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Master of Business Administration

Chulalongkorn University, Sasin Business School

Premier business school in  Thailand accredited by AACSB and EQUIS and at the forefront of graduate management study in the Asia Pacific region and among leading international institutions of management education.  

  • Graduated with a cumulative 3.61 GPA
Jun 2009Jul 2011

Master of Education

The College of New Jersey

Leading American university ranked # 1 and #4 by  U.S. News & World Report (2012) in the category of Best Regional Universities for the northern region of the United States among public and private schools respectively.

  • Graduated with a cumulative 4.0 GPA
Jul 1999Jun 2002

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

The University of Sydney, Basser School of Technology

Oldest Australian university ranked #3 in Australia and among  the top 100 universities in the world by The Times Higher Education University Rankings study in 2011-2012.

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Grade 1 PYP Teacher

Stonehill International School
  • Developed and implemented 6 units of inquiry with a collaborative team to ensure an integrated curriculum
  • Sustained effective classroom management with up to 22 multicultural and multilingual students from 12 countries and including Special Needs, Learning Differenced, and ESL students
  • Co-developed Individual Education Plan with Head of Learning Support Department for specific students
  • Created fully integrated units to increase student interest and teach critical thinking skills authentically
  • Implemented differentiated teaching, learning, and assessment methods to suit individual student needs
  • Utilized formative assessments to inform planning and teaching
  • Cultivated parent involvement in learning opportunities through consistent communication
  • Participated in Stonehill’s self-study evaluation  pre PYP authorization and pre CIS accreditation
  • Organized first grade one overnight field trip as a result of student-action
  • Co-trained and led the choir for the school’s Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat production
  • Organized and led extracurricular activities such as yoga, newsletter/yearbook club, and the green club
Aug 2009Dec 2010

Grade 4 PYP Student Teacher

The New International School of Thailand
  • Co-taught 23 bi- and trilingual students from 11 countries in an inclusive and differentiated classroom
  • Guided and conferred with students during daily Literature Circles and Writer’s Workshop
  • Developed assessment tools and conducted formative and summative assessments of student work
  • Participated in weekly staff meetings to brainstorm, develop, and refine the PYP Units of Inquiry
Jan 2010Jun 2010

KG2 PYP Volunteer Co-Teaher

The New International School of thailand
  • Co-taught 22 multicultural students, an integrated curriculum within the Early Years Units of Inquiry
  • Ran differentiated guided reading and writing programs
Mar 2007Dec 2008

Associate Consultant - Talent Management Team

Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt)

Human Capital Consulting 

Talent Management Team

  • Organized career and talent development seminars, developed Performance Management models and carried out regional “Employee Engagement” projects for multinational clients to measure employee engagement and subsequently design implementable solutions to improve job and workplace satisfaction. 
Oct 2002Dec 2004

Recruitment Associate

The Wright Company

Executive Recruitment Services

Headhunting Team

  • Sourced, interviewed, and assessed candidate profiles for local and multinational clients with an 80% success rate, and subsequently negotiated employment contracts.


Helen Sharrock

Laura Heatwole

"Bhavna has an abundance of qualities, which make her an asset to any organization... Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior..."

Kate Grant

"Bhavna is a learner and is developing into a reflective teacher with an inherent interest and passion for teaching and learning.  She conducts herself professionally at all times and is an active member of the NIST Elementary team... Her ability to think aloud and express her thoughts openly and with the students learning first and foremost in her mind has been outstanding.  It is evident that collaboration is important to Bhavna as she is also an active listener within the team supporting others' ideas and using them to springboard the team forward... You fill find in Bhavna a dedicated, hard working and collaborative teacher."

Faye Park

"At Stonehill International School, Bhavna has had an opportunity to work with children with significant learning difficulties and children with little or no English language skills.  In all cases, Bhavna has dealt with these children in a fair, supportive and consistent manner. These children have adjusted well to our school, and have flourished under Bhavna’s instruction and guidance.

Bhavna is open to implementing new techniques in working with students with differences.... Bhavna recognizes and provides for the individual needs of students as well as attending to the needs of the class as a whole... Bhavna has worked closely with the Learning Support Department to provide individual learning charts, individual behavior charts, and individual reward systems for students with specific learning needs... Bhavna has the unique ability to implement the needed strategies for students with special needs in a positive, clear, and caring way... I have witnessed the expansion and refinement of Bhavna’s teaching skills. It has been my pleasure to work with Bhavna.  I am confident Bhavna will be an asset to any faculty of which she is a member."

