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• Leadership • Project Management • Team Development • Manpower and Human Resources • Recruiting/Hiring/Training • Marketing/Advertising/Sales • Operational Resource Management/Logistics • Strategic/Operational Planning/Budgeting • Process Development/Implementation/Refinement/ Improvement • Quality Assurance • Scheduling/Organizing • Problem Solving • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Military Education & Training

2008 Martial Arts Instructor Trainer 2d degree CourseMACEQuantico, VA

2007 Communication Chief CourseMCCESS29 Palms, CA

2007 Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course1st Deg RecertSOICamp Pendleton, CA

2006 1stSgt/MSgt SeminarMCBCamp Pendleton, CA

2004 Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course1st Deg RecertMCRDSan Diego, CA

2004 Recruiters SchoolMCRDSan Diego, CA

2003 Warfighting Skills Program Marine Corps InstituteQuantico, VA

2002 SNCO Advanced CourseSNCOA QuantQuantico, VA

2001 Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course1st DegreeMACEQuantico, VA

2000 Entry Level Small Computer Systems SpecialistMCAGCC29 Palms, CA

2000 Small Computer Systems SpecialistMCAGCC29 Palms, CA

1998 SNCO Career Nonresident Program Marine Corps InstituteQuantico, VA

1998 SNCO Advanced Non-Res (7200) Marine Corps InstituteQuantico, VA

1993 Admin ClerkG 2/11Camp Pendleton, CA

1993 Sgt Non-Resident Program Marine Corps InstituteQuantico, VA

1991 Field Artillery Cannon CrewmanUSAFASFt. Sill, OK

1991 Marine Combat TrainingMCBCamp Pendleton, CA

1990 Recruit TrainingMCRDSan Diego, CA

Honors & Awards

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (x2) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (x3)

Navy Unit Commendation (x2)

Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (x3)Marine Corps Good Conduct medal (x5)

Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal

National Defense Service Medal (x2)

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Medal

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (x2)

Marine Corps Recruiting Ribbon

Armed Forces Reserve Medal

United Nations Medal


Highly energetic and proven professional who is results oriented and performance driven. A multi-task oriented achiever adept at process improvement, systems leveraging and multi-functional management who adjusts to ever changing and dynamic situations.  Outstanding problem solving, communication and organizational skills. Highly proficient at recognizing opportunities, extracting the essentials and developing best practices and action plans and to reach long-term goals and objectives. Works well with people at all levels within an organization. A flexible and versatile leader with a proven record of significant accomplishments.

Work experience

Jan 1990Present

United States Marine Corps
OCCUPATION:  Senior Enlisted Advisor - United States Marine Corps(Description dates March 2009 – Present (3 years 11 months) NAS Pensacola FL A Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) in the United States Marine Corps is the most senior enlisted service member in a unit. Act as an advisor to the Commanding Officer. As a highest ranking of all Enlisted an advisor to a Group Level Unit, which currently consists of 110 Marine Corps Officers that are Instructor Pilots and 16 Enlisted Marines. Currently other duties include: Toys for Tots Coordinator, Community Relations Liaison, Communications Chief, Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, Assistant Security Manager, Oscar Trainer and many other duties.

OCCUPATION:  Communications Chief -

United States Marine Corps(Description dates APR 2007 - MAR 2009) New Orleans, LA

Communications chiefs, as senior communications noncommissioned officers, directly assist the command and control systems officer. Even though qualified in a specific chief MOS in the Command and Control Systems Occupational Field, a command and control systems chief must have an overall knowledge of the equipment capabilities, system integration in MAGTF, and Joint networks of all elements of wire, radio, and data communications. They inspect communications units to determine equipment and operational readiness; and supervise personnel installing, operating, and maintaining communication, transmission, and data communication center facilities. They also have an overall knowledge of operations, budgeting, and administration in order to establish procedures and to assist with the direction and supervision of communication functions. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATION:     First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers (ONET 49-1011.00)

OCCUPATION:  Recruiter

(Description dates JAN 2005 - APR 2007)

