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Dec 2007Aug 2008


The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Jul 1999Oct 2001


Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Dialogue Editor (Freelance)

Monkeyland Audio
  • Saving production audio to possibly eliminate or reduce the need for using ADR.
  • Searching for alternate takes for a particular scene and editing it to sound like the desired performance (creating alts).
  • Building fill and room-tone to either fill in the voids where production was deemed unusable or where lines were omitted.
  • Level matching, maintaining angles, perspectives, and scenes and making sure transitions are seamless.
  • Removal of clunks, clips, wireless mic static, and anything else other than dialogue by using various tools such as noise reduction plug-ins and clever editing techniques using fades, time compression/expansion, and pitch.
  • Verifying “Sync” between audio and video 
Jan 2004Present


Hip-Tronic Music

Created and operates Hip-Tronic Music, an independent digital publishing/distribution label focusing on the production and licensing of Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Experimental music and distributing the works of our artists and clients in new and innovative ways.


  • Writes, records, edits, mixes, and masters projects for delivery through various digital channels.
  • Maintains label website, social networking sites, blogs, and researches new technologies and trends to develop new channels.
  • Utilizes and maintains existing platforms for content distribution such as iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, eMusic, Rhapsody, YouTube, etc.
  • Negotiates collaborations with other artists and establishes relationships with press and media for reviews and publicity.
  • Develops marketing and promotional campaigns for the label and it's artists and analyzes data collected to further refine marketing/promotional activities.
Feb 2010Present

Executive Producer/Engineer/Manager

Brandy Linn


  • Writing, production, editing, mixing, and mastering. 
  • Communicating with photographers, print companies and personal contacts.
  • Maintaining web presence and making sure online info is consistent across all websites and profiles.
  • Helps design marketing/promo material.
  • As manager, honoring the best interest of the artist, coordinating collaborations as well as seeking out possible feature opportunities. 
  • Oversees production on project as a whole and collaborates with other producers involved in order to maintain internal quality standards for Hip-Tronic Music.
Jan 2008Present

Recording/Mix Engineer and Technical Assistant

Clonda "Chuck" Brittman


  • Running recording sessions for various projects.
  • Pre-mixing/mastering and editing songs for final mix. 
  • Communicating with photographers, print companies and personal contacts.
  • Maintaining web presence and makes sure online info is consistent across all websites and profiles.
  • Also designs webpages, CD covers, business cards, and other marketing/promo material.

Awards & Nominations


2011 At the Top of the Pyramid (dialogue editor) (post-production) 2011 Guido (dialogue editor) (post-production) 2011 God Don't Make the Laws (dialogue editor) (post-production) 2011 Brawler (dialogue editor) (post-production) 2011 War of the Dead (dialogue editor) (completed) 2010 Finding Gauguin (dialogue editor) 2010 Wild Things: Foursome (video) (dialogue editor) 2010 American Seagull (dialogue editor) 2010 Flying Lessons (dialogue editor) 2010 Preacher's Kid (dialogue editor) 2010 Climate Refugees (documentary) (dialogue editor) 2009/I The Keeper (dialogue editor) 2009 Holidate (TV series) (dialogue editor - 6 episodes) – New York and San Francisco (2009) (dialogue editor) – Philadelphia and Seattle (2009) (dialogue editor) – New York and Dallas (2009) (dialogue editor) – Chicago and Charlotte (2009) (dialogue editor) – Chicago and San Francisco (2009) (dialogue editor) See all 6 episodes » 2009 Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (TV movie) (dialogue editor) 2009/I The Collector (dialogue editor) 2009 Mr. Troop Mom (TV movie) (dialogue editor) 2009 The Hills Run Red (video) (dialogue editor) 2009 Against the Dark (video) (dialogue editor)

2009 The Second Half (short



To obtain freelance work or employment as a dialogue editor or music producer/engineer.


Logic Studio
Pro Tools 6.5-9


SMAART Training


M3000 Proficiency Certificate

T.C. Electronic/CRAS

Pro Tools Tier 4 (Post)


Pro Tools Tier 3


Pro Tools Tier 2


Pro Tools Tier 1


Reason 3.0

Propellerhead Software/CRAS