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Very passionated DevOps guy. The Apache Groovy committer. IT geek. Public speaker (GR8Conf, JEEconf, TopConf, Jenkins meetups, etc). OpenSource fan.

Known for some crazy stuff like macro system for Groovy called MacroGroovy, different Maven, IDEA and Gradle plugins, Flex compiler modifications, etc.

Work History

Jan 2011Present

Software Developer


Contributed to different Jenkins plugins (S3, Delivery Pipeline Plugin), Groovy (macro system), JBoss Modules, Spring Boot, AWS Java SDK, Datastax Cassandra driver, Kundera (JPA ORM for NoSQL databases like MongoDB), InfluxDB optimizations, various Golang projects like marathonctl and many others. Maintainer of

Apr 2017Jul 2017

Site Reliability Engineer

Zalando SE
  • Was working on the reliability of critical components like Elasticsearch cluster
  • Improved the reproducibility of the Jenkins setup by integrating Job DSL
  • Gave an internal talk "Reactive programming with React and RxJS"


  • TestContainers: integration testing with Java and Docker
    Represented the company at the largest Java conference in Eastern Europe "JEEConf"
    rated as top 6 talk
Aug 2015Present

Full-stack Developer

ZeroTurnaround, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Full-stack product development (JAX-RS+Grizzly, Spring Boot, Vaadin, Kotlin, AngularJS, React)
  • Was leading the migration from Angular to React + Redux + RxJS
  • Full Jenkins management (maintaining Docker-based setup, writing plugins, writing job DSLs)
  • Real-time analytics on top of ElasticSearch
  • AWS management (CloudFormation, ElasticBeanstalk, ECS, S3, CloudFront, Route 53, ElastiCache (Redis), RDS (PostgreSQL), DynamoDB)
  • Docker-based engine for integration testing of ZT's javaagents

Internal talks:

  • Building DevOps culture with Jenkins
  • Docker for integration testing
  • Scalable infrastructure of

Public Talks:

Mar 2015Aug 2015

Software Developer

TransferWise, Tallinn, Estonia

I was working in the payment processing team on many things, including:

  • payments reconciliation system
  • fx risks service
  • AngularJS back office development
  • Jenkins build configuration, continuous delivery process on top of it
  • internal Groovy & Grails consulting
  • migration from Assembla to GitHub
  • splitting monolith app into the microservices
  • introduced Spring Boot and microservice infrastructure
  • successfully introduced and helped to integrate Apache Thrift
  • Advocated Docker for development & production usage
  • SQL queries optimizations
  • database caching
  • ELK

Also, I gave a few talks during internal TEX events:

  • Apache Thrift for inter-service communication
  • Spring Cloud
  • How to replace Groovy with Java 8
  • Apache Mesos and Marathon for servers orchestration

TransferWise sponsored some of my public speaks as well:

Aug 2013Feb 2015

Senior Java Developer

Creative Mobile OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia

As infrastructure engineer I did:

  • Build system (Jenkins for CI/CD, Maven/Gradle as build providers)
  • Configure and manage Sonatype Nexus for binary hosting
  • Persuaded a company to switch to git from SVN, integrated GitLab as Git management service
  • Integration and management of JBoss EAP
  • MongoDB and Redis management
  • Full AWS management, including:
    • EC2: dev/prod environments, managed by Puppet, with Auto-scaling (using ASG)
    • Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks for "out-of-box" server environments
    • side-projects management (creating instances, consulting)
    • CloudFront for game resources distribution

As developer:

  • Groovy integration
  • Contributions to groovy-core
  • Vaadin-based admin application for company's games
  • social games Spring-based platform development, including:
    • support for social networks such as Facebook, VK, odnoklassniki, StudiVZ and others
    • powerful quest system with declarative editor
    • caching and transactions support for DB optimizations
    • a lot of other components like bonuses, unlocks, shop, resources, notifications, requests
    • Redis-based ranking
  • common project support (accepting merge requests, architecture planing etc)
  • Maven Apache Thrift plugin modifications for project requirements
  • Maven Flexmojos plugin modifications and contributions for project requirements
  • Gradle build integration
  • Gradle thrift plugin development

Public talks:

Oct 2012Feb 2013

iOS Senior Developer

Vuaro, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

iOS application development for ( )

Full development cycle from planning to AppStore. Was involved in UX design development.

Apr 2012Sep 2012

Flash Team Lead

Pragmatix, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Project Lead at project "Shops" ( ):

  • Full client optimization (the number of active personages at map was increased from 10-15 to 70-80, also after it client stopped crashing at start on slow PCs)
  • Maven integration for better development process

Project Lead at porting lead company's project "Wormix" ( ) to iOS

  • Full client refactoring and optimization, FPS was increased from 2-3 on iPad 2 to 60
  • Introduced my own framework for development speed up
  • Full UX design for mobile devices
Sep 2011Mar 2012

Senior Software Engineer

Signus Labs, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Outsource game development. Foreign communications (U.S.A., Holland, etc)

  • Java BackEnd development (Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Redis)
  • Flash games development
  • Porting C++ game to iOS (iOS integration, Game Center, In-App purchases etc)

Public Talks:

  • The current state of Adobe Flash AIR for Game Development
Jun 2009Jul 2011

Project Lead

Tipstery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I was developing my own project named "Trilogy" in this company (they were investing money into it)

Besides me, there were 2 developers, 5 art designers, 2 game designers and 1 market analytics specialist

Both server (Java) and client (Flash) core parts were initially written by me.

On the Backend we were using:

  • Apache Mina
  • BlazeDS for client <-> server communications
  • MySQL

On the Client side:

  • Custom fork of Adobe Flex framework with custom compiler for better MXML support developed for our needs
  • My own framework (TrylogicFramework) for fast and productive development
  • Modified Papervision3D for real-time 3D rendering in a browser.


Amazon Web Services



Bachelor's degree

Saint-Petersburg State University Information Technologies, Mechanic and Optics (University ITMO)

Computer Systems, Networking, and Telecommunications