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Work experience

May 2008Present


Rio Rancho Public Library

Provide regular reference duties at central information desk in busy municipal library. Fulfill a wide variety of collection management responsibilities, including selection, deselection, and budget analysis. Create, organize, and market monthly cultural programs and art exhibits. Oversee busy public Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery operation. Help maintain adult and family public computers, assist patrons with routine computer issues and provide one-on-one computer training. Assist in operation and maintenance of public computer network scheduling and print recovery systems. Set up AV and other electronic equipment for programs and other special situations. Engage in professional development webinars and programs. Write database reviews, descriptions of library services, and other articles for publication in library blog newsletter. Provide personal instruction in library literacy and use of research databases and other electronic resources. Provide instruction in the use of e-readers and mobile electronic devices. Record and report statistics.

Mar 2007May 2008

Administrative Support Specialist

Intel Corporation - AV & Instructional Materials Library

Managed large library of audio-visual and instructional materials for students and professors of Intel’s corporate training program (Intel University) at the Rio Rancho campus. Insured timely delivery of all materials and textbooks to scheduled classrooms. Maintained all audio and visual presentation equipment. Performed additional functions including student enrollment and registration management.

Oct 2007May 2008

ABC Phonetic Reading Specialist

ABC Phonetic Reading School

Instructed children and adults in reading comprehension and writing using the phonetic method combined with personal techniques acquired through years of training in language pedagogy and instruction. Responsible for all administrative paperwork and timely entry of progress reports, attendance, and other information using online systems.

Aug 2006Mar 2007

Financial Assistant Manager

Cottonwood Financial - Albuquerque, NM

Under the direction of the manager and district manager, assumed complete responsibility for all operations of a fast-paced, high-pressure, consumer loan operation emphasizing customer service, sales, marketing, and collections. Handled all customer information; loan applications; income-to-debt analysis; employment and bank account verification; cash advances; accounts payable and receiving, in-house accounting procedures; monthly and quarterly statistics; office maintenance, management, and security.

Oct 2001Aug 2004


St. Thomas Aquinas International Seminary

Responsible for all operations of a major seminary library with over holdings in Greek, Latin, French, Italian, German, and some English. Worked independently with occasional advisement from a rector. Supervised a staff of six seminarians. Responsible for collection development, information literacy instruction, and liaison work with academic community. Oversight of transition from card to electronic catalog. Performed all technical services operations (including cataloging, purchasing, serials, and preservation). Provided Interlibrary Loan, document delivery, and access services. Performed regular reference work for seminary and associated monastic communities. Performed research for seminary professors and provided bibliographies.

May 2001Oct 2001


Priorato San Pio Decimo - Albano, Italy

Was assigned to priory to reform its library. Worked directly under the supervision of important French prelate, Dom Michel Simoulin, Rector of Albano. Duties included the reclassification of the entire collection and the

re-structuring and development of its primitive catalogue. Library consisted of works in Latin and Italian. Managed a special collection pertaining to St. Francis and the history of the Franciscan order. Solely responsible for all access and technical services. Created scholarly repository and historical archives pertaining to the priory.

Sep 2000Oct 2001


Maison Lacordaire - Burgundy, France

Responsible for all operations of a monastic library of the Séminaire Internationale Saint-Curé d'Ars (housed in a thirteenth-century Maison Lacordaire restored by Hugh-Félicité de Lacordaire in the nineteenth century). Was responsible for organizing substantial collection of materials from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Applied French cataloging methods to initial reconstruction of library’s primitive collection and created its first electronic catalog. Responsible for all aspects of the library from classification to access services. Some preservation of illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, and rare editions.