The recruiter must be thoroughly familiar with the enlistment process from applicant prospecting to preparation for recruit training. Recruiters work in an environment external to the normal Marine Corps post, station, and FMF environments. Typical functions of the recruiter include preliminary screening and administrative processing, scheduling physical examinations, completion of enlistment documents, and maintaining accurate records. Recruiters also provide the community with Marine Corps publicity material and assist in civic events. They are stationed at recruit depots, recruiting stations, Military Enlistment Processing Stations (MEPS), and recruiting substations throughout the United States and some overseas locations. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS FOR:     Employment Interviewer (DOT 166.267-010)    Employment Interviewers, Private Or Public Employment Service (OES 21508)    Human Resources Specialists (ONET 13-1071.00)    Personnel Recruiter (DOT 166.267-038)    Personnel, Training, And Labor Relations Specialists (OES 21511)    Recruiter (DOT 166.267-026)

OCCUPATION:  Computer Data Chief

(Description dates APR 2002 - JUL 2012)

  Data systems chiefs perform advanced systems installation, operation, integration, and troubleshooting in order to maintain optimum information systems operations. They are responsible for planning and supervising the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all information systems and network services, including the Defense Message System (DMS), in both a garrison and deployed environment. The data systems chiefs plan and design Local Area and Wide Area Networks and link heterogeneous networks through the application of appropriate data and telecommunications hardware and software. These Marines will attend the Systems Chief Course at the grade of staff sergeant. This MOS will be assigned as a primary MOS upon completion of the training. This MOS will be assigned and voided only by the authority of the CMC (MM). This is a skills progression MOS for MOS 0651 or MOS 0656 . RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATION:

Network and Computer Systems Administrators (ONET 15-1142.00)

OCCUPATION:  MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR TRAINER (Description dates March 2001 – Present

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), is a combat system developed by the United States Marine Corps to combine existing and new hand-to-hand and close quarters combat techniques with morale and team-building functions and instruction in the Warrior Ethos. The program, which began in 2001, trains Marines (and U.S. Navy personnel attached to Marine units) in unarmed combat, edged weapons, weapons of opportunity, and rifle and bayonet techniques. It also stresses mental and character development, including the responsible use of force, leadership, and teamwork. MCMAP instructors can train and certify other Marines up to their current belt level (though until November 2010 they could only certify Marines at one level below their current belt level). The instructor status is signified by one vertical tan stripe on the MCMAP belt. A Marine must have attended at least the Martial Arts Instructor (MAI) course to advance beyond first degree black belt. The only one who can train a Marine to be an instructor are black belt Martial Arts Instructor-Trainers (MAIT). An MAIT's status is signified by a vertical red stripe on the MCMAP belt and a secondary MOS of 0917 (formerly 8552). To become an MAIT, a Marine must have already completed a local MAI course. The Marine then attends the MAIT course at the Martial Arts Center of Excellence at located at Raider hall aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.

OCCUPATION:  Personnel/Administrative Chief

(Description dates JUL 1998 - JUL 2012) 

Personnel/administrative chiefs perform supervisory duties as midlevel office managers in a variety of administrative assignments. Personnel/administrative chiefs must possess a thorough knowledge of the capabilities and requirements of Marine Corps standard word processing and database software packages, and the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS), which encompasses the On-line Diary System (OLDS), the Unit Diary/Marine Integrated Personnel System (UD/MIPS), and the Student Entry Level Management System (SELMS). Normally, personnel/administrative chiefs are assigned at the reporting unit level, to include consolidated administration centers, adjutants office, staff level billets, i.e., HQMC staff section, G-1/S-1, etc., or independent duty in an administrative billet. Personnel/administrative chiefs must have an overall knowledge of both personnel, general, and operational administration procedures in order to establish, direct, and supervise the administrative functions of the office to which assigned. The personnel/administrative chief must maintain technical proficiency in the duties performed by Marines in MOSs 0121, and 0151. When assigned to staff billets, personnel/administrative chiefs supervise the flow of paperwork to ensure proper staffing of all inbound and outbound correspondence, drafting/publishing, and supervising the maintenance and distribution of directives and correspondence. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS:

    Administrative Services Managers (OES 13014)    First-Line Supervisors And Managers/Supervisors - Clerical And Administrative Support Workers (OES 51002)    First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers (ONET 43-1011.00)    Manager, Labor Relations (DOT 166.167-034)    Manager, Office (DOT 169.167-034)    Manager, Personnel (DOT 166.117-018)    Personnel, Training, And Labor Relations Managers (OES 13005)    Supervisor, Personnel Clerks (DOT 209.132-010)

