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Aug 1979May 1983


Buffalo High School

    I started high school in Buffalo, Wyoming, at Buffalo High  School in 1979 as a freshman, I graduated form there in 1983. I broke out in the oil patch 3 days after graduation.


Heavy Equipment Operator
    I am certified to operate front end loaders, fork lifts, back hoes, track hoes, and side booms.
    Experienced driller (13 yrs), derrick hand (6 yrs), motorman (3 yrs), floor hand (3yrs).

Work experience

Jul 2010Present


Xtreme Coil Drilling

    In charge of motors and VFD unit. Also responcible for keeping an accurate log of motor hours, temperatures, fluids added or changed, fuel levels and usage per tour, and maintaining fuel pumps, water pumps, air compressors, and fork lift. 

Aug 2008Aug 2008


DHS Drilling

DHS Drilling LLC

1813 Coleman Road

Casper, Wyoming


307) 265-6215 (Business)

    I started working for DHS Drilling on 08 / 2008, under Dave Foot (Tool Pusher) 970) 380-3193.

 1443 7th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80634. I started out as a driller, and worked until the rig got stacked out on 08 / 2008. 

Dec 2006Mar 2008

Operator / Stabber

Mountain States Casing

  Mountain States Casing

 145 16th Street

 Greeley, Colorado


970) 352-9971 (Business) 

    I worked under Russell Furze, 73 Church Court, LaSalle, Colorado 80645. Phone number 970) 673-5104. I started as Stabber on the surface casing crew on 12 / 2006. I started operating and running my own lay down and casing crew on 03 / 2007. I worked that position until 03 / 13 / 2008.  

May 2004Nov 2006


KPK Drilling

KPK Drilling

WCR 19

Ft. Lupton, Colorado


303) 825-4822 (Business)

    I start working for KPK Drilling on 05 / 2004, under Ron Bolin 970) 944-9891. Address unknown. I started out as a driller, and worked until work ran out on 11 / 2006.

Jul 2002Nov 2004


Fort Drilling

Fort Drilling

710 Bridge Street

Brighton, Colorado


720) 685-9716 (Business)   

    I started working for Fort Drilling on 07 / 2002, under Jay Sandquist 970) 381-5947. Address unknown. I started out as a driller and worked until 11 / 2004 at which time I got a call for a better paying job, at which time I gave a 2 week notice and moved on.

Jun 2000Nov 2002


True Drilling LLC

True Drilling LLC

Casper, Wyoming


307) 265-6215 (Business)

    I started working for True Drilling on 06 / 2000, under Ben Williams (Tool Pusher). Address and phone number unknown. I started out as a driller and worked  until the rig stacked out on 11 / 2002.


Brody Hanson

     Friend and work mate for the last 18 years.

Larry Skelton

     Supervisor for Mid-Continent Drilling in 1996.

Alan Meads

     Professional oil field friend.

Russell Furze

     Supervisor and operator for Mountain States Casing.


    My interests are simple for this day and age, I'm simply trying to get by like every one else! What ever I do, I try to be fair, reasonable and respectful! I expect nothing less, I try to be a good role model, and I still believe in family morals and standards. A hand shake is still good enough for me, because after all that's all we really have. I'm interested in seeing my grand children grow up and becoming useful members of society. I like to fish, hike, and do what I can for the ones who matter. After all it's not about getting rich, it's about getting by, if there's any thing left after that then there' some thing left for a rainy day.


   I'm interested in working for your company. I have 27 years experience in the drilling industry, with 13 years at the drilling console. In that time I have had zero lost time incidents, and zero hrs. down time due to operator error. I'm very proud of that! If given the opportunity, I feel that I would be an asset to your company. I have a very good understanding of rig-up and rig-down procedures, drilling operation's, pipe talley's, running casing,  and cementing. I am available to start January 2nd. 2014. Transportation is not an issue.


    My goal, or objective is to gain full time employment with an IADC drilling contractor, or alternatively a company that is linked to the drilling industry . I have 13 years of drilling experience, but would be happy with any position. I have the knowledge to work any position on the rig. I'm a very  hard working, punctual person and I take pride in my work. I would appreciate the chance to work with you and your company. I am available Monday, February 13, 2012  relocating and / or transportation are not an issue.  I appreciate your time and consideration.


                                                                 Bryan L. Bunning


Aug 2011Present

Heavy Equip Certification

Xtreme Drilling
Jun 2000Present

Rig Pass

CAZA drilling Inc.
Jan 2008Present


U.S. Dept. of Labor