Managed all C-Level relationships of our customers with our Account Management team


Mar 2014Jan 2015

Took the overall responsibility for Sales and Delivery of OSS/BSS projects for Turkcell. Managed the operational relationship with Turkcell to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Understood their needs, then translate, analyse and define customer requirements. Responsible from profitability (cost/revenue), business plan, program quality, contracts, expansion of current programs, staffing, and add-on sales activities.

  • Increased productivity around 25% by merging different technical groups
  • Recognized by colleagues/peers as a valued leader; received 87 (+21 when compared to 2013) on Leadership Index from Dialog Survey


Jul 2011Mar 2014

Prepared a project specification, which describes the overall steps, milestones and resources necessary, including a specification of the contract and the expected project outcome. Participated in the sales process to ensure that a contract can be executed in accordance with a preliminary timetable and established budget. Responsible from budgeting, risk management, line management of 55 employees (Project Managers, Solution Architects, and Software Developers) with 3 direct reported.

  • Decreased turnover rate from 37% to 6% within a 2 years.
  • Increased staff number and project budget 27% and 35% accordingly within a 2 years.


efg securıtıes, ıstanbul
Feb 2007Jul 2011

Oversaw technical projects in alignment with organizational goals. Reported to CEO.

  • Developed new trading platform by using FIX standards. Increased net sales and number of customers
  • Developed new order management and risk management applications. Decreased IT costs 15%.
  • Managed a movement of our premise to a new building with a new Data Center. Completed the Business Continuity Process and Disaster Recovery Process, and DR Site has been working in Siemens Kartal premise from August 2009.


gARANTI technology
Apr 2004Feb 2007

Supervised department with 52 direct reports. Reported to System and Network VP. Collaborated with all VP of our company to devise a total customer service operation.

  • Implemented new SLA framework to ensure technology resources were best utilized to deliver services.
  • Deployed new Inventory Management System, reduced manual operations by about 30%, dramatically improved service quality.


garantı technology
Dec 2000Apr 2004

Managed IT operations with 44 direct reports. Strategized and enhanced new Operations Maturity Model for all Doğuş Group function. Member of M&A Internal Team.

  • Changed 12.000 Clients, 2.500 Servers, and 8.000 printers and peripherals in Garanti Bank. Gained buy-in from Senior Management, developed strategy, and consolidated under one team. Saved around $3 million in operating costs; completed project on time.
  • Set up a monitoring team of 9 persons.
  • Set up a 2nd level support team in the help-desk unit. The achievement of this team lead a significant decrease (69%) in problems forwarded to project team.


garantı technology
Dec 1998Dec 2000

Pioneered management solutions, including internal mergers, budget restructuring, and settling of new IT framework.

  • Worked as a project manager or program manager in 24 different projects related to installation of infrastructure operating with Microsoft products in companies owned by Doğuş Group such as Garanti Bank and Tansaş.
  • Worked as project manager or program manager in projects for consolidating information systems of Körfezbank-Osmanlı Bank, Osmanlı Bank-Garanti Bank and Tansaş-MacroCenter.
  • Played a leading role in solving the problem regarding staff surplus due to company mergers by re-assessment of employees (40 %) inside or outside of the companies.


garantı technology
Nov 1996Dec 1998

Applied BPR knowledge for new environment.

  • Worked as a system programmer in PC and mid-range systems, and played an important role in the project of infrastructure based on Microsoft Windows with 870 PC in Garanti Bank.
  • Setup an Installation and Support Unit of 11 persons.


yapı kredı bank
Nov 1995Nov 1996

Supervised and engaged BPR Team in Program Office organization for developing new Banking System and moving HQ from Levent to Gebze

  • Worked as a Program Office Manager in Yapı Kredi 2000 Business Re-engineering Project, Issue and Problem Solving Manager in all the projects of the BPR Master Plan, and Project Coordinator in the movement of premises and process of Yapı Kredi from Levent to Gebze Banking Operation Center.


Apr 1992Nov 1995

Started as a system programmer in my business life in this software house. Responsible from UNIX systems and Network.

  • Designed and installed first Microsoft based PC network in Interbank, and transformed from dump terminals to PC infrastructure.
  • Completed military service in between April 1994 and December 1994.




Bringing together experienced lawyer and IT people. Contribution to the upbringing of individuals from every profession about law of IT.


bılgı unıversıty, Istanbul

The attorneys-at-law, judges and public prosecutors who do not have  the sufficient information regarding  basic IT and telecommunication technologies are not able to accurately interpret the related legal arrangements and implementations and they may not provide the legislators with further enriching advises or direct them in the light of the new developments.

 The aim of this course “Law and Technology” is to provide those who are taking law graduate courses with a sufficient and strong basics related to technologies with which we face in daily life and in business and to give information about the intersection parts of these technologies with law and the corresponding fields of law


marmara unıversıty, ıstanbul

Designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. Attended part-time MBA (weekend) program due to my professional life.

B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science

Mıddle east technıcal unıversıty, ankara

Undergraduate curriculum was composed of Pure Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.