A Glimpse Into How We Learn And

Areas of Proficiency

  • Literature Circle 
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Guided Reading
  • Multidisciplinary Lesson Plans
  • Everyday Mathematics Program
  • First Steps Program
  • Assessment Tools
  • Parent Relations
  • Technology Integration
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Learning Centers
  • Atlas Rubicon
  • Moodle
  • Writing Plans/Reports
  • Collaboration / Teamwork
  • Classroom Management
  • Pastoral Duties

My Education Philosophy

Society has traditionally viewed school teachers as purveyors of academic knowledge, responsible for equipping students with prescribed knowledge primarily through direct instruction.  With globalization, increased environmental stimuli, and a technological revolution on the horizon, I believe a teacher’s role is no long relegated to simply transferring knowledge. Knowledge is already an affordable and easily accessible commodity.  Today a teacher’s sphere of responsibility encompasses a much larger role in society, namely that of preparing students to become dynamic, responsible and empathetic citizens capable of higher order thinking and making critical decisions for their personal advancement and societal betterment.  An education is no longer solely about imparting academic knowledge.  An education should also celebrate intelligences that manifest in various forms of creativity and skill.  For students, socialization and the ability to embrace diversity among peers are equally important.  In line with social constructivist views, I believe that learning best takes place when students are afforded a social environment within which they can observe and interact with their peers.  I further promote this notion of social learning coupled with critical thinking as fundamental elements of a meaningful education, thus putting the onus of effective learning on school administrators, teachers, parents, and students.  Within this context, the teacher’s role in education requires the teacher to guide students through their own inquiry and acquisition of knowledge which allows students to construct greater meaning and make connections with their reality.  Thus the aim of a well-rounded education is the cultivation of enduring knowledge, a love of learning, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence.

As a primary school educator, I aim to equip my students with a broad range of problem-solving skills, promote and model social behaviors that result in increased group collaboration and productivity, and instill in them an intrinsic love of learning by allowing them to exercise choice in what they learn within a framework that addresses educational standards and benchmarks.  Part and parcel of this philosophy ensures that I scaffold and differentiate instruction to address individual or group needs that may differ due to interest or cognitive developmental disparities within my students.  These practices are geared towards enabling students to construct meaning and cope with the constantly changing demands of their environment.  Lastly, schools and teachers play an active role in developing in their students a fluid learner profile with attributes such as being caring, knowledgeable, disciplined, curious, and risk-taking, in order to develop constructive members of communities.  As an educator in international schools often working with children of families from the upper socio-economic strata of society, it is my personal endeavor to ensure that my students are aware of their privileged life and to instill in them a sense of social responsibility.

Relevant Professional Development

  • 2011 The Impact of Therapy on Primary Education 
  • 2011 Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms 
  • 2011 Teaching and Learning In-School PYP Workshop 
  • 2010 Science in the PYP IB Conference PYP Workshop 
  • 2009 Making the PYP Happen In-School PYP Workshop 
  • 2009 Teaching English as a Foreign Language 
  • 2007 Presentation and Facilitation Skills 

Evidence of Degrees and Certificates

About Me

I am a passionate educator, an ardent reader, a food lover, an avid traveler, a health freak, and a music and culture enthusiast.  Like my multiple identities, I have also been a successful executive headhunter, a dedicated human capital and strategy consultant, and a persistent advertising sales executive in what seems like another lifetime ago.  Currently, I am a grade 1 Primary-Years-Program (PYP) teacher at Stonehill International School in India.

Like many of my students, I am the product of an international IB World School.  I am a Thai citizen, third-generation person of Indian origin who grew up in a home and culture that upheld two sets of different yet overlapping eastern values.  At the same time, I studied in an international school environment that embraced the best of the west with students from all over the world.  I pursued my tertiary education across three continents, starting from the very young age of 16 and have lived in Thailand, The United States, Singapore, Australia, and India.  It has taken a lot of studying, experimenting, traveling, maturing, and more studying to finally find my passion and calling as an educator.  I know this is the right line of work for me because I love working with children.  I no longer get the Monday blues. 

While I am still relatively new to this profession, the learning curve has been steep with the right mentors, professional development and training, and genuine dedication.  I bring with me knowledge and experiences from the corporate world which serve me well in working independently and collaboratively in teams, being efficient and punctual with documentation and deadlines, managing parent and colleague relations and expectations, and being results-oriented by equipping my students with the skills and knowledge to achieve success.  I believe my enthusiasm and dynamic personality have enabled me to develop a strong rapport with my students, allowing them to see me as both a teacher and a friend.  This relationship provides me with the platform to be a more effective educator and enables my students to embrace learning without a fear of failure.

I look forward to my next adventure and challenge at an international school with a collaborative work culture which embraces and promotes diversity, academic excellence, personal growth, and global-mindedness among its students.