Executive Director

Grand Court Lifestyles - Albuquerque, NM

Managed large, upscale retirement community, including a assisted living area, dining facility, swimming pool, and social activities center, with a staff of 40 employees. Approximately 2 million dollar monthly intake with large annual budget including capital expenditures. Improved handicap access, integrated

in-house and outside security teams for better surveillance, corrected deficiencies in fire code management. Updated $30,000 in-house telephone system, replaced non-complying contractors and vendors. Improved compliance with state health codes, created new bookkeeping and other procedures to streamline business processes. Handled all legal issues in consultation with legal team. Successfully represented company in court. Reduced employee turnover 50% through staff improvement, competitive salaries, and increased annual bonuses. Reduced vacancies 30% in competitive local market. Reduced food unit cost from 20% per meal through careful management of inventory. Improved exterior and grounds for more efficient "first appearance" marketing. Transformed in-house newsletter into a marketing tool to supplement corporate advertising campaign.


Graduate Teaching Assistant

UNM Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Instructed undergraduate courses in French language and literature. Prepared instructional materials and schedules. Maintained student records. Performed a variety of research duties for professors within the department, including preparation of submissions to the France XX bibliography. Attended workshops and seminars in French language intruction techniques.


Professor of Modern Languages

French Ministry of Education - Paris

In a traditional French lycée, instructed all levels in English language acquisition, including skills in comprehension, diction, reading, literature, phonology, stylistics, and formal writing. Prepared upper-level and advanced students for the English section of the famous baccalauréat according to norms established by the Académie Française and enforced by the Ministère de l'Edcuation Nationale.


OCLC Specialist - Interlibrary Loans & Cataloger

University of New Mexico General Libraries

Implementing the goals and procedures of the University of New Mexico General Library administration, served the general student body, professors, staff, and general public in providing  document delivery and interlibrary loan services. Was responsible for all aspects of the interlibrary loan service, including hiring and supervision of student staff. Later moved to cataloging and performed both original and copy cataloging using MARC format. Performed liaison work between cataloging and other areas of the library, including circulation, reference, and collection development.


Student Library Assistant

St. John's College Library

Assisted head librarian in cataloging, collection management, technical services operations, circulation, and preservation. Received professional mentorship from library's director and served apprenticeship in a variety of academic library operations.


State of New Mexico Professional Librarian's Certificate

New Mexico State Library
May 2011


Jan 2009Dec 2010

MLS (Master of Library Science)

Texas Woman's University School of Library & Information Studies

36 Graduate Credit Hours


Information Professions

Information Storage and Retrieval 

Cataloging and Classification

Technical Services

College and University Libraries

Collection Development

Web Development for Information Professions


Library Management

Marketing and Advocacy

Information Ethics

Information Sources and Services in the Humanities

Grade Point Average per Course = 4.00

Grade Point Average Cumulative = 4.00

Oct 2001Jan 2005

Canon Law, Dogmatic & Moral Theology

St. Thomas Aquinas International Seminary


Fourth Year

Scriptura Sacra (Epistolae Catholicae, Apocalypsis)

Theologica Dogmatica (De Deo Uno et Trino, De Sacramentis, De Novissimis)

Theologica Moralis (De Virtutibus - Justitia, Prudentia, Fortitudo, Temperentia)

Codex Juris Canonici (De Magistero, De Beneficiis, De Bonis Temporalibus)

Cantus Liturgicus

Third Year

Sacra Scriptura (Epistola Sancti Pauli Apostoli)

Philosophiae Secunda Pars (Metaphysica, Ontologia, Psychologia, Criteriologica, Epistemologica)

Storia Ecclesiae (Medius Aevus)

Cantus Liturgicus

Second Year

Sacra Scriptura (Evangelium Sancti Joanni)

Philosophiae Prima Pars (Logica, Storia Philosophiae, Cosmologia, Ethica, Philosophia Naturalis)

Theologia Fundamentalis (De Revelatione)

Storia Ecclesiae (ad 800 AD)

Lingua Latina (Patrologia Latina)

Cantus Liturgicus

May 2001Oct 2001

Ascetic Mystical Theology - Practicum

Priorato San Pio Decimo - Albano, Italy

Continuation of Ascetic-Mystical Theology in preparation for clerical tonsure. Assumed responsibility for operations of priory library consisting of 20,000 volumes (primarily in Latin and Italian) including a large section of Franciscan works.

