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As Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Homes,Bruce Maag strives to provide underprivileged children access to quality foster care and treatment. Recognizing that strong, positive relationships are necessary for successful treatment, Bruce Maag’s company encourages positive bonds between youth and adults to promote further healing. Through regular therapy sessions and connecting the appropriate Primary Treatment Facilitator (PTF) and Family Treatment Coordinator (FTC) with each child, Phoenix Homes endeavors to enhance the quality of life for its youth and their families. Bruce Maag’s company also focuses on children dealing with deeper, more complex psychological issues, providing comprehensive mental health services.Prior to establishing Phoenix Homes, Bruce Maag founded Specialized Alternative for Families and Youth of America, Inc. (SAFY of America). Recognized as one of the top ten Treatment Foster Care Programs in North America, SAFY of America boasts locations in 10 states with more than 1300 youth in placement. Bruce Maag’s treatment foster care organization grew to include numerous affiliated programs aimed at helping youth, including a runaway shelter, an MRDD component, a sex offender program, a preschool program, a full-service travel agency, a national training program, a medically fragile program, in-home intervention, a girls residential program, and a national consulting service.Bruce Maag is a standing member of the National Foster Parent Association, the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, the American Correctional Association, the American Personnel and Guidance Association, the American Youth Work Center, the Ohio Personnel and Guidance Association, and the Foster Family Based Treatment Association.Aside from his dedicated work to bettering the lives of children in foster care, Bruce Maag enjoys hiking and camping and playing a variety of sports, including softball, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and volleyball.Bruce Maag received his Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Dayton.

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