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A resident of Norfolk, Virginia, Buddy Gadams has found a way to modernize historic landmarks, while still creating the â��old townâ�� ambience that makes Norfolk such a unique place to live. Mr. Gadamsâ�� has worked on restoring historic buildings to their past grandeur, while also placing a new spin on these structures by revising the inside and turning the buildings into condos, townhouses, and loft apartments. Gadams has also preserved historical cultural arts organizations such as the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, which encourages participation in the visual and performing arts. Aside from his career, another of Buddyâ��s true passions is marathon running; he has competed in over 25 marathons to date. One of them was a 150-mile run across the barren Sahara Desert, surely a feat not left to the faint of heart. Thus, Buddyâ��s overwhelming drive to succeed is apparent throughout every aspect of his life.

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