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Challenging pre-sales technical consultant/engineer role supporting quality products and salesforce at a dynamic, growing technology company focused on providing innovative nextgen IP solutions to fit customers' individual needs.


Available upon request


Well-rounded sales engineering team leader with over 19 years experience presenting IP technology and products/services to customers, sales executives and other engineers.  Demonstrated ability to build and lead presales engineering team both by mentoring and by example.  Proven, self-motivated problem-solver comfortable adapting to new and evolving work environments.  Excellent written and oral communicator experienced in delivering technical presentations and supporting large opportunities involving many Fortune 50 companies as well as internal audiences. 




MCI Technical Training Center

IS-IS, Advanced BGP, Juniper I, Juniper II

UUNET Sales Engineering University

Various IP routing, VPN and firewall classroom and hands-on training

Various Vendor Product-Specific Trainings

Checkpoint, Verisign, Cisco, Juniper

EDS Technical Education Center

Windows NT Install/Config and Core Technologies

AT&T Corporate School of Business

Various LAN and TQM classes


  • Supported many IP applications and technologies- routing, firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS, QoS/CoS, VoIP
  • Expertise in many IP standards and protocols-MPLS, VPLS, BGP4, IS-IS, Multicast, TLS, IEEE 802.17/RPR, MLFR/FRF.16 and wireless
  • Experienced with telco standards and provisioning incl. SONET, ATM, FR, xDSL
  • Skilled in LAN and WAN troubleshooting, desktop support, some database administration

Work experience


Senior Consultant

Booz Allen Hamilton

Designed, researched and documented QoS, routing and network management architectures for DoD satellite-based IP network.  Participated in cross-company, cross-agency collaborative group meetings to facilitate the evolving design of this IPv6-based DoD network.  Presented various whitepapers on the above designs to my peers and as work product.  Designed internal lab as part of test bed for the proposed DoD network.  Acted as internal resource/escalation for routing and QoS expertise.


Senior Sales Engineer

Global Crossing

Focus on presentation and design of large, multinational MPLS VPNs.  Train salesforce on nextgen VoIP and other advanced IP applications.  Design nextgen IP solutions for existing customer base as well as new prospects.  Propose QoS configurations and integrated internet designs tailored to customer needs.  Participate in VoIP interoperability testing for new customers.  Perform network audits for large existing customers to determine actual QoS and bandwidth utilization, screen actual interface configs, analyze PoP homing patterns and look for any potential areas of improvement.  Collaborate with account teams on customer strategy and possible areas of exploration.


Senior Sales Engineer

Level 3 / Broadwing Communications

Acted as subject matter expert for sales executives and sales engineers company-wide for layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS VPN products as well as escalation for public IP products.  Facilitated design of new features for roll-out of MPLS and VPLS products encompassing QoS, dynamic WAN routing, integrated internet connectivity and varied access options.  Designed solutions and participated in formal presentations, RFPs and Q&As for many Fortune 50 prospects. 

Troubleshot various IP and MPLS-based implementation and post-sales issues.  Coordinated implementation and feature functionality discussion between Product Management, Engineering and Sales.  Acted as escalation for large and/or complex MPLS and public IP opportunities across the company.  Assisted in closing as well as design of large and complex layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS networks.  Provided feedback regarding needed functionality for future product features.  Presented to industry tradeshows as well as perform internal technical product training.


Senior Sales Engineer


Led product and technology-specific team acting as a tier 2 resource for field sales teams and engineers.  Worked on many different sales engineering teams dedicated to diverse products as well as technologies.  Focused on enabling sales executives to close business by designing and recommending internet solutions to potential customers as well as resolving the potential technical concerns of the customer.  Met both on and off-site with many Fortune 50 customers presenting technical solutions to assist sales in closing business.  Facilitated the closing of major IP connectivity (DS3 through OCn, Ethernet, MLFR) sales and accompanying value-added services (firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS, QoS).  Configured and troubleshot various routing (BGP, IS-IS, MPLS) and telco (SONET, 802.17/RPR, Frame, ATM) technologies as part of recommending, understanding and occasionally supporting customer solutions.

Led numerous teams to research emerging products and technologies.  Designed and presented wide-ranging IP technology and  network security-related trainings both for engineers and sales executives.  Presented as well as attended various industry seminars.  Assisted in the development of newer engineers as well as providing a technical resource for the more established engineers.  Acted as liaison between sales engineering and various internal engineering groups including backbone network engineering, network peering, and marketing.  Conceived and prepared various presales technical resources for both engineers and sales executives to assist in closing technical sales.  Proactively sought out new challenges throughout the department and company. 


Systems Engineer


Provided second tier user support for the Air National Guard.  Troubleshot internet and network connectivity, desktop difficulties, mail problems and enterprise applications issues over a predominantly NT network with Windows 95 as well as NT clients.  Took advantage of high profile at Andrews AFB to find new business for EDS.  Set up new users on NT servers as well as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.  Configured and maintained an NT DHCP server as well as the ANG's DNS on Sun Solaris. Resolved WAN connectivity and application performance issues.  Managed various projects related to network optimization.


Network Engineer

Developed an automated systems analysis workbook using Lotus Notes 4.0.  Assisted in developing and modifying commercial Lotus Notes applications.  Designed web page for company.  Tested beta software using SQA Team Test.  Administrated Secret-level (DoD) LAN.  Supported users as both tier 1 and tier 2 help desk tech.  Facilitated the resolution of numerous desktop and network issues.  Participated in various application development projects for the government.


Program Planning Specialist

AT&T Technical Services Co.

TQM Specialist (1992 - 1994)

Planned and facilitated quality efforts for Intelligence contract.  Observed and worked in diverse groups (e.g., telephone and data network installation, telephone operators, project planning and project documentation).  Administered and designed various reports from personnel database utilizing FoxPro, later becoming the system administrator for the program environment of over 300 users.  Served as internal resource for resolution of software problems.  Edited and published a newsletter for the contract.  Trained users on operation of Xbase application designed to automate the time entry, cost tracking and price reporting processes. Designed customized financial reports in a SQL environment for presentation to customer.


Information Systems Specialist

Contel Corp. / GTE

(Also, every college break)

Wrote and designed procedures to streamline and ensure quality of updates to Contel's system rating tables for their telephone billing.  Designed presentations to illustrate and solve billing problems.  Briefed GTE staff on Contel billing procedures consequent to the GTE/Contel merger.  Managed revision of Contel's procedures to maintain extensive quality and quantity checks on the optional calling plans it billed (Reachout America, ProWATS, etc.).  Maintained various toll-related databases.  Coordinated resolution of various day-to-day billing and extraction problems.


B.A. in History and a Business minor

William Jennings Bryan College