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To do biotech diligence analysis for companies interested in venture or long term investment in new or nascent biotech companies


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Self-motivated and detail-oriented professional offering 20 years of strong molecular and cellular biology as well as in bioinformatics background honed through extensive work experience in research in healthcare industry. Recognized for expertly combining information from bioinformatics, molecular, and cellular biology and patent literature to identify strengths and weaknesses in novel research initiatives. Renowned for knowledge extraction from databases, extension of knowledge about novel genes or phenomena by data mining and motif analysis, and data integration from a systems biology point of view using ontology for therapeutic product development. Demonstrate strong analytical problem solving and decision making skills; prompt in responding to all challenges with confidence, determination, and focus.

CORE COMPETENCIESTranslational Research,Functional Genomics,Stem Cell Technology,Microarray Analysis,Gene Expression Profiling ,Biomarker Discovery,Systems Biology ,Cytokine Discovery and Profiling,High Throughput Sequence Analysis ,Subunit Vaccine Development

Work experience

Director of Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

Imgenex Inc.

Initiated research projects on novel therapeutic molecules by mining public databases,  cloning and expression studies.Submitted R01 grants for research.

Apr 2011Jul 2012

Staff Scinetist Bioinformatics Core


Conducted systems biology analysis on high throughput gene expression data to identify genes modulated in malaria  patients; or by TLR7 in transgenic mice; as well as genes modulated by agonist antibodies in NK cells.

Spearheaded the standardization of protein array normalization and statistical analysis.

 Identified immunogenic proteins in Plasmodium falciparum protein array experiments.Carried out the assignment of Plasmodium falciparum  proteins expression to different stages by combining MASS spec and transcriptome data.Demonstrated cytokine profile changes by malaria infection by analyzing Luminex data

Mar 2006Sep 2011

Consultant Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

NeuralStem Inc

Established specific gene expression patterns in human neural stem cells during differentiation as well as in response to specific neurogenic chemicals.Provided molecular biology expertise for optimal expression of therapeutically relevant foreign genes in transfected neural stem cells in vivo.

Apr 2005Apr 2011

Bioinformatics Core Specialist


Coordinated with several principal investigators to determine targets of specific genes in CNS in gene knockout experiments.Identified genes modulated by neuropeptide PACAP in different experimental systemsTook charge of identifying genes which are modulated by TNF in bovine chromaffin cells.Conceptualized and devised methods for functional annotation of novel genes.Maintained the Science Signaling website for connection map for PC12 differentiation. Created a database by integrating microarray studies done at SMN (Section on Molecular Neuroscience).Supervised the creation of a database of gene expression in brain by various antidepressants

Apr 2010Apr 2011

Staff scientist

H J Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc

Developed neurotrauma database through text mining the effect of different traumatic brain injuries on different brain regions at the transcriptional level.Executed thorough studies regarding the impact of trauma on microRNA and transcriptome through analyzing microarray and deep sequence data.

Mar 2004Jul 2005

Staff scientist, oncology

Johns Hopkins University—School of Medicine

Identified the genes modulated during hematopoietic stem cells undergoing differentiation in vitro.

Mar 2003Mar 2005

Special volunteer scientist in Bioinformatics


Analyzed microarray data from different gene knockout model systems in relation to their effects on neuronal differentiation and behavior.

Oct 2000Jun 2003

Principal Scientist, Gene Discovery

NeuralStem Inc.

Categorized differentially expressed and stage specific genesets in human neural stem cells and also as a response to specific chemicals (Affymetrix  microarrays).Identified more than 12000 novel brain stem cell specific transcript tags by developing a novel 5’ SAGE technology.

Jul 2002Jan 2003

Director, Neurogenomics

Psychiatric Genomics

Determined genesets by integrating  gene expression information from post mortem brain, cell culture, and in animal model systems for high throughput screening of novel therapeutics for depression, Schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder

Aug 1981Nov 1999

Research Scientist I, II and III

Amgen Inc

Developed a signal trap procedure and used it for identifying genes encoding secreted proteins.Cloned, expressed and studied the functions of PBEF (Visfatin), LIF, Proteinase T and TNF and quite a few other novel secreted proteins in both in vitro and in vivo model systems. Cloned and expressed different spliced forms of human thrombopoietin.


Sep 1979Aug 1981

Post Doctoral

Princeton University

Nucleosome phasing

Jul 1977Aug 1979

Post Doctoral

Baylor College of Medicine
Jun 1973Jul 1977


University of Southern California

Functional Genomics


Web design and maintenance
HTML, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Adobe llustrator
Research Management
NeuralStem Inc •    Managed the gene discovery process that included bioinformatics, molecular Biology and DNA sequencing (2000-2002). Amgen Inc •    Managed the committee overseeing the process of discovery and functional characterization of novel genes identified in Amgen genome project (1996-1999). •    Managed the interaction between the computational biology and molecular biology group for implementing computational tools in molecular biology research and improving computational tools by testing them in wet labs. •    Managed of collaborations with professors at UCI, UCSD etc. for delineating the biological function of different cytokines ( 1992-1999) •    Managed research in molecular and cellular biology for new therapeutic drug development (1981-1999)
Molecular Biology
  Cloning of novel genes and functional studies of the recombinant proteins using bioassay and gene transfer in vitro and in vivo.        Gene expression and isolation of gene products from E. coli, insect and mammalian cells (transient as well as stable expression with and without tags) Bioassays, proliferation studies, inflammation models, antisense approach for gene inactivation Study of the effect of cytokines on cancer cells (TNF, IFN-gamma, IL-6 etc.) Gene transfer (expression in mice using retroviral vectors) Expression of genes encoding secreted proteins in transgenic mouse
Bioinformatics (Data Analysis, Data Mining and Data Integration) Statistical and biological analysis of  large biological datasets  (gene expression, protein array, sequences) Microarray (arrays such as Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, tools such as Bioconductor, Partek, GeneSpring, GSEA, statistical analysis, promoter analysis, novel gene annotation) Protein array analysis (normalization, statistics, and annotation) Meta-analysis of gene expression for data integration Derivation of ontological, pathway, network, and signal transduction information from complex high dimensional data Knowledge extraction from public databases at NCBI, EBI, and UCSC genome browser MicroRNA profiling and target analysis and integration with and gene expression data Designing work flows for  genome and transcriptome analysis followed by data integration Utilization of R, Python, and Perl scripts Relational database creation and content management using SQL, PHP, and HTML INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Patent search and patent material documentation for filing and court cases PRECLINICAL RESEARCH GLP and GMP studies, SOP documentation, toxicology studies, and drug formulation