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The next chapter in my career – a profile of the ideal job and company

Below I have drawn up a picture of the competencies that represent me the most, and describes where I add the most value to the companies I work for. I have taken off-set in the experiences and competencies I have built-up throughout my career, feedback from colleagues, as well as my personal wishes and goals for my next job.

One thing that is representative for my entire career is that I have always started up new ventures, business areas, organizations and products in companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Hasbro and more.

My latest start-up was Dynamics Mobile in Microsoft where I managed to get funding and support directly from Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) and established “a company within the company” driving all elements necessary to successfully run a software company operating globally.

From 360°-analyzes made by colleagues and managers of me in IBM and Microsoft, I have learnt that I possess unique skills within innovation, entrepreneurship and people management. I have spent the last few years identifying and enhancing these skills which are:

·Innovation and Entrepreneurship – I have a big entrepreneurial gene and a great desire to start up new ventures. I see opportunities rather than limitations and constantly think “out-of-the-box”

·People Management with Passion and Spirit – I lead and communicate “through my heart” and by this create high performing teams with a unique team spirit. This make my employees “go the extra mile” and dare “go to the edge”

·Energy and Drive – I go all the way from idea/vision to product/release and at the same time ensure delivery at the right time and in the right quality

·Courage and Determination – I walk through ”fire” for the things (and persons) I believe in and this opens up for opportunities that would otherwise not be available

In order to maximize the value of my competencies I see my experiences and skills best used in roles such as CEO / General Manager in a small / mid-sized company (start-up or existing) or as Vice President/Senior Director in a large international company.

The ideal company to me is one that:

·has an informal, open minded work environment, with room for fun

·focuses on professionalism, competence and quality in everything they do

·has a product / service offering I can relate to and in which I see opportunities

·empowers me to make the necessary decisions and do the right things

Since I have been successful at working in different industries and as my competencies are not industry specific I am confident that I can add value to most industries.


·Experienced entrepreneur and innovator – successfully started up new subsidiaries, departments, business areas and products in Microsoft, IBM, Hasbro and more. Drives the entire process from idea/vision to product/launch

·People manager with passion – creates high-performing teams with unique motivation, drive, commitment and ability to deliver

·Internationally experienced commercial leader focusing on the customer/end-user

·In depth experience with supply chain management, management consulting, mobile technologies, ERP and software development (SCRUM, SDLC)

·Successful reviews with Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and other top executives in Microsoft

Work experience

Jan 2007Dec 2009

Product Unit Manager - Dynamics Mobile


Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS)

Core business: ERP & CRM systems

Employees: ~1.400 FTEs; ~1.200 in R&D; ~650 in Denmark

Main R&D sites: Redmond (US), Fargo (US) and Vedbæk*(DK)

Responsible for idea, start-up and managing the following business areas and products:

Dynamics Mobile – Business solutions on Mobile devices

·Established the team in 2005 – Personally secured funding from Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft). Total funding to date: ~USD 17M

·Hired and managed a hi-performing team of ~35 employees (13 nationalities) covering all functions (development , test, user experience, documentation, program mgmt, release mgmt, product mgmt, marketing, partner recruitment, training and sales)

·Delivered 4 versions in 18 months – all on time or prior to schedule – a unique accomplishment in Microsoft!

·Drove partner recruitment and sales. Results after 12 months in business: 60+ customers and 100+ partners in 24 countries; ca. USD 3,2M in total revenue (Mobile + Microsoft stack); 25+ ISV (Independent Solutions Vendor) solutions

·Using Best Practices in R&D: SCRUM, test driven development, pair programming and user driven development

·Product Owner (SCRUM) of user oriented features

·Planned and got approval for transferring the team to the Windows Mobile organization increasing the team to 60+ FTEs. Transfer cancelled due to the delay of Windows Mobile 7 (November 2008)

·Team shut down due to the economic downturn and need to focus on core-business in MBS (January 2009)

Jan 2005Jan 2007

Senior Director - Dynamics Mobile


 Other Roles, Responsibilities and Results in MBS

·Part of Site Leadership Team in Microsoft Dev. Center Copenhagen since 2006

·Responsible for University Relations for 2 years – funding of 30+ projects and ~5 PhD students

·Frequent speaker at executive reviews, conferences, seminars etc.

·Successful reviews with Bill Gates twice, 9 times Steve Ballmer, 1 time Ray Ozzie & Craig Mundie (Bill Gates’ replacement), 2 times Stephen Elop (President – Business Division), 3times Jeff Raikes (President - Office)

·60 - 80 travel days per year

·Top 1-3 people mgmt and MS-Poll feedback for 5+ years

·7 patents

·4 Gold Star awards

·Awarded “Rising Star” 2005 by Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin (recognized business magazine in Denmark)

Jan 2003Jan 2005

Director - Supply Chain Strategy & Planning


Responsible for idea, start-up and managing the following business areas and products:

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) – “The Intelligent Supply Chain”

·Global initiative with distributed development in Redmond, Vedbæk and Hyderabad (India) – today part of BizTalk team in Redmond

