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I am a very versatile and adaptable team player with the ability to multi-task on numerous projects. My experiences include taking the rough Photoshop sketches provided by the advertising agency, converting them to speedy cross-browser compatible web pages, implementing them in the popular framework of the day, and posting them to the web server I have configured. In my long experience, I have worked in both marketing departments and  IT departments and acted as a liaison between the two. While my primary strength is in front-end applications, I also have experience working with many back-end systems. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated employee with the flexibility to contribute immediately in a variety of roles.


Ruby on Rails
Version Control System
Git, Subversion, Perforce

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle

Apache Web Server
Java Server Pages
As part of WebLogic
webMethods Portal
JSF Framework, now called Software AG webMethods BPM
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Sr. Application Developer

RCN Corporation

I started at RCN as a contractor. When the contract period ended, RCN was impressed enough with my skillset to convert me to a full time employee. While at RCN, I converted two applications from Java to Ruby and maintained and expanded their customer portal.

BillView 2

  • Converted an ailing and ancient Java/JSP application into a modern Ruby on Rails app
  • Migrated a 55 million record database from Oracle 8 to MySQL
  • Developed a RESTful API for other RCN applications to use
  • Developed an interactive web application used by dozens of service reps

Credit Check 2

  • Converted an ailing and ancient Java/JSP application into a modern Ruby on Rails app
  • Coaxed new capabilities out of the Experian API
  • Developed a RESTful API for other RCN applications to use
  • Developed an interactive web application used by dozens of sales reps 

MyRCN - RCN's customer portal for billing and account maintenance

  • Rewrote signup process to follow Ruby on Rails conventions
  • Added a utility for showing customer's phone activity that queries the corporate system-of-record ICOMS
  • Rebuilt and refined sites layout and design using CSS3 selectors
Apr 2008Jun 2009

Sr. Web Developer

Visual CV

I had the opportunity to join many former colleagues of webMethods in the startup VisualCV. As a Senior Web Developer, I was responsible for developing and implementing multiple aspects of the VisualCV platform. Unfortunately, VisualCV failed to obtain round B venture capital funding and laid-off much of its staff in June 2009. (corporate site)

  • Implemented and maintained the not-logged-in side of VisualCV
  • Worked with marketing department to convert Photoshop designs into HTML that works across multiple browsers on multiple platforms
  • Designed and implemented a-b testing experiments with Google Website Optimizer
  • Developed rake tasks for dynamically loading jobs and companies lists

VisualCV (the application)

  • Developed CSS for printing VisualCVs to PDF using Prince
  • SWAT team, debugged problems and implemented features in between major releases
  • Created numerous "landing pages" for providing customized messaging and click-thru tracking for marketing campaigns and affiliates
  • Implemented VisualCV look-and-feel on phpBB forum site
  • Implemented VisualCV look-and-feel on TypePad blog site

Direct Email Campaign

  • Ran a campaign to send email to 250,000 registrants on Heidrick & Struggles web site to encourage them to get a VisualCV
  • Designed multiple email messages and corresponding landing pages to carry out a-b testing. Achieved a 6% conversion rate

Systems Administration

  • Worked with Subversion and Git for version control on the public site and the application
  • Moved public site code deployments and updates through QA and Production using Capistrano
  • Configured Apache servers
Jun 2007Apr 2008

Sr. Software Engineer

Software AG

Software AG acquired webMethods in 2007. I worked primarily at merging the webMethods assets into Software AG's through the transition.

IT Transition

  • Offsite datacenter closure. In the wake of the acquisition, SoftwareAG closed webMethods' offsite datacenter and moved everything in house. Developed and implemented plans for shutting down, moving, and restarting web presence

  • Merged Software AG's sales knowledgebase with webMethods' in webMethods Portal

Sales Pricing Tool

  • Participated in implementing a pricing tool using Software AG's webMethods BPM

Systems Administration

  • Installed numerous instances of webMethods BPM with Apache at the top tier and SQL Server at the bottom
  • "Owned" the web and application servers for webMethods Advantage,, Salesweb
  • Maintained sites version control data in Perforce
Oct 2000May 2007

Sr. Software Engineer


I came to webMethods to work on, a site for delivering software and methodology to the partners of webMethods' customers. That site died in the dot-com bust, but I helped convert its assets into the online software distribution vehicle still used at Software AG today. I worked with all of webMethods major online presences from design through production deployment. (customer extranet)

