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Hobbies:3D Computer Animation, Music, Traveling, Driving, Computer games, Management Networking, Watching general & business news, Financial Markets

Sports:Cricket, Bike Racing, Table Tennis, Video Gaming, Badminton, Golf


Work Experience

August 2009-Cedar Events Limited, The Hague, the Netherlands

Responsibilities: Working as a FreelanceBusiness Development Consultant

To work on Business development between Netherlands, Indian and African SME’s, Strategic Alliances, Market expansion of Indian, Netherlands and African Companies, match making, Organizing International Bilateral trade conferences. Assisting Cedar Events Limited, The Hague to set-up a representation office in Bangalore, India.

March 2009- HNBC Trading & Consultancy B.V, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Responsibilities:I am working as a freelance business consultant and am responsible for identifying and consulting Indian SME’s on operational management, SCM, Logistics, Software outsourcing from Turkey and also identifying Indian IT companies for Sales of software products and services in the Turkish markets. Also advice HNBC TR on business potentials in Bangalore area

Aug.2008-India-Europe Higher Education & Research, A Joint Initiative of EuroAsian, Breukelen, The Netherlands and V. Nagpaul Associates, Lucknow, India

Role: Freelance Marketing Associate

-Conference secretary, 8th EuroAsian Conference on Value Creation, The Hague University of applied Sciences, the Hague, Netherlands.

- Co-ordinator of faculty and management development programmes in India, Netherlands and USA

- Organization of Road show in India, 6-19 January, in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune for The Hague University of Applied Sciences, to promote Master Programmes and Professional courses.

Aug.2007-Jul.2008 DBA Group of Institutions, Bangalore, India

Responsibilities: As a Management Executive (Marketing) I was responsible for promoting the educational Products in India and abroad, for promoting the brand in certain regions in India, to assist in corporate & business development activities and for assisting in strategic alliances. Also was responsible for media selection for advertising and promotion, organizing promotion related events

-Student co-coordinator and representative for DBA Global Business School, Bangalore and Rotterdam Business School, the Netherlands

Jan.2005-Jul.2005, As a Trainee Software Programmer I undertooksoftware development project on Visual Basic/Oracle 9i under Pacific I.T Solutions, Bangalore, India. Key achievements: created a Linux Shell under Linux Operating System in B.E, Graphics Editor under C in B.E

Five months (November 2008-March 2009) research project as Mergers & Acquisitions Strategist on Brand Management

Two months (July 2008-September 2008)Internship experience as an IT Services Marketing Consultant with Mascon Global Limited. Project title: “Hosted and Managed Services Offerings from IT & Telecom Service Providers to Small & Medium Business Enterprises (SMB’s) in India”

Six months (August 2005-January 2006) Internship experience with Mascon Global Limited, Bangalore, India, Project title: Remote Asset Management for under C# .NET

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Marketing Associate & Conference Manager

Aug 2007Jul 2008

Management Executive (Marketing)

DBA Group


Dhr. Huner Gulay

“He has worked closely with me in identifying and exploring business potential in Bangalore area, and I had found him to be very industrious, reliable, down to business and professionally aggressive.  He is also resourceful in terms of his business networking, and most importantly skilled in capitalizing on the available resources with optimum efficiency.

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity

Drs. Christopher Solomon

“I was Buddhajyoti Choudhury's lecturer in the class of International Finance & Accounting at Rotterdam Business School. I can describe him as hard working, focused and intelligent student. He brings a lot of energy to the class that keeps the class going. A natural leader.”September 12, 2009

Drs. Vivek Nagpaul






Rotterdam Business School

Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University


Animation: 3D
Database Management: Oracle 9i, 10G
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/Fedora core 4/UBUNTU/KUBUNTU
MS Office