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University of Wollongong

Master of Science (Geology) - with Credit GPA



University of Wollongong

Master of Mechanical Engineering (by practice) - with Distinction



MIS University

Petroleum Engineering ( with focus on Production) - with Distinction ( Positively assessed by Engineering Australia) 

Work placement History

Jul 2007Jan 2008


Maintenance of gas wells:  

I was on duty of maintenance of gas wells including cooperating with a firefighters’ team of 6 people to pump inhibitors into the gas wells. I was responsible to arrange cooperation between people, controlling gauges and supervising the pumping team.

Jan 2007Jul 2007

Bibian Petroleum laboratory

Performing PVT tests on properties of fluids and oil samples, During this work placement experience, I designed a cartridge to optimize quality of well-core samples during carriage from field to laboratories.

Skills Summary

To your projects, I can be the leverage which looks at the problems in another way and finds solutions that are not easy to find if you just follow the same old method. I bring the ideas which look easy to comprehend for all, but to think of them for the first time is difficult for most.

Innovative Skills:

I have that innovative view on the matters that whenever a project is stuck and cannot go any further, I can find a solution around the problem and have the ability to think out of the box. I do not just learn one usual method and repeat it over and over again. I anticipate any upcoming obstacles and am able to find a way to resolve them.

I have rendered several innovations the most brilliant of which is my very own drilling bit design and a very spectacular cartridge to carry very vulnerable well-core samples safely from wells to laboratory.

Management skills:

I always try to get the most out of situation by smart thinking and never putting-off what needs to be done at present and this is the thing that has brought me exceptional achievements.

I was appointed to act as the manager of a group in a sensitive project during my internship at NIOC and gained sufficient experience to practice this role again and the most important skill which I mastered during that project was how to communicate and be efficient enough to guarantee the optimum outcome of a group. How to be a leader and how to help the group members to work together.

Time management is my innate skill which helps me to never be late and never forget my jobs.

IT skills:

I have the ability to become an expert in any software package and apply it to real-life projects in a very short time. I have learnt working with mentioned Software Packages in this resume on my own (in the hard way: trial and error) and I have the ability to develop my Software Knowledge into the projects which can revive the projects that cannot progress.

Each function that is applicable in a Software package has multiple ways of implementing. I always apply the shortest and fastest way of a function and accelerate the processes and get answers faster.


Engineering Technologist

Engineers Australia

IELTS certificate of English Language Proficiency

Macquarie University

Drilling Office Certificate

Petroleum Institute of Iran