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  • Sailing.
  • Skiing.
  • Reading
  • Outdoors: Hiking, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking
  • Traveling: Have traveled to numerous places in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Virgin Islands, Bahamas.


I am in search of a positive fun work environment in California. I have always loved California. I have also always wanted to wotk at a ski resort for a season. This is a perfect oppertuinity for me to do both. I will be in need of new friends and believe the enviroment at mammoth Mountain will be condocive of of this happening, I would imagine quite easily. I love the idea of working with children, and couldn't think of a job on the mountain I would like to do more. I am awesome at teaching people, including children. But most of all I know that I have the ability to be trusted by, and communicate pleasently with the parents of the children. I do not have formal child care experience, but a tremendous amount of real world experience working with children that I know I am perfect for the job, and I am a perfectionist!

If every possibility is rulled out for me to do Early Childhood instruction. Then I would love the opertuinity to work in retail. I again am confident in my ability to perform this task.


I am applying first and formost to the job of Entry level childrens ski Instructor. I am extrememly confident in my ability to not only perform this job, but do so in an exceptional way. I will list the many way in which I have gained experience for the qualifications to work with the parents of the children and the children themselves.

I am excel at communicating. Especially with adults. I am nearly thirty years old and I believe this give me a better?

Although this job interests me most, I know that I can also be of excellent service as a sports shop representitive.

I could be a lift operater?

I am excellent with children becuase I treat them fairly, listin to them respectfully, and set clear boundarys in order to provide a good enviroment for them to learn.

I inspire trust. I am compassionate. I have the skill of being well liked, I can converse, and on many different levels with the parents of the children. I am young, fun, energetic.

I have been dealing with adults, children will be a nice change. I will be willing to take a probationary postion as a bus boy in the hopes of showing my unique set of skills and how they can be applied to this position.

Work experience

Jun 2006Present


Aug 2002Jul 2007


Windward Roofing & Construction

I began as a host. Seating guests of the restuarant. Organizing the different groups of guests into the different deating arrangemeant of the restuaranet.

I moevd into a serving position. I was not only responsible for making sure my guests had an enjoyable experiance, by taking their order, delivering their food, but i also to up sell the product.



Customer Service
How I Have Learned Customer Service:   Through my experience hosting (known as "the hostess with the mostest"), and then serving at Lone Star Steakhouse taught me the importance of making sure a "guest" is always enjoys a positive experience. After being promoted to Customer Service Manager at Namco, I had to learn the importance of patience when satisfying the field managers, and their different levels compentcy. Adaptibilty to Clients: Windward roofing taught me the most customer service. In the first three years as a salesman, I learned the value of being flexible; as far as being able to adapt to a wide range of clients personalities. Urgent to Necassary Time Sensitive. After being promoted to be run the service department at Windward, I learned the importance od urgency in dealing with customers. This was instilled directly through working in emergency situations where customers were VERY adamente about getting results. Optimism: A current Saturday night bartending at Zella has taught me the importance of having a good attidtude when dealing with customers. I can see clear difference on the reactions I get from customers based on my attidtute. This has instilled the importance of coming to work with a positive attitude.


Randy Kuhn

Randy has been a positive influence on my life for over ten years. He knows my many facades and my infinite capabilities.

Dave Richardson