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Work experience

May 2008Present

Occupational Therapist

Floridean Nursing and Rehab


Spring Shadows Glenn

This Psychiatric Facility enabled me to acquire experience in the following disorders:

-Schizophrenia-Borderline-Major Depression-Paranoia-Bulimia-Anorexia-Substance Abuse

Methods used for treatment are as follows:

-Cooper Tooling-Wood Working-Creative Expression Techniques-Sensory Integration-Leather Crafts-Ceramics-Practical Living Skills

Nov 2006May 2008

Occupational Therapist

Unity Health and Rehab


Director of Rehab, Scharmen DonovanPhone Number: (305) 318-1419

Oct 2006Oct 2006

Occupational Therapist

Palmetto Health Center


Director of Rehab, Maribel Vega

Mar 2003Oct 2006

Occupational Therapist

Complete Therapy

Worked in Outpatient Rehab(Medicare part B)

Oct 1999Feb 2003

Occupational Therapist

Gold Coast Rehabilitation

Worked in Outpatient Rehab

Apr 1999Sep 1999

Occupational Therapist/Hand Therapist

Future Rehab Hand Clinic
Dec 1996Feb 1999

Occupational Therapy Director

Fountainhead Nursing Center
Mar 1991Dec 1996

Occupational Therapy Director

Mt Sinai/St Francis
Oct 1989Feb 1991

Senior Staff OTR

Pan American
Jan 1989Sep 1989

Senior Staff OTR

West Gables Rehab Hospital


Ben Taub General Hospital

Treated the following physical dysfunctions:

-Frozen Shoulder                                                  -Hand Injuries                                                        -Radial Nerve                                                        -Medial Nerve                                                        -Arthritis                                                                -Closed Head Injuries -Ulnar Nerve-Brachial Plexus Injuries-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-Burn Care-Hemiplegia

Techniques used for treatment were as follows:

-Splint Fabrication-Exercises-Sensory Evaluation-Fluidotherapy-Jobst Pump-Measuring Jobst Garment-Paraffin



Masters in Occupational Therapy

Texas Women’s University

Bachelors of Science in Biology

University of St.Thomas


Ana Maria Colon

Phone: (305) 828-8320


A career in Occupational Therapy which will provide challenging and rewarding opportunities for growth and advancement.


 Recent Seminars:

  • ETPS Neuromechanical Therapy                                                                                                1/31-2/1/09
  • The Scapula New Advances in the treatment of shoulder dysfunction                              12/2-12/3/06
  • Problem Shoulder:Current Trends in Evaluation,Treatment and Rehabilitation                      1/30/05
  • Motor Learning and The Neurologic Patient                                                                                      2/9/03
  • Germ Alert! Anthrax,Smallpox,and Pathogenic Microbes                                                              2/13/02
  • In Touch with the Orthopedic Shoulder                                                                                            12/3/00


  • Successfully completed ergonomics program. Program involved systemic review and discussion of jobs, involving a team of people including occupational therapist,safety chairman,engineering,operations management,union representatives,maintenance,hourly employees,and supervisors.                                                                                                                     3/98
  • Successfully completed Joint Commission Survey for Rehab Department.                                12/95