·Delivered the highly acclaimed pilot projects at KiMs (DK) and Jack Links (USA) resulting in over 60% of all press coverage for MBS worldwide at that time. Interviewed by analysts and journalists from Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Information Week, Forrester, Gartner, AMR and 80+ other journals/papers

·Microsoft recognized as “mind-share” leader in RFID globally

·Successful review with Bill Gates and other Microsoft top executives

Supply Chain Strategy & Planning – ERP Roadmap and features 3-5 years out

·Initiator of Live Product Planning concept – Promoted by Bill Gates as Best Practice throughoutMicrosoft

·Part of mgmt. team involved in establishing distributed development across the 3 sites

·Hired top talent and delivered roadmaps, scope documents and requirement specs for features in Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV e.g.:

o“Work Model” – detailed process mapping model of a typical manufacturing and distribution company. Widely used in MBS today

oEvent/Alerts Mgmt product. Integral part of Dynamics AX & NAV today

oDemand Planning product. Integral part of Dynamics AX today

Aug 2001Jan 2003

Director - Supply Chain Domain


Supply Chain Domain – R&D of Supply Chain solutions

·Managed team of ~65+ FTEs across 2 product lines – Dynamics AX & NAV

·Created strategy and vision for “Supply Chain asa Service” concept

·Drove “sidetracked” WMS project back on track and to successful release

Jan 2001Aug 2001

Lead Principal - Buy & Supply Category

IBM Business Consulting Services

Core Business: Management consulting services

Employees: ~60.000 FTEs; ~450 in Denmark

·Started up the Supply Chain Consulting Practice in the Nordic countries

·Project examples:

oPan-European team of 10-15 FTEs bidding on a strategic e-procurement portal for the public sector

oSupply Chain Process Mapping and Package Selection project for Maersk Logistics - 2nd largest project for IBM BCS in Denmark in 1999

oSupply Chain Modeling and Optimization project for Tesco Retail Stores (UK) in collaboration with IBM Watson Research in Yorktown, USA

oProduction Benchmarking project for Lego

·All projects received “Satisfied or Very Satisfied” engagement scores from customers

·Regular pipeline calls and visits to employees in all Nordic countries

·Bravo Award for e-procurement portal project + several Personal Awards

Jan 2000Jan 2001

Nordic Principal - Supply Chain Practice

Jan 1999Jan 2000

Senior Consultant - PEBT Practice

Jan 1998Jan 1999

Consultant - PEBT Practice

Oct 1997Jan 1998

Associate Consultant - Distribution Practice

Nov 1994Aug 1997

Nordic Head of Supply Chain

Hasbro Nordic A/S

Core Business: Marketing and sales of toys in the Nordic region

Employees: ~6.000 FTEs; ~40 in Nordics

·Part of small team starting up Hasbro in the Nordic countries

·Established the entire Supply Chain organization, -network and -infrastructure

·Spec’ed and implemented IT-systems (forecast & demand planning, production planning, warehouse mgmt, procurement, item database, etc)

·Negotiated and outsourced warehousing and distribution to 3PL in Sweden

·Consolidated 4 warehouses into 1 warehouse in Sweden

·Established central procurement, order mgmt. and customer service dept.

·Supply Chain budget of ca. USD 4M and procurement budget of ca. USD 11M

·Realized savings of over 20% compared to budget in 1996

Jan 1993Oct 1994

Supply Chain Analyst

Statens Seruminstitut

Statens Serum Institut

Core Business: Laboratory tests and production of vaccine- and plasma products

Employees: 1.200 FTEs

·Consolidated procurement function and rationalized inventory volumes

·Project manager – implementing e.g.

oSAP R/3, Laboratory system (VG-Lims), EDI and Navision

oSales- and production system w. automatic data-capture

oComputer controlled warehouse system

Mar 1991Jan 1993

Logistics Coordinator

Statens Seruminstitut
Mar 1990Feb 1991

Head of Purchasing


Brio Scanditoy A/S 

Core Business: Manufacturing, marketing and sales of toys

Employees: ~500 FTEs; unknown in Denmark

·Responsible for procurement, pricing, product selection, warehouse and showroom

·Part of team starting up Sega TV-games in the Nordic countries

Jun 1989Feb 1990

Purchaser - Strategic Accounts


Olivetti Danmark A/S

Core Business: Home and office products (then: PCs and mainframes)

Employees: ~1.200 FTEs; unknown in Denmark

·Procurement of HW & SW for strategic accounts

·Management of outsourced manufacturing

Aug 1985May 1989

Purchasing Manager

Huber + Suhner

Crimp A/S (now Huber + Suhner)

Core Business: Components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity (then: cables, alarms, no-break systems, etc)

Employees: ~3.500 FTEs; unknown in Denmark

·Established a consolidated procurement organization for 3 production companies

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Jan 2003Dec 2004

Jan 1997Dec 1999

Aug 1988Jul 1992


Aug 1985Jul 1987

Academy Economist

Niels Brock Business Academy


Start-up & Business Development
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Software Development Leadership
Supply Chain Management
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Internationally Commercial Leader
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People Manager
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Advisory board member on SC2020 project

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2006Oct 2009

Board member

AIM Denmark
2005Jul 2009

Board member of global board

Supply Chain Council

Microsoft Representative

Danish Innovation Council