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Borers Treatment

All untreated wood is vulnerable to borer, a pest that consumes timber and can cause significant structural and financial damage.

There are five main wood boring insects in New Zealand that attack homes and interior wood work:

  • Common House Borer
  • Native two-tooth Long Horn Borer
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • New Zealand Native Termites
  • (and occasionally) Australian Subterranean Termites

Borer grubs will tunnel for 3 or more years in the timber and are most destructive at this stage of their life cycle before changing into beetles and emerging from the wood.

Borer damage in weatherboards allows entry of moisture, encourages rot and causes paint failure.

Flight holes in interior walls disfigure wall papers. Borer in roof timbers can cause severe weakening and in under floor structures cause sagging floors, walls and sticking doors and windows.

Borer can attack and ruin valuable furniture. Moving new furniture into a Borer ridden house invites destruction and depreciation of the articles.


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