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Bryce Moulton

Experienced High School Graduate with Advanced Customer Service Skills


I have experience in the food and beverage field (patience with customers, appropriate attitude, necessary precautions taken to provide the most efficient and satisfying service).

I also have experience being a private tutor. This shows basic people skills as well as a well-organized schedule. 

Highlighted Skills

Am able to converse with individuals sufficiently

I always try to find something to do, even when not told to do anything.

I'm a people person; I always try to find ways to connect with those around me (employees, customers, etc.)

I never let my personal issues affect my responsibilities.

I am optimistic when it comes to problem solving. I do not panic under stress.

I'm quick to learn the ropes; I learn procedures well.

Work experience

Jun 2014Feb 2015

Team Leader/Manager in Training

Freebirds World Burrito

As a team leader, I was responsible for all of the things that happened in the front of the house (the register, the food line, the bathrooms, the lobby). I was basically just the manager when the manager was in the office or in the kitchen. I was an authority figure, but was still responsible for doing regular duties just like everyone else, such as, making sure the line, lobby and bathrooms were as clean as can be, and being on my toes for when the next customer walks through the door.

As a manager in training, I had the chance to take on a whole new set of authority than what being a Team Leader offered to me. I was the one to call most of the shots around the entire restaurant. I was in charge of keeping track of everything that was happening from the front doors to the kitchen to the back office. I ended up realizing what my responsibilities and priorities were, and ended up quitting before my promotion, to focus on my schoolwork.

Jun 2014Oct 2014

Team Member

Park City Bread and Bagel

As a Park City Bread and Bagel employee, I was responsible for treating customers, and fellow team members, with the utmost respect. My primary responsibilities were to, grant my customers' every need, and to show my boss that I was to be trusted. Since I mainly worked closing shifts, I was responsible for making sure the morning crew had the things they needed, cleaning the shop (the lobby, bathrooms, behind the counter), and counting out and recording the money earnings that day.


Aug 2013Jun 2015

High School Diploma

Park City High School

I graduated Park City High School within the top 100 of nearly 400 students. I ended my high school career with an accumulative GPA of 3.6