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With the motto “The Green that Cleans,” cleaning and maintenance product company Buckeye International, Inc., dedicates a significant portion of its business to developing environmentally friendly cleaning products. In an industry teeming with hazardous chemical usage, Buckeye stands out as a progressive force for green development of products and packaging.As a testament to the company’s successful design of environmentally safe cleaning agents, Buckeye International, Inc., has secured certification for a number of its products from Green Seal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging scientific programs to promote activities and products that will help to create a more sustainable environment and a greener economy. Green Seal has approved both products and specific packaging from Buckeye International, Inc. With an environmentally friendly option in nearly every type of product, the company’s green offerings include Green Light (concentrated floor cleaner); Marauder (general purpose cleaner); Penetrate (floor stripper); RAM (heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser); Star Spray Concentrate (glass cleaner); Tenacity (all-purpose cleaner); True 7 (pH neutral cleaner); and Verde (floor finish). Buckeye International, Inc., packaging bearing the Green Seal approval includes the company’s patented Smart Sacs and 5-gallon Action Pacs, as well as more traditional packaging including recyclable 4x1-gallon containers, 0.75-gallon containers for Green Light Super Concentrated Floor Cleaner, and drum quantities for products.Other products from Buckeye International, Inc., that offer a more environmentally safe option for clients include Liquid Shovel and Mainstream. Liquid Shovel, a mild pH cold water stripping agent, removes floor finishes without releasing toxic chemical fumes. A floor sealer and finish, Mainstream is gentle on floors and free of zinc and ammonia.As part of the company’s overall commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical business practices, Buckeye International, Inc., has received approval from the Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools program. The company has also received approvals or endorsements from the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA), the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), the WoolSafe Organization, and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International.