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Bruno Pinto, MBA

Senior Systems Analyst


Highly experienced in project management, operational support and systems development in various segments proving job flexibility skills. Experienced in internet, media, health care and insurance industries.

  • Passionate about people, music, technology, management, learning, I speak English and Portuguese. 
  • I have great interpersonal skills and I work well both as part of a team and independently.
  • I'm outgoing, full of energy, confident in dealing with stressful situations and remaining calm and positive.
  • Motivated self-starter and a track record of problem solving, status reports and decision making within a fast pace environment. 
  • Demonstrate highly developed leadership skills, listening skills and attention to details.
  • Great ability to delegate and receive tasks effectively while remaining committed to exceptional work standards.
  • Both employment history and education displays a commitment to critical thinking and exceptional analytic skills. 
  • Work with a holistic understanding of projects and factors that surround them, evaluating technical details, the economic implications and cultural factors that can influence them.
  • I'm not afraid to start from the beginning.

I always consider essential: respect, ethics, motivation and relationships cultivated between team members for a good relationship and projects success. These are the values that I believe and have been cultivating throughout my life and my professional career.

Work experience

Jun 2016Apr 2017

Systems Analyst


DrugDev is a global clinical trial solutions company with offices in Philadelphia, Boston, and London. Founded in 2008 as a London based site selection service, the company has grown considerably via acquisition of leading industry solutions to help create standards across the industry. DrugDev solutions currently encompass a variety of technology enabled products or services to help organisations run their trials more efficiently.

I worked as a Systems Analyst on the team of the Data Solutions division of DrugDev, on a recently established DevOps and Professional Services team in London. My main responsibilities were provide insights on technical requirements and propose innovative solutions. I worked with scrum methodology in an agile dynamic team, within the context of validated solution delivery, I was involved in the full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including: standup meetings, product design documentation & functional requirements specification, perform OQ and IQ testing & validation, releases implementation & maintenance and client support.

Jul 2014Jun 2016

Senior Systems Analyst

Fresenius Medical Care

Technical leader supporting and providing interface between multiple business areas of Fresenius Medical Care, system developers and technology providers.

  • Project management, operational support, gather user requirements and prepare functional specifications, perform software IQ, OQ, PQ and user acceptance testing.
  • Work with national and global projects and I am adapted to the challenges of teams from different origins of the world. 
May 2002Jul 2014

Senior Systems Analyst

Sistema Globo de Radio

I performed project management, operational support, business analysis, processes mapping, systems development, SQL views and procedures creation.

  • Brought more customers creating online system to capture advertising agencies materials;
  • Kept sales motivation by creating sales goals management system;
  • Took sales and management information to mobile level;
  • Shared knowledge by implementing enterprise content management system;
  • Developed reporters core media content system using Filemaker;
  • Integrated DJ's musics playlist information with the radio stations and cable radio channels
  • I simplified the election process of the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents through the online voting system.
Dec 2000May 2002

IT Internship

Sul America Capitalizacao

Hired for a two-year internship program that was planned in two stages. The first year was dedicated to networks and infrastructure services, and the second year dedicated to systems development. For a year I was able to devote myself solving network connectivity issues and service desk. During the next year I had the privilege of developing a system to optimize the service desk service, taking advantage of the experience acquired in the previous year. This system started to be used at the IT operation’s department of the company. Also, during the second year I presented the project of improving the inventory control process of the area of technology equipment.

Aug 1999Jul 2000

Internet Customer Support


My first job was highly stimulating and I had the opportunity to work performing support service for an Internet service provider at the time when the internet was in great ascent. Highlighted among all service operators and I became a reference for foreign support calls due to my great communication skills. In addition I was responsible for on site support services with greater severity. My role also included  the development and maintenance of websites hosted on the provider.



MBA in Project Management 

FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas
  • Final Project: ISO 9000:2000 quality system implementation using project management

B.S. in Computer Science

Gama Filho University
  • Final Project: Online examination system for university


Project Management

Technical leader supporting and providing interface between multiple business areas, system developers and technology providers. Experiences with national and global projects and I am adapted to the challenges of teams from different origins of the world. 

Business Analysis

Gather user requirements and prepare functional specifications, product design documentation, perform software IQ, OQ, PQ and user acceptance testing.

Client Support

Successfully provided support to a great diversity of applications and business areas. I am used to prioritize different types of systems issues  keeping a track record of problem solving, status reports and decision making within a fast pace environment.


Experienced with database developing with Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, PostGre SQL. Experienced with the use of procedures and triggers PL/SQL and T-SQL.

Filemaker Pro

Experienced with Filemaker development. I was privileged to have my work recognized in 2013 by Filemaker, a subsidiary of Apple,by developing the acquis system for CEDOPE in SGR. Filemaker visited SGR to know the CEDOPE acquis system, and the facilities of Sistema Globo de Radio, and I received the invitation to visit the headquarters of Filemaker and also Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley (USA). CEDOPE acquis system was also presented at DEVCON 2013 in San Diego (USA), as one of the reference databases.


Front and backend development experience with PHP, CSS, HTML and javascript.  


Backend script development experience with Perl

Microsoft Visual Basic

Desktop applications development with Microsoft Visual Basic.


Workforce management system implementation with SalesForce.