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Work History

Life Church

Feb 2011Dec 2015

Youth Pastor

Responsible for the growth and wellbeing of a large vibrant community, caring for over 100 youth, and managing over 25 leaders and volunteers. My role included public speaking, mentoring, networking and creative thinking, while showing love and care to people from many different walks of life.

Self Employed

Jan 2013Present


Everything from composing, playing, studio work and tours. I've just come back from three months writing and recording in Los Angeles.



Anything practical, I can do it. Although I have no formal training in using tools and machinery, I grew up on a farm, spent my teenage years making all sorts of crazy contraptions, fixing cars, and enjoying making things.


I love people. They are what make life worth living, so we might as well get good at doing relationships! I enjoy working with people, building healthy relationships, resolving conflict, and doing life well.


I have an eye for detail, and have worked doing design, video and social media on and off for the last ten years in many of my previous roles. I am experienced with a wide range of software and tools. Nothing beats a crisp and well placed san serif font!


I am a competent and tech savvy individual. I enjoy using technology, and am a quick learner with anything I pick up. I am fluent with most major softwares, including Photoshop, InDesign, Excel, Word etc, and good at troubleshooting anything I don't know.


My top five strengths, according to STRENGTHSFINDER:

Futuristic - always looking to the future, can see what's happening next, and able to see what others don't.

Strategic - has the ability to plan and formulate ideas to reach goals.

Command - a natural leader, comfortable giving orders, and does so in a way people respect.

Restorative - enjoys fixing things, and solving problems, and helping people.

Self Assurance - possesses an inner compass that gives confidence.


CPIT Jazz School


Batchelor in Performance Music, Majoring in Guitar

For Fun

I love motorbikes, especially when they're up the Port Hills.

I love music, both creating and consuming.

I love snowboarding, skateboarding, and anything that gets the heart pounding.

I love travelling, hitch-hiking, meeting exotic people in strange places. So far I've done Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.