Aug 1999May 2001

Ascetic Mystical Theology

Séminaire Internationale Saint-Curé-d'Ars - Burgundy, France


First Year

Theologia Ascetica-Mystica et Spiritualis (De Vita Interiore, De Inhabitatione Spiritus Sancti)

Introductio Specialis in Sacram Scripturam

Acta Apostolicae Sedis

Lingua Latina et Graeca

Historia Ecclesiastica Francorum

Praecognita in Theologiam Revelatam

Cantus Liturgicus

Jan 1994Mar 1997

Doctoral Program

University of New Mexico

59 Post-Masters Credit Hours

Under the direction of Claude-Marie Senninger, the doctoral program consisted of in-depth studies in Medieval French Literature, 18th-century French Literature, Poetry of the 19th Century, Francophone Poetry of La Suisse-Romande, Diction, Studies in the European Union, Literary Criticism, as well as graduate work in Balzac and Gautier. Upon the reitirement of Madame Senninger, the program was radically changed. Problem courses were devoted to Marxist literary theory, Feminist Psychology, Gender Studies, Postcolonialism, and Postmodernism. 


European Studies Scholarship

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Research at the Bibliothèque Nationale (Site Richelieu) for completion of the first bibliography on the life and works of French poet Jean-Pierre Rosnay (1921-2009), hero of the Résistance and Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.

Jan 1989Jan 1994

Summer University French Program

Institut Francophone d'Eté du Nouveau Mexique

A rich and varied six-week intensive program in the study of the French language as it exists both within and outside of the hexagon of France, including courses in the poetry and culture of la Suisse-Romande, Québec, French Louisiana, and the Caribbean. Problems of the European Union, French folk-music, translation, pedagogy, as well as traditional courses in literary history taught by the most distinguished professors in their particular fields, including Roger Guichemère for sixteenth & seventeenth century poetry, Henri Coulet for the eighteenth-century novel, Henri Masson for the nineteenth-century novel, and Michel Décaudin for twentieth-century poetry and literature.

Jun 1990Dec 1993

MA - French Studies, Minor in Italian Language

University of New Mexico

50 Graduate Credit Hours

Under the direction of its illustrious foundress, Madame Claude-Marie Senninger (Université de Paris, La Sorbonne), the Masters program in French Studies offered a traditional formation in French literary history, history of the French language, traditional philology, literary criticism, research methodology, stylistics, diction, phonology, bibliography, grammar, and rhetoric. Additional subjects required pertained to French political, economic, sociological, and cultural institutions. Informal study was undertaken in the history of French art, architecture, and music.

Aug 1986May 1987

Juris Doctor Program

Dickinson School of Law, Penn State University


Legal Research

Legal Writing



Constitutional law


Member of Dickinson School of Law Student Bar Association and copy editor of law review.

Aug 1980May 1984

BA - Humaniores Literae

St. John's College

67 Credit Hours

Philosophic, literary, and scientific formation through the traditional Trivium and Quadrivium. Emphasis on the synthesis of occidental thought. The college’s cursus, referred to as the “Great Books Program,” was inspired by methods en vigueur in nineteenth-century Oxford. Historical texts analyzed, often, in their original languages and disussed around a common table within a format known as the seminar. Homer and Euclid read in the original Greek. Tutorials in Latin. Scientific works, including Ptolemy's Almagest, Apolonius' Conic Sections, and Descartes Géométrie, doubled as texts for the learning of mathematics, algebra, and calculus.

The Great Books Program of St. John's College was developed by Stringfellow Barr and Mortimer J. Adler. Directly encouraged by Adler, undertook the reading of Aristotle in his original Greek. Later maintained friendship with the American philosopher until his death in 2001.