OCCUPATION:  Administrative Clerk(Description dates JAN 1997 - MAR 1999)

 Administrative clerks perform clerical and administrative duties incident to general administration. As such, administrative clerks must possess a thorough knowledge of the capabilities and requirements of the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) and Marine Corps standard word processing and database software packages. Typical duties consist of the preparation of naval correspondence and messages; preparation and maintenance of command issued special orders; maintenance of the Marine Corps and Navy directive systems; preparation of funded and unfunded travel orders and endorsements thereto; completion of general administrative requirements such as preparation of fitness reports, leave authorizations, meal cards, military/dependent identification cards, identification tags; and preparation and maintenance of command unit punishment books. Other duties performed may overlap those performed by personnel and unit diary clerks. These include auditing field service records; verifying information contained in unit diary feedback reports/personnel management reports; and verifying the accuracy of information contained in the MCTFS databases. As required, the administrative clerk is assigned to the battalion/squadron legal office/section and is expected to routinely perform tasks in support of the administration of military justice. Administrative clerks are routinely assigned to staff level billets which may require a general knowledge of the functions of the staff section, i.e., HQMC staff section, G-3/S-3, G-4/S-4, etc. Unique duties and tasks of the particular staff section are obtained through MOJT. As required, the administrative clerk is assigned to perform duties within a Classified Material Control Center (CMCC), or on an additional duty basis in the unit's mailroom. Skills required to perform the duties and tasks of these assignments are obtained through MOJT. MOS 0151 is assigned upon completion of the Administrative Clerk Course or upon demonstrating satisfactory performance during MOJT. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS:    Administrative Clerk (DOT 219.362-010)    Clerk, General (DOT 209.562-010)    Clerk-Typist (DOT 203.362-010)    General Office Clerks (OES 55347)    Office Clerks, General (ONET 43-9061.00)    Typists, Including Word Processing (OES 55307)    Word Processing Machine Operator (DOT 203.382-030)    Word Processors and Typists (ONET 43-9022.00)

OCCUPATION:  0121, Personnel Clerk(Description dates JAN 1992 - DEC 1996)

Personnel clerks primarily perform clerical and administrative duties pertaining to the maintenance of field service records (SRB's/OQR's). Typical duties of personnel clerks require making entries in field service records; auditing field service records for required entries and documentation; completion of personnel actions to include extensions of enlistment, reenlistment and separations; and the completion of various personnel and pay related forms and documents. Other duties performed may overlap those performed by unit diary and administrative clerks. These include verifying information contained in unit diary feedback reports/personnel management reports; verifying the accuracy of information contained in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) data bases; preparation of naval messages and correspondence; and the maintenance of unit correspondence and directives systems. MOS 0121 is assigned upon completing the Personnel Clerk Course, or upon demonstrating satisfactory performance during MOJT. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS:    Assignment Clerk (DOT 249.367-090)    Clerk, General (DOT 209.562-010)    General Office Clerks (OES 55347)    Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll and Timekeeping (ONET 43-4161.00)    Office Clerks, General (ONET 43-9061.00)    Personnel Clerk (DOT 209.362-026)    Personnel Clerks, Except Payroll And Timekeeping (OES 55314)

OCCUPATION:  0811, Field Artillery Cannoneer

(Description dates FEB 1990 - SEP 1994)

 As a member of a field artillery howitzer battery, cannoneers prepare artillery pieces and equipment for movement, combat, and firing. They inspect and prepare ammunition for firing, and perform the various jobs incident to firing such as, laying for elevation and deflection, loading the piece, and handling ammunition. Field artillery cannoneers perform preventive maintenance and clean artillery pieces and equipment. They make routine tests and authorize repairs to equipment. Camouflage position, protect equipment from chemical warfare agents, and construct field fortifications. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS FOR: 0811    Artillery and Missile Crew Members (ONET 55-3014.00)    Field Artillery Crewmember (DOT 378.684-018)    Field Artillery Senior Sergeant (DOT 378.132-010)

OCCUPATION:  Small Computer Systems Specialist (SCSS)

  Small computer systems specialists ensure the proper installation, configuration, and operation of stand-alone and client-server information systems. They install, operate, and maintain microcomputer and Local and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) systems. They configure, optimize, administer, and troubleshoot microcomputer network hardware and operating system software using Marine Corps standard network operating software and protocols. These include TCP/IP network design and installation and TCP/IP network administration. Their responsibilities include operating system and application configuration and integration of multiple information systems in a networked environment. Small computer systems specialists support a myriad of computer and network operating systems to include: UNIX, Windows New Technology (NT), NetWare (IPX), and TCP/IP. These Marines also perform operating system and applications management in support of the Defense Messaging System (DMS) and the Tactical Data Network (TDN) server. RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS:    All Other Computer Scientists (OES 25199)    Chief, Computer Programmer (DOT 030.167-010)    Computer Programmer (DOT 030.162-010)    Computer Programmer Aides (OES 25108)    Computer Programmers (OES 25105)    Computer Support Specialists (OES 25104)    Data Base Administrators (OES 25103)    Data Base Design Analyst (DOT 039.162-014)    Microcomputer Support Specialist (DOT 039.264-010)    Programmer-Analyst (DOT 030.162-014)    Quality Assurance Analyst (DOT 033.262-010)    Software Technician (DOT 020.262-010)    Systems Analyst (DOT 030.167-014)    Systems Analysts, Electronic Data Processing (OES 25102)    Systems Programmer (DOT 030.162-022)    Technical Support Specialist (DOT 033.162-018)    User Support Analyst Supervisor (DOT 032.132-010)


Civilian Education

2010B.A. Degree in Organizational Management (magna cum laude) Ashford UniversityClinton, OH

Feb 04Professional Selling SkillsAchieve GlobalSan Diego, CA

Feb 04Drivers Improvement ClassMCRDSan Diego, CA

Jun 03Taiho Jitsu - Nidan Instructor 2nd Degree Black BeltDOJO                                Willow Grove, PA

Apr 03Oracle 9i Database Security OracleOracle University

Mar 03Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery StrategiesOracle Oracle University

Mar 03Program with PL/SQLOracle Oracle University

Sep 02Oracle Enterprise DBA Part 1A & AdminOracleOracle University

Feb 01 Certificate of Contamination Oleoresin Capsicum AerosolMACE                              Quantico, VA

Jan 00Mathematics/Reading CourseMCCDCQuantico, VA

Oct 98Dedication to Partnership PrepIrvine Valley CollegeIrvine, Ca

Oct 98Communication FundIrvine Valley CollegeIrvine, CA

Aug 98American History from 1870Irvine Valley College        Irvine, CA

July 98Biology of Human SIrvine Valley College      Irvine, CA

July 98Physical AnthropologyIrvine Valley College        Irvine, CA

May 98College Writing 1Irvine Valley College        Irvine, CA

May 98Career ExplorationIrvine Valley CollegeIrvine, CA

Mar 98Intro to College WritingIrvine Valley CollegeIrvine, CA

Mar 98Academic PlanningIrvine Valley CollegeIrvine, CA

Aug 97Intermediate Administration3D MAW MCASEl Toro, CA

Jul 94 Law Crime in AmericaCentral Tx CollegeCamp Pendleton, CA

Mar 97Recruit Fire Fighter ProgramRTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Hazardous Materials TechnicianRTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Emergency Medical Care Attendant TX Dept EMSCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Certificate TX Dept EMSCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Refining and Petrochemical Fighting PracticesRTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97 Structural Fire Fighting RTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Safe Emergency Vehicle OperationRTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Unit Operator Fire Fighting Course RTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Mar 97Industrial Health & Safety Practices RTFCCorpus Christi, TX

Feb 97Confined Space Structural Rescue I & IIROCOCorpus Christi, TX

Aug 96Lotus Notes 4.0School                                Quantico, VA

May 96First Aid ResponderSenior Medical DeptCorpus Christi, TX

May 96Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation C-levelSenior Medical DeptCorpus Christi, TX

Sept 94Job Search SeminarTx Empl CommCorpus Christi, TX

Jul 94Law Crime in AmericaCentral Tx CollegeCamp Pendleton, CA

Mar 94PsychologyCentral Tx CollegeCamp Pendleton, CA

Nov 92Microcomputers/LAN/Harvard GraphicsMicro PC Training Center    Camp Pendleton, CA

Jun 9110th KYU Gojo Ryu Karate DoDOJOOceanside, CA

Jan 2009Dec 2010

Bachelors Degree (Magna Cum Laude)

Ashford University



Marine Corps Institute

Marine Net Classes Completed

MarineNet Distant Learning Center

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