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  • Work well with computers (Excel, C++, Fortran, Mathematica, Kaleidagraph, AutoCAD)
  • Experience working with high-powered lasers such as YAG, CO2, fiber and Dye lasers
  • Experience working with interferometers such as Michelson, Mach Zehnder, and Fizeau
  • Trained in the operation of Atomic Force Microscopes and Fluorescent Microscopes, various microfabrication techniques (ex. Photolithography), and cleanroom experience.
  • Very creative, attentive to details, and a quick and eager learner.


  • To complete a PhD in Physics.
  • To someday lead research in a government or industrial laboratory. 

Research Portfolio



To work in a dynamic environment that inspires innovation, encourages career development and leadership, and is conducive for learning and growth.


Sep 2006Oct 2009

Master's of Science

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Year: 3rd year Graduate Student/ IGERT Fellow for Stem Cells

Previous Research Project:

  • Preparation and characterization of vicinal and unstable single crystal surfaces for the replication and patterning of biomolecules for the control and study of cell behavior

Current Research Project:

  • Fabrication and use of microfluidic devices to selectively pattern combinatorial arrays of microenvironmental stimuli that control the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into dopaminergic neurons for the regenerative treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.


  • GEM Fellowship (Summer 2005- Spring 2007),
  • IGERT for Biointerfaces (Fall 2007- Spring 2008)
Aug 2002May 2006

Bachelor's of Science

Florida A&M University

Minor: MathOverall GPA: 3.413Physics GPA: 3.69

Extracurricular Activities:

  • President, Society of Physics Students at FAMU ( 2004- 2006)
  • Corresponding Secretary, FAMU White and Gold Honor Society
  • Member Golden Key International Honor Society

Work experience

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Summer Intern


  • To assist with experimental set up and sample analysis.
  • The object of the project was to improve interferometers for HPFS (high purity fused silica) materials development.
Jun 2006Aug 2006

Summer Intern (GEM Fellow)


  • To perform damage threshold test on samples of coated silica using a fiber laser that was constructed for the experiment.
  • To determine how much pump power is required to damage the samples of silica.
May 2003May 2006

Lab Assistant in the Plasma Laser Beam Laboratory

Science Research Building, Florida A & M University


  • Assist with current experiments.
  • To work on developing techniques of interferometry in order to photograph plasma in the main chamber and plasma shutter.
  • Studied techniques of fourier optics to be used for future experiments in this laboratory. 
Jun 2005Aug 2005

Summer Intern (GEM Fellow)


  • To perform characteristic analysis on ND: Vanadate microchip lasers.(ex. measure power threshold and linewidth of different crystals)
Jun 2004Aug 2004

Rise at Rutgers/UMDNJ and ISURF participant

Laboratory for Surface Modification, Rutgers University


  • To assist with the research that is being conducted in assigned laboratory.
  • To rebuild a Resonantly Enhanced Multi-photon Ionization (REMPI) Ion detector for detecting hydrogen gas molecules desorbing from a silicon surface.