Ana Colon

Work experience

Work experience
May 2008 - Present

Occupational Therapist

Floridean Nursing and Rehab
1987 - Present


Spring Shadows Glenn

This Psychiatric Facility enabled me to acquire experience in the following disorders:

-Schizophrenia-Borderline-Major Depression-Paranoia-Bulimia-Anorexia-Substance Abuse

Methods used for treatment are as follows:

-Cooper Tooling-Wood Working-Creative Expression Techniques-Sensory Integration-Leather Crafts-Ceramics-Practical Living Skills

Nov 2006 - May 2008

Occupational Therapist

Unity Health and Rehab


Director of Rehab, Scharmen DonovanPhone Number: (305) 318-1419

Oct 2006 - Oct 2006

Occupational Therapist

Palmetto Health Center


Director of Rehab, Maribel Vega

Mar 2003 - Oct 2006

Occupational Therapist

Complete Therapy

Worked in Outpatient Rehab(Medicare part B)

Oct 1999 - Feb 2003

Occupational Therapist

Gold Coast Rehabilitation

Worked in Outpatient Rehab

Apr 1999 - Sep 1999

Occupational Therapist/Hand Therapist

Future Rehab Hand Clinic
Dec 1996 - Feb 1999

Occupational Therapy Director

Fountainhead Nursing Center
Mar 1991 - Dec 1996

Occupational Therapy Director

Mt Sinai/St Francis
Oct 1989 - Feb 1991

Senior Staff OTR

Pan American
Jan 1989 - Sep 1989

Senior Staff OTR

West Gables Rehab Hospital


Ben Taub General Hospital

Treated the following physical dysfunctions:

-Frozen Shoulder                                                  -Hand Injuries                                                        -Radial Nerve                                                        -Medial Nerve                                                        -Arthritis                                                                -Closed Head Injuries -Ulnar Nerve-Brachial Plexus Injuries-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-Burn Care-Hemiplegia

Techniques used for treatment were as follows:

-Splint Fabrication-Exercises-Sensory Evaluation-Fluidotherapy-Jobst Pump-Measuring Jobst Garment-Paraffin



Masters in Occupational Therapy

Texas Women’s University

Bachelors of Science in Biology

University of St.Thomas


Ana Maria Colon

Phone: (305) 828-8320


A career in Occupational Therapy which will provide challenging and rewarding opportunities for growth and advancement.


 Recent Seminars:

  • ETPS Neuromechanical Therapy                                                                                                1/31-2/1/09
  • The Scapula New Advances in the treatment of shoulder dysfunction                              12/2-12/3/06
  • Problem Shoulder:Current Trends in Evaluation,Treatment and Rehabilitation                      1/30/05
  • Motor Learning and The Neurologic Patient                                                                                      2/9/03
  • Germ Alert! Anthrax,Smallpox,and Pathogenic Microbes                                                              2/13/02
  • In Touch with the Orthopedic Shoulder                                                                                            12/3/00


  • Successfully completed ergonomics program. Program involved systemic review and discussion of jobs, involving a team of people including occupational therapist,safety chairman,engineering,operations management,union representatives,maintenance,hourly employees,and supervisors.                                                                                                                     3/98
  • Successfully completed Joint Commission Survey for Rehab Department.                                12/95