  • Helped convert an old BroadVision implementation of a customer extranet to webMethods Portal
  • Helped integrate Advantage with the Software Download Center
  • Implemented an elaborate design that worked identically in disparate browsers from Netscape 4 through MSIE 6 (intranet)

  • Converted an ancient Livelink sales knowledgebase to webMethods Portal
  • Helped subject matter experts convert and post data (public site)

  • Led a crash project to transition the site from Vignette to webMethods newly acquired Portal product
  • Implemented an agency design on Portal's rigid framework by digging deep into the source
  • Developed mini-apps for posting press releases on a schedule, collecting form data and mailing it to marketing folks, etc. (public evaluation software download site)

  • Worked on a cross-departmental team developing which uses JavaScript Pages (server-side JavaScript) on a BroadVision One-to-one Server
  • Wrote feature specification for web site and its integration with Siebel and site
  • Ran weekly development team meetings
  • Developed BroadVision navigation scripts that used a common code base to display two completely different looks for two different evaluation products
  • Developed BroadVision display of Discussion Groups

Software Download Center

  • Built from the ashes of
  • Wrote the functional spec for and help implement the administrative interfaces for the Software Download Center, a tool by which all of webMethods software was (and still is even two years after the SoftwareAG acquisition) distributed to its customers (software-as-a-service application)

  • Worked on a large team developing, which uses JSP pages on a BEA WebLogic server
  • Designed and implemented in JSP, JavaScript and Java, a feature manager that allowed the various hubs to completely change the masthead of the site, override the CSS to enable their own custom look, and turn-on or off various features of the application
  • Designed and helped implement multiple-methodology feature for the application
  • Designed and helped implement a software download center feature for the application

Systems Administration

  • Installed numerous instances of webMethods Portal with Apache at the top tier and Oracle at the bottom
  • "Owned" the web and application servers for webMethods Advantage,, Salesweb
  • Configured and maintained a Google Web Appliance for searches on
Feb 1999Oct 2000


Level 8 Systems, Inc.

Level 8 acquired Seer in 1999.

Developed and administered three web sites: an intranet, an extranet, and a public site.

  • Implemented all the sites as Cold Fusion applications with all or most content being served from a database. This enabled easy maintenance, easy implementation of a consistent graphic design, automated posting and pulling of pages, and dynamically generated lists of "unbreakable" links
  • Implemented a real-time logging system that enables tracking visitors, visits, page hits, downloads and registrations
  • Developed several web applications to enable departments to post their own content, such as job postings, training schedules, and marketing event calendars
  • Administered an NT domain of several IIS 4 Windows NT 4 servers with SQL Server databases

SalesLogix Systems Administrator

SalesLogix is a mid-range multi-user sales force automation system (SFA) that features untethered users and uses an SQL Server back-end

  • Evaluated several SFAs and provided technical influence to purchase SalesLogix
  • Ran successful pilot to test synchronization for remote users, set up an FTP based synch server independent of VAR which sold SalesLogix to Level 8
  • Rolled out system to 150 users in 9 countries. Provided technical support for all users
  • Customized system by adding tables and designing data entry screens

Systems Administration

  • Installed and configured SQL Server for web and SFA applications
  • Installed SalesLogix servers and clients
  • "Owned" the web application and SFA servers
Feb 1991Feb 1999

Marketing Technical Manager

Seer Technologies

Designed, developed, and managed various marketing, documentation, and technical projects.

Multimedia projects

  • Developed a 110Mb kiosk and CD-ROM for Seer's 1996 customer conference that included all the abstracts and presentations linked to an agenda
  • Developed a product-rollout kiosk presentation distributed on diskette and from Seer's web-site
  • Created a 5 minute video using 3D rendering and animation software

Webmaster projects

  • Designed all graphics and created all HTML for Seer's web site
  • Developed strategy for taking Seer's FrameMaker based documentation and converting it to HTML

Publications projects

  • Saved the company over $50,000 in photocopying costs by implementing a proposal to have the documentation printed, bound, and packaged in slipcases
  • Converted software manuals from crude MS Word documents into a FrameMaker layout of my own design. The books incorporated tables of contents and indexes generated by Frame

Other achievements at Seer

  • Received awards in 1993 and 1995 recognizing outstanding